Thursday, 25 October 2012

Beauty Challenge 2012: Always Wanted to be a Model?

Always wanted to be a model but not sure which model agencies are legit and which one to be a part of? Are you ready to front the ads of famous fragrances and luxury brands? Be an endorser? Appear in magazines and SMRT ads? 

That's me.

But I cannot join because I'm one of the appointed bloggers for this challenge *cries*

Now is your chance though!

Some of you might have seen this in CLEO magazine this month, or on SMRT ads. And you can now register on my blog! (Sorry I took so long~)

Click on the picture above, and fill up your particulars! Under sources, just click on "thatsilvergirl blog".

Never feel that you are not good enough, because they want to help transform you into a Luxury Brand endorser, someone more than yourself. Upon registration, professional photo shoot training will be given, they will teach you how to use makeup (yes even for the guys so you don't look Over-the-top!), you will meet like-minded beautiful people (yay!!!) and once you are ready, you will get the chance to endorse luxurious brands in advertisements! How exciting is that? 

Organized by Skinhub & iModels Holdings, this challenge isn't some gimmick to get you to join their talent agency for a fee and then not do anything. Training will be given to help you project your image better so you are better equipped for a camera (and I don't mean camwhore shots where only you know how to get the best angles. I'm talking about TV and professional photoshoot cameras baybeh~~~)

Here are some of the ads done by the models at iModels Holdings:
(Pictures courtesy of iModels Holdings)

Style Weddings Magazine

So how do you register?
Fill up this form, and pick the package you prefer.

Package 1: $300
Includes 2 Customized Facials for your skin type;
1 Customized Massage to suit your body's needs;
Professional Photo Shoot (3 shoots);
1 Makeover;
1 Outfit;
Modeling Training 
(Total Worth: $1,244)

Package 2: $800
Includes 4 Customized Facials;
3 Customized Massage ;
Professional Photo Shoot (10 shoots);
2 outfits;
Modeling Training 
(Total worth $2,216)

Package 3: $1,200
Includes 6 Customized Facials;
5 Customized Massage ;
Professional Photo Shoot (20 Shoots);
3 outfits;
Modeling Training 
(Total worth $3,338)

For those with concerns, I would like to say this: I have paid for such training. If you didn't know, I used to be fat, so being confident of my body was not something I knew how. I paid thousands of dollars for singing courses, for my education, for my diploma...and did I use any of those? Lol. Erm, nope. But I thought my payment for acting courses helped me today in what I do. If this is something you would like to have a go at, been always interested in but didn't know how, I say, give it a go. 

Models are not born but made. We all have our first cannot-make-it times, even the top models. Even if you didn't become a model in the end, it's going to be a good experience. Who knows, you could even use it as a training ground for the upcoming Asia's Next Top Model (yes my sources tell me there is going to be such a show!)

Register here. Good luck! 

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