Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween Special: Museum of Horrors 4D @ SCAPE

Out of all the Halloween events this year, this one is one of the cheapest to go for. But then again, it is also one of the smallest. I think. Maybe I've been to too many, or maybe it's the fact that I'm an actress myself and have been involved in scare trails and fright nights when I was a student union committee member, I didn't find this one that creepy. If, however, you're a beginner of horror trails, I recommend the Museum of Horrors 4D at *SCAPE.

It was really scary at the beginning. Because they let us in a few at a time. Best would be going in in 2s.
But as we caught up with everyone else who were slower in the walk-through, it started being very much less scary. (I honestly think that Halloween horror trails are best done alone. Or with just one other person. For maximum scare factor.)

Unlike the other Halloween events I've been to with many trails, this is one trail, with quite a number of different rooms. The coolest, I would say, is the 4D room, where you wear your 3D glasses and walk through.

 It's really cool because everything pops out at you. 

There is this part where you see a female ghost at a corner and when she starts moving towards you, gee, okay I was a little creeped out there.

Didn't take long for me to finish the walk-through. 15 minutes to half an hour MAX. Take your time, and you might enjoy it more. 

2PM opening for 26-28Oct! I would go in the afternoon if I were you! Less people, more thrilling~ Heh heh~~~

Visit for more information.

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