Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been updating a lot the last 2 weeks (I know it's getting old and I'm apologizing way toooooo much!) but I really have a lot to tell you now that I have spent the past 2 weeks rejuvenating myself. My darling was in Singapore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

He couldn't afford anytime longer than that so I had to make do with the few days he was here. (I had work stuffed in between too! Madness!) But he was here! He's never been in Singapore before so it was a chance for me to show him around and stuff him with our delicious food (he loves Hainanese Chicken Rice btw!) Oh, and my mum met him! 
P.S. My mum has never seen pictures prior to this. I wanted it to be a surprise. Lol~

So I've had curious questions about the mystery man. He's not from Singapore as you should have gathered from my paragraphs above. Nope he's not an actor, nor from Mediacorp (as some of you have asked). He does production in media and TV (and very soon film *wink*), and I am a very very proud girlfriend of the stuff he has done. If you have paid attention to my past posts, especially the ones with me in China, you might have gathered that he lives there. For now, at least. An ABC by and large, he's more A than C. Though he can speak Mandarin AND Hokkien.

Okay that's all about him I'm letting on for now. I just might drop some more hints. Maybe on Twitter, Instagram, or I might even have done so on my Formspring.... \^.^/

Talk to you again. Very soon. This one I promise. I'm gonna go prepare for my shoot later.

Picture taken with the CASIO EX-JE10.
All rights reserved.

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