Friday, 2 November 2012

My Halloween Get-up

Hey guys, those not following my instagram yet might not have seen my (really mild) Halloween dress-up. It was a feeble attempt, considering I had shoot that day until late, I didn't really want to spend too much time, effort, and extra money doing this. 

No fangs, but I wanted to be a Vampire temptress. Bite your neck and suck you dry...

Damn...I'll get those fangs next year.

 With Celine dressing up as Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. She and her bf MADE their own costumes! *respect*

Princess Bubblegum & beau Finn

I could not stop laughing at her crown. LOL!!!!
Got obscene or not?

Disclaimer: Strictly no profanity intended. Gesture made as a sole imitation of said item on head.
Don't "OOoooorrrrrhhhhhh!!!!" me. 

Princess Bubblegum's crown was too big for my head.
I couldn't help it but it really looked like that thing I was pointing. Gee.


With Clarence the zombie sailor.

Who were you that night?

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