Friday, 2 November 2012

Statice Spa & Soft Launch of Korean Products

Hankook Cosmetics has a new partner! And it's Chen Hui Hui's beauty salon Statice!

I swear, I have been a fan of Chen Hui Hui since listening to 100.3fm's broadcast drama《2530 的幸福》a few years ago. Me and my mum basically NEVER misses an episode! She's not only a good actress, but a great voice actress as well. So when I learnt that her salon is inviting me for a massage and facial, I took it on IMMEDIATELY.

Top by; Bottom by LALU; Necklace by F21; Watch by Gc Watches.
Dressing up in corporate wear because I felt like it. =)
(And also because I thought I would see Chen Hui Hui in person and I wanted to make a good corporate impression but I didn't get to see her at all cos she was at her other outlet at Katong 112. Sobs.)

I was introduced to a whole bunch of products from LJH Cosmetics in Korea. LJH is a Dermatology Research Centre (it's actually the very first one in Korea!), and owns quite a number of skin clinics across South Korea. They are also the very first one to combine Cosmetics with Pharmaceuticals, developing the first Cosmeceutical products in the industry. Healing products? Mmmm~ Me likey!

P.S. Their products are already very popular in Taiwan

 Remember the Ossion Mild Touch Bubble Mask I raved about earlier? LJH has it too! With different active ingredients of course. This one, other than detoxing as well, also serves to brighten your skin.

 It didn't foam up as thick as the Ossion one from Hankook Cosmetics, but still, it does the trick.

 See the difference in my 2 hands? And I only used it for 2 minutes! Imagine if I had left this on longer...

An eye primer that double acts as a concealer, as well as an anti-wrinkle and brightening eye cream for dark eye circles. One step. Gao dim.

 Oooooo this is DA BOMB!!!!! This eyelash serum is supposed to make your eyelashes grow longer. I haven't used it yet, but my friend who introduced this to me said he used it and he saw a SIGNIFICANT growth in 3 days!!!!!!!

3 days????

Okay maybe I should start using and tell you guys how long my lashes grow.

 Comes with an eyelash measuring card.

Mine's like...9mm? 10ish? Maybe if I use it for a month it will grow longer than the longest 12mm mark. Hehe~ 

 Ever since I discovered Sun Pacts they have become my best friends. This is a MUST-BRING each time I go out with makeup, as there is no other way I can reapply my sunscreen after makeup is on my face. This one serves as a mattifying powder should the afternoon oily skin attack, as well as a sunscreen reapplicant. Mmmm~ Clever.

Comes in 2 shades

There's also a spritz that freshens your makeup and your face. Perfect for those emergencies when you suddenly need to meet the boss. Or that cute guy....

These products, and a whole lot more I just couldn't fit in here, would be available at the Statice Open House this weekend (details below). Go check them out if you're a beauty junkie. Cos I honestly think some of their products are to-die-for.

After the product sampling, it's time to go for my massage and facial!

Shiooooook~~~ *drifts*

Credits to
Derma Skin Tech Whitening Session by this little gadget. This thing is amazing. It actually deep-cleanses, brightens, as well as LIFTS MY FACE!!!! Wtf I didn't even know my cheeks were actually starting to sag until now. People with high cheekbones in your early years, beware. Or come for a session and see the results for yourself. I was dumbfounded for a while.

OMG can you actually see that my left (your right) cheeks are actually higher after the therapist has done that side of my face??? WTFWTF???? More please!!!!

Want to try? For every purchase of $50, you get to have a free Derma Skin Tech Whitening Session worth $68. The more you spend, the more free gifts you will be entitled to, including Doctor's Care masks, travel kits from Cellabel (my current fave), and jewelry from ROSA Love:

Statice is having an Open House cum Soft Launch of their Korean beauty products on the 3rd & 4th November at Ang Mo Kio Hub #02-06/07/08, from 11am to 6pm. Event will be all day so do come! I will be there on the 3rd between 4pm-6pm so if you want to come see this monkey it's your chance. Lol~ 

There's going to be free food, and you get to sample all the products for free. Any purchase made on that day entitles you to free gifts worth more than the purchased amount. Good deal or what?

(Click on picture for enlarged version)

P.S. To secure a facial treatment or massage, email your name & contact, date & time to First come first served! Limited therapists on duty, so book early to avoid disappointment.

See you there this weekend! ;)

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