Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween Special: Halloween Horror Nights 2012 @ Universal Studios Singapore

At $68, it was the most expensive (I think) of the Halloween events this year, and because of that, it was the one I was most reluctant to go for. I went the last 2 years and really didn't think they were that good, so $68 was *bleah*. Thanks to my sister who really wanted to go (and because I am a good sister that way), I went with her in the end.

Horror starts at the gates to hell...

First stop: House of Dolls...
Did I mention dolls freak me out? Argh. They do.

 I have to say this year's Halloween Horror Nights was done really well. The makeup was superb, and the actors were really professional. Some wouldn't even keep still for you to take a picture, which I thought added to the realistic factor (which ghost would stop and pose to take a picture with you, huh?)

The atmosphere was made really creepy, with amazing props and costumes. 

First trail: The walk through the trail "Total Lockdown". Airplane crash spilt some unknown radioactive substance causing radiation poisoning in the streets. 

 Body trapped under the plane.

I skipped the Dungeon of Damnation simply because the queue was too freaking long (45min or 90 min, I can't remember). 

I did go for the rides though. Most major rides like Transformers, Galactica & Revenge of the Mummy were open. I hadn't tried the Transformers before, and though the queue was about 90 minutes (due to some technical fault), it was a cool ride worth queuing for! 


The Galactica ride was awesome at night, and I have always preferred the Galactica Human (red) because it was scarier without the shoulder harness. They have added the shoulder harness recently, so the thrill factor was decreased. Still good though. Just lack of that little Ooomph.

Sadly, I only went for one haunted house due to the lack of time.

Advise: Don't waste time taking pictures on your way in at the House of Dolls if you don't want to miss anything. (Take pictures on your way out as the ghosts roaming the streets will be there all the way). 

Go for all the haunted houses first, starting from the Dungeon of Damnation (loooong queue). Then proceed through Total Lockdown (open street, no queue), through the Bizarre Bazaar (open street, no queue, nothing too scary happening) to the Insanitarium (dunno how long as I didn't get there), then proceed to Death Alley (10-20min queue), followed by the rest of the rides. Of course, if you see that ride queues are like 10-15 minutes, go for it. Long rides, I suggest you move on and come back later. You're there mainly for Halloween. At the very end when things are ending, go back to the House of Dolls. You will have to walk that way to the exit anyway so leave this to the end for photo taking. ;)

 1. Dungeon of Damnation (Assuming 1 hour wait)
2. Total Lockdown (Breeze through. 5 min)
3. Bizarre Bazaar (5-8 min is sufficient)
(If the Revenge of the Mummy ride is a short wait less than 15 min, go for it)
4. Insanitarium (queue time unknown)
(Don't miss the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure at the Lost World after you're done with the Insanitarium.)
5. Death Alley (10-20 min wait)
6. Galactica, Transformers, whatever rides you fancy. (1 hour)
6. House of Dolls (Take as much time as you want on your way out, or until the ghosts chase you out.)

Total time: Assuming each haunted house takes an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour (I'm using sold out dates i.e. Saturday as a gauge), it will be 3 hours for the haunted houses.  Now that Halloween Horror Nights has been extended to 1am instead of the 12am the previous week, you will have 2 houses for the open street walk-throughs and rides. Just be sure to be there at 7:45pm if you want to be kiasu and cover EVERYTHING.

 Met a co-actor from Private Bengs at the Bizarre Bazaar. 

Worth the $68?  Every cent. Especially since most exciting rides and attractions are open till closing. 

If you can afford the $40 express pass, get it. But if you have good company to get you through the queue times, I reckon it's fine. Good bonding time with whoever you're going with. Else bring along a book, a fan, and a portable external charger for your smartphone. Download apps which does not require internet connection as connection within the attraction queues were atrocious. 

I would say this is the BEST Halloween event for me so far. Acting was professional, costumes and props were great, the mood and ambience were there, and you get to do so much. It was a lot of fun for me and my sis, and I would say this is the most value for money. 

Book your tickets here. Go on, spend the $68. You won't regret it. ;)

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