Monday, 8 October 2012

Hey dearies,

Sorry for having gone missing for so long. Have been getting a lot done, including lots of travelling, events, catching up with "real" people instead of online personalities. Maybe those were just excuses. Fact is, I'm trying to return to blogging as me. With me as the focus. Not events. Not ads. Not products. But my life. I'm trying to not write about so many events which many bloggers already cover. But then I do enjoy the social mingling and networking that comes with such events. I'm a very people person you see, and I do like getting to know people, especially if it goes beyond the superficial. The thing about attending such events is I need to write about them. This is etiquette. 

Tough getting the balance between being personal and being professional huh.

Everything in my life now is good - family relations are good, boyfriend is the best I could ever have, I have a new tv show I'm working on with an actor I loved watching growing up, Alton is healthy, I am looking good (I think?), and I keep meeting people who become good friends.

Bear with me. I might change my blogging style over the course of the next few months. Of course, holiday posts, event posts, advertorials for the shopaholics, all these will still be covered. You will just be seeing more of me in my posts. What interesting things happened to me that day, my thoughts, random musings. I have to remember this is my blog, an online diary of sorts that I share with you, and not (just) an online magazine for you to get information. 

I think perhaps the one thing I need to seriously work on which is far from perfect is the disharmony going on in my room:

This is just my work desk on the right of my iMac. You haven't seen the floor. But I'm not going to show you or you will think I'm some lap sup woman. Lol. 

I'm bad when it comes to doing blogging in the day. So I shall stop and go do some packing. Talk to you later in the wee hours..

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