Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ad: Anessa Clothes

Feeling that little itch to shop online again? I've got another blogshop to introduce to you guys! (I'm really suckers for shopping online, I can't even remember how much I've spent this past month alone on  online shopping.)

Anessa Clothes has a good range of clothes for work, without being boring. Gone are the days when work means shirts and A-line skirts! When so many of us love what we do, how can we ever dress boring? ;)

Trust me, I will look at this picture in 2 month's time and cringe at the size of my arms. Don't get me wrong, I love myself a lot and no longer have an issue with my body. In fact, I've grown to love my curves. Just that I really haven't been careful and put on a few pounds, thus those curves are starting to curve in the wrong places (i.e. love handles). Watch me transform in a month. Lol~ 

But hey, the peplum top helped to give me (and those of you who feel you don't have a waist) some shape. Add a belt of your choice for a nice touch. For those a little more self-conscious, pair this with a nice blazer/jacket to give you a little more punch!

I'm in love with this pair of pants!!!!!!

Gotta lose those pounds I accidentally gained these last few weeks so I can wear long pants again. What have I been eating??? 

Wear a body-shaper, else wear something that will not expose your flabby bits - loose tops with nice details that will steal the attention. 
If you tell me the first thing you noticed was my love handles, I will not believe you. Lol. 

Of course, if you're a little more conservative, or if the only bras you have are granny-type ones or bright red bras, then wear a nice tube or cami inside for more flair.

 Angel wings! This is my favourite top as of now because 
  1.  It's so versatile! I can wear it tucked out with shorts and it's casual, and I can wear it with a nice long skirt tucked in and it instantly gives a casual glam-chic feel to the outfit!
  2. It doesn't expose my bui ba, plus it reminds me that I want a body like Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr's! *drools* *determined*

Head on over to & shop at Anessa Clothes now! Quote "SIL10DEC" for a 10% discount off all purchases this month! 

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  1. I battle with disproportionate fats on my arms too! You said "Watch me transform in a month", do you have some tips to share? You look fabulous no matter what you wear! :)