Saturday, 17 November 2012

Review: Taipei Station

Got Taiwan Street Food Cravings? I get it sometimes. Like I just want a Crispy大鸡扒 now now now now now. Or Oyster Mee Sua, or what we endearingly call "Owa mee sue". Sure, there's a whole lot of such eateries in Singapore already, but I won't complain if there's more.

Located at Level 4 of the newly revamped Bugis+ just opposite Bugis Junction, Taipei Station is among a whole bunch of other restaurants vying for my attention on that same floor. Go check Bugis+ out if you haven't. It was formerly Iluma, and that place looks really different from what I remembered it to be. 

To cut the long story short, I was stuffed at the end of the night. But after trying almost everything on their menu, I am in a good position to tell you what is good.

A must try is the Sweet Potato Fries...really crispy with the right amount of sweetness from the root itself...mmmm~~~~
Our table's favorite of the night - the Sweet Potato Fries.

 The broccoli was very refreshing as well. Not too oily, not too "jelat". Same goes for the French Beans. Those were so good we finished it and I forgot to take pictures. Lol. Because these are vegetables, I feel healthier snacking on them than on the chicken. Lol. But if you're a fan of the crispy chicken, I'd say, go for it. ^.^

Original Crispy Chicken. Comes in Wasabi & Cheese Flavour too.

For me, every trip to Taiwan is not complete without Lor Ba Bng 卤肉饭, also known as the Braised Pork with Rice. It's so sinful yet sooooooo gooooood. Especially the 珍珠米 with the lor zup...*drools*

Pricing was affordable - the mains go from $4.20 - $4.90, and sides are between $3 - $3.50. The drinks (think Honey Oolong Milk Tea and Jasmine Green Tea) are between $2.50 - $2.80. Not bad at all. They even have set lunches at $6.90. So consider trying this out the next time you're around Bugis area. ;)

Maybe it was the fact that I was dining with good company, but I thought the food tasted really good. Mmmmm~~~

Taipei Station is located at Bugis+ (formerly Iluma)
201 Victoria Street #04-03
Opening hours: 11am - 9pm daily
Visit their site for more details: 

Pictures taken with the Casio EX-JE10.

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