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Sponsored Post: Nuffnang Goes to Genting~~~

Warning: Super long post with photo bombings from moi. Prepare for a fun read.
P.S This was last month. Before I dyed my hair black. I'm already missing this hair colour~~~

What do you get when you put a bunch of bloggers on a trip together? Think like-minded individualistic individuals. Like rojak, each ingredient having its own distinct flavor, yet put together to become something so yummy. Yeah that was us~! The yummy part being that this trip has a lot of pretty boys and girls. Heh~ 

I would love to be the you tiao but I think the boyfriend fed me too well in Shanghai - I gained weight as of late - so I would have to settle for being the mang guang or the pineapple. Lol~ 

(As you are reading this I am most probably frantically spa-ing away in my hot tub, running with Alton, or doing some kind of super healthy diet to prepare for my new upcoming show. *winks*)

Here are the raw ingredients for the rojak tour group:

All still kinda unfamiliar with each other. For some of us who have attended enough blogging events this is great for further bonding and more getting-to-know-yous, for others who knew no one, hah~! Little did they know what crazy fun-loving people they were gonna meet. (Yours truly included.)

Welcome to the world of bloggers~ ^.^

One tip to survive the 6-7 hours' ride up to Genting from Singapore, especially if you are like me who suffers from motion-sickness of the bus (I don't get it with any other transport, strangely), keep yourself awake the night before. No matter what don't go to sleep. Then at the first rest stop at Yong Peng, eat a light breakfast, and REMEMBER TO GO PEE. After that sleep all the way up, with an MP3-player plugged in. You will wake up when you get there, like what happened to many of us. ;)

P.S. If that doesn't work for you, pop a motion-sickness pill when you reach Yong Peng. It makes you drowsy so you will sleep. 

There's pretty Melissa at the back, together with everyone else. (I couldn't stop staring at her, particularly her nose because it was so perky and pretty!)

As we walked towards the lobby to put our bags with the bellboy before proceeding to lunch, I caught a glimpse of the room occupancy. 

 Goodness, it wasn't even school holidays yet and it was full in almost every hotel??????

Left to Right: KaMan, me, Jasmine, Jowey and Clarence

Melissa again! ^.^

Mini Eiffel Tower inside First World. First World is the most happening hotel out of all the hotels in Resorts World Genting. Most of the shopping is here, the ktv is here, Ripleys Museum is here, the indoor theme park is get the idea.

 Where to eat if you are hungry at 3am in the morning, apart from MacDonald's  - Marrybrown is 24 hours!

After a long bus ride and arriving at 2ish in the afternoon, lunch was timely served....

 Restoran Good Friends - this was at Highlands Hotel, the other end of Resorts World from First World. But trust me, the food was worth the walk.

惨了~ 怎么减肥???
Gotta keep telling myself "it's okay...start dieting when I return to Singapore~ I'm on holiday~~~~"
 *jeans very tight....unbuckle*

The thing about Singaporeans is that we take pictures of the food we eat. According to tour guides I meet around the world, it's a very trait typical of our people. Why so, I have no idea. but I know when it comes to fancy restaurants, I always have to wait super long before I can stick my chopsticks in to giap anything out (thus ruining the presentation of the food). 

Then try putting Singaporean-Bloggers on the same table... by the time you put whatever latest dish that was served, you are already darn hungry...

See what I mean? Lol~
How else are you guys going to get to see what we were spoilt with.....?

Pictures are displayed according to the menu order.

Ginseng Chicken Soup picture credit: Jowey's blog
(Forgot to snap a picture of the first dish because I was so so so so hungry~ I then remembered that I should probably take the pictures to show you guys how yummy the food was.)

These ribs...they were so good! The meat just comes off and the marinade was just juicy, sweet, and delectable~ Weee~~~~

Please refer to the menu at the top of the food pictures for specific dishes. 

After lunch it was time to get our rooms and settle in! Who's gonna be my roomie?

And the lucky girl.....girlS are....

 Celine & Janice! (Pictures later!)
 Super good fengshui view from my bedroom window
 This is a painting picture. So pretty~

My mum used to tell me where clouds are low and touching the ground, there are shen xians (gods), and I believed her. When I saw this I was reminded of 八仙过海 for some reason. Lol~

We only had 24 hours in Genting, so obviously I wasn't going to stay in the room to look at the mountains. (Though that would have been nice.) OUT WE GO!!!!!!

With about 3 hours before dinner (I know right~!!!!), we decided to explore Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum. I have been to the Ripley's in New York, and I liked seeing all the strange things that Robert Ripley, the founder, collected from around the world. I was curious as to whether or not the exhibits would be different. After all, it's just RM22 per person (adult). Not expensive considering you get to be amazed, entertained, and possibly horrified for about 2 hours. 

Thanks to Jowey for the picture!

That's the guy - Robert Ripley.

 I have never counted how many countries I have been to but 201 sounds like too many for me to conquer.

Trying to imitate his chee koh peh smile. 

Do not scroll down yet. Make a guess what this chair does...

Sure not...this would save the police a lot of work. Just put the accused on the chair.
Or your (suspected to be) cheating partner. 

 Would you drink beer made from something gathered in a tomb? 

As much as I am a fan of Harrods (I simply love that place!), tomb ale is not my cuppa tea beer. Eeeww~

There was a video interviewing various women who got pregnant after touching the African Fertility Statue. I was tempted to touch her but I thought against it. Lol. Don't want to anyhow get pregnant. Maybe after I'm married. Maybe.

This only caught my attention because this lady was from Ohio. 

You know how you pay special attention to certain things you normally wouldn't only when it's related to people who matter to you?

My boy's from Ohio too. ^.^

Got a shock? I did not mean to scare you with that. Take a closer look at his eyes - he has got 2 irises/pupils in each eye. Is it sexy or what? 

Apparently the Empress Dowager thinks having 2 eyes is hot. Or maybe she was looking for someone with vision~ Lol~

 Apart from strange artifacts, there were puzzles to solve as well. Try this:

This one had me standing in front of the sign for the longest time. And I had a hard time figuring out even after I saw the answer. Give it a try.

 Of the punishments across the world....

There were spikes on the door too. I figured just pushing anyone in would render the person dead. Closing the door with the spikes...Ouch. 

This one won't kill, I'm sure. But it looks really uncomfortable. Butt reflexology anyone?

Naked and strapped and bolted on that??? Tell the truth or bear the pain. Come to think of it, if you told the truth and admitted guilty to a crime, you will still be subjected to other kinds of strange and possibly inhumane punishment. What difference does it make?

Okay too depressing. Now for the fun and positive stuff:

 It'd be nice to live on the Street of Happiness. =D

This one I must sit. Even though lady luck has been kind to me the past 6 months, it wouldn't hurt to extend it a lifetime. ;) 

 Heng heng~ May more and all good things (continue to) happen to me~!

I shall stop here. Won't be fun for you if I showed you everything in there. There is a shrunken head, an actual chastity belt for those who have never seen one, and feather-money, amongst other interesting stuff. Go check it out yourself! 


And it's dinner time!

I like the name of this restaurant. Ming Ren means famous people in Chinese. 

在讲我啦~ *死不要脸*

Okay enough vomitting. Let's look at the menu~

This restaurant is renowned for their lamb dishes. I heard that even the ice cream that was to be served contained lamb bits!

Anyone knows why there are 2 sets of chopsticks per person? 

I didn't. And after checking with the waitress, I found out that the red one was meant to be a gong kuai. Meaning the chopstick that you use to take food from the dishes with. And then you put the food on your plate and you eat with the black pair. Hygiene purposes. 

When a Chinese restaurant does that, you know that they pay attention to little details. =)

 The mackerel was my favourite! It's not the prettiest looking dish, but it was so crispy~~~ And when coupled with the sweet sauce, was heavenly~ *floats*

Xinjiang Lamb Leg

Do not be fooled by the apparent spiciness of this roasted spicy chicken. The only thing spicy is probably the chill oil at the bottom, which honestly wasn't THAT spicy at all. The red stuff on top? Nope it's not chilli. It's something that tasted like chai por. You know the thing that they put on chwee kuehs? Yah that. The white bits which looked like chilli seeds were in actual fact sesame seeds. 

I had a hard time convincing the rest of my table to try this intimidating-looking dish but once they did, this quickly became a favorite. ^.^

We decided to sign the menu. Just so we're in tune with the Ming Ren theme. Lol~!

 I couldn't help but find amusement in these pictures of the bloggers hard at work...

One from me too! \^.^/

 Very satisfied. Can you tell? 

 After dinner a bunch of us went for KTV! It's been a long while since my last group KTV session. I'm a mic hogger, so I usually go with 1 or 2 friends so everyone gets to sing. I'm the kind who can go for a full 4-hour session by myself. Lol~ I almost forgot how crazy group KTV can be!

 At the end of the session, the girls who remained...

 Together with one xiao za bor. 

Too much fun. And it's just Day 1. I still have another half a day to go.



Day 2

3 hours of sleep and skipping breakfast helps me look fresh. 
Because the day ahead is going to challenging...

 Heading to where I might freeze my butt off.

Credit: Celine's Blog

I had no idea how cold it was. Could be -6ºC, could be -10. All I knew was, serious condensation was happening in my nose where I was breathing out hot air and the surrounding air was cold. What do you get?

A runny nose with mucus that threatens to turn into frozen yogurt. 

One tip for the non-winter-experienced - hide inside the igloo if you can't handle the cold! It's more comfortable (slightly warmer) than outside!

It was not a very big place, but for those who have never experienced snow and winter, you're going to enjoy the fact that it was small. Because you will only want to stay in there for so long before your feet, nose, ears and hands threaten to harden. My speech at one point became so retarded because my mouth couldn't move due to the cold. Lol.

 Everyone was broken up into teams following respective Nuffnang Bloggers to play games. 
Team Ben
Team Sophie
Team Randy
Team Melissa
& Team Silver~

Here are my team members!!!
 Poor Celine (right at the back with the ke lian face) totally couldn't take the cold - she was like not moving much throughout. Haha~ Clockwise from Celine: Ann, Claressa, me and Deenise.

The few tasks we had to complete included getting a kid to kiss us, and getting a crew member to piggyback a member of the team. 

 I felt bad for him cos I wasn't exactly light and he has all these camera and winter wear on him, and he had to be coerced to carry me. Sorry Abang!

No we didn't win any of the games, but we had loads of fun playing in the "snow". At one point it even started "snowing"! Makes me kinda want to move to a place with 4 seasons so I could throw snowballs at people and hide by the fireplace when I'm indoors... *thinks of Christmas* Maybe someday~ ;)

 Happy to be out, yet wanting to go back in for the cold. You can't blame me, I come from a tropical island where temperatures hover between 26-35ºC on most days. Hot! For RM25 per adult, I'd say it is much cheaper than flying to a winter country for a quick winter fix.

Last meal before coming back to hot/too-sunny/rainy/humid Singapore~~~
I literally stuffed myself silly on prata (OH sO GOOD~~~), Wanton Mee, and dessert at the Lobby Cafe, First World Hotel, Level 1. *drools*

Credit: Claressa's blog

Credit: Ann's Genting entry
If you only have very little stomach capacity, at least try this strawberry tart. It was...I don't even know the word to describe it other than OooOoooOooooooOOo~~~ *词穷* LOL~ But seriously, this was THAT good. Perfect sweet ending to my trip. ^.^

I seriously enjoyed myself on this trip, getting to know all the bloggers who are possibly my readers, and getting to explore their blogs after. You guys made this trip awesome!

Meet my roomies who made my beauty sleep possible.


I used to think she was this loudmouth too talkative for my liking (sorry babe), but this trip totally changed my perspective. I realized we clicked on so many levels and could talk about anything and everything. And her loud? It grew on me. Heh heh. She's super direct when she talks so you will either hate her or love her. Kind of a little like me. She's currently on my love list. ;)

Thanks babe for the 7-hour chat all the way from Genting to Singapore! 

And here are some of the other bloggers on this trip. Want to read more about the Genting trip from their perspective, click on their respective links!

(One of the 2 boys on this trip apart from Ben n Randy. Unfortunately I didn't get to speak to the other guy, Johnathon, much.)

Sorry if I missed anyone out!

 Thank you Nuffnang & Resorts World Genting for the short but very sweet trip. I wished it was a tad longer though. Who knows what crazy stuff we would have done? And oh, I have still yet to check out the theme parks and their roller coasters~!

One last picture. With manager Jayne

Xie Xie bao mu! For everything you have done for me & my blog~ I know it's not easy being in your position, which is why I love you for taking care of me when you can. :*



  1. Hi can I know what BB cream and foundation are you using? Also any recommendation for concealer? U look great! :D

    1. Hi I use L'oreal concealer and just loose powder to set it. =)

  2. How many days was the trip?(:

    1. 2 day 1 night! I wished it was longer!