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A Short Beach Getaway with Sky Lanterns

Thanks to TouchComm, Journeyful, as well as Mozaic Hotels & Resorts (MHR), I got to go on a much needed beach getaway at Bintan Lagoon Resorts. Other than the fact that the man in my life was missing on this trip (we'll go on our beach holiday, I promise~ ^.^), almost everything was good. Friends present were amazing, the place was much better than I thought it would be, and weather was cloudy and cool. Perfect. (I'm not one for the sun.) Why almost? Because it was just a 2-Day-1-Night stay, and THERE WAS SO MUCH TO DO!!!!! >.<

If you haven't noticed, I blog according to the order of the pictures in my camera. I would love to arrange it into a nice story, but I do like to know how my travels flow. In order. 

So here's my first picture. Lol. Of the snacks provided on the Journeyful ferry ride to Bintan Lagoon Resorts.

Speaking of that, this is my first time to Bintan Lagoon Resorts, even though it has been open for quite a number of years. Having recently undergone a facelift, Bintan Lagoon Resorts has received the Green Hotel Award from Indonesia, and is the only resort in Bintan to be awarded the U.S green resort certification - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The LEED provides third-party verification that a building/community was designed and built using strategies targeted at what matters most - energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emission reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts. How's that for a green resort? Being a nature-lover myself, I like it already. =D 

The ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal was just...75 minutes? I thought it would be longer, so I didn't sleep at all the night before thinking I could on the way there. Bad move...Hur hur hur~ 

What I also didn't expect was that the ferry by the hotel management's own Mozaic Ferry Lines, brought us straight to the resort's immigration checkpoint. 


This resort has its own immigration checkpoint?!?!?!?! Are you (Am I) kidding me (you)? Are you confused yet? Lol. 

Yes you heard me (saw me) right. Bintan Lagoon Resorts now has its own Bintan Lagoon Resorts Ferry Terminal that brings you direct to the hotel's doorstep! That's 2 hours saved!!! After clearing immigrations, I found myself in the premises of the resort! Can it get any more brilliant? This is convenience at its peak. It's like having a helicopter drop you at your hotel's helipad. No more transfers onto another bus or a taxi to get to your holiday destination. Convenient!

My companion for the trip. (Do not be mistaken, there are others...)  

Seen him somewhere else in my blog? Read this. I met him one day prior to my birthday this year, and we clicked immediately. 

For some reason I am freaking terrified that people might think my mysterious boyfriend is him because  

1. No one has seen him before other than my closest friends. And they have only seen pictures. So people can anyhow assume.

2. We are very close. So close we can talk about anything and he can randomly tell me when he isn't wearing underwear. *FML* -.-"

3. Although he looks like someone in his early twenties, he is all of 17 for goodness' sake. Although if I was closer to 17 I would seriously consider dating him. Because he has all the qualities of a good boyfriend. *打广告*

4. He is very single and waiting for the right girl to appear in his life. (^.^) 
Yes girl. He is very straight, and has been traumatized by a certain famous gay blogger once (which I never fail to ji xiao him for. Hahaha~)

5. I am very very much in love with my boyfriend thank you very much. <3

With pretty Dawn. I am in love with her locks. Her hair always looks so perfectly curled why~~~~

A warm welcome to greet us. 

And then a buggy will take you to the lobby for check-in.

(DSLR just takes different pictures~ *wants one*)

The hotel pool. This looked so good I wanted to just put my bags into my room and change into my bikini. A whole day of activities await though so this might have to wait.

Summer Aves top by 

If you thought the pool looked amazing, wait till you get to the room. Maybe because my own room has been a pandemonium of press releases, media packages, dog toys, scripts and other random clutter, I always welcome hotel rooms with open arms. This one was spacious, much better than what I would expect of a Bintan resort. (Sorry for generalizing all Bintan resorts, but I have had quite a few not so fantastic experiences prior to this.)

There is a bed and a lounge platform bed!!!! I want one of those for me to sit with my dog and do my leisure reading in the day when my bed is made! (And friends who come over have no excuse to hop onto my bed~ Muahaha~)

Elephant folded from face towels!

So cute. 

15 minutes was all I had in my room before we had to gather for a resort tour and lunch. 
Trust me, I will be in this room a lot. 

Found this at the lunch buffet table. Those are carved out of melons!

Attention to details like pretty presentation. You can be sure you're in good hands when you stay with them. ;)

Dinner was at a golf course. The dinner set-up was so pretty it looked like an outdoor wedding set-up. 

With Melody. She's one of those I can immediately click with too. Recently hitched with Brad (LadyIronChef) whom she has been best friends with forever, it's no wonder she has a glow. ^.^ It's always a bliss to be in love with your best friend, don't you think? I feel really happy for her because good things have been happening for this girl. May your life (and our friendship) only get better. Muah~!

Bintan Dream. I think that's what it's called. With Blue Curacao, Malibu, Pineapple Juice, Coconut milk, and something else I forgot. I am a pineapple & malibu girl, and I expected this drink to be a little more yellow. Guess the Blue Curacao turned it green.

Celine Xiao Za Bor. I love you! 
First met her (briefly) at Shimona Kee's album launch, then at Genting for the Evangelist Trip, and now Bintan. You'll get to read more about her in my upcoming Genting post. ;) 

There was live DJ spinning, and according to Yuhao she hails from Berlin!
I'm just ignorant like that. Ha~ The only DJs I know personally are Nicole Chen whom I met during Hong Kong Visa Super Shopper event 2011, and Anish Sood during the dENiZEN China We Are Explorers campaign (which I have yet to complete blogging about omg~~~ *suddenly stressed*)

Have you tried her Tiramisu cakes yet? It's da bomb~~~ 
Check it out at

Flowers, candles, and then some~ 

After dinner I had the opportunity to launch my first sky lantern 孔明灯.
Also known as wish lanterns, you write your wishes on the lanterns, and launch them into the night sky to make your wishes come true. =D 

*For adult use only*

How to use: It is easier with two people. O.O

Okay my mind is not thinking straight. But you can't blame me. Not when it looks like a giant condom when unfolded...


I have so many wishes to write even though life is good. Hey we can always ask for good things to keep coming!

All our hopes, dreams and wishes~

Waiting for the hot air to fill it up...

Ready to let it fly~~~

There were some who had trouble launching theirs, and others had their lanterns catch fire.
Mine went up very quickly, and travelled really far above the waters into the sky~ 
Somehow it feels like a sign, that those wishes I wrote on my lantern, will come true.

After we launched our sky lanterns, it was just 8ish at night. Too early to go back to the room though I would love to cos I haven't slept. But I'm a night owl that way and the night was still young baby~

Silk Club. Get ready to be sloshed while listening to live music from Tuesdays through Sundays! 
I love listening to live bands~!

Celine was so cute she gave me this tissue rose that she asked Koh (her bf) to help her make. So sweet la you~! 

Next picture: Rated NC16. 

Warning - can cause nose bleed...

What do you see? 

Even the shadows couldn't hide her massive can-suffocate-one-to-death cleavage. 

And then the rest of the night was a whole lot of trying to scare Yuhao with ghost stories of hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are my second home so I feel completely at ease in them. Not for this boy who has never slept alone in a hotel room. 

Sleeping at 6am meant that the morning was spent sleeping, followed by breakfast. Since it was sunny by the time breakfast was done, it was perfect excuse to just laze in the room. I swear I have never spent an entire afternoon just channel-hopping - from Discovery Channel to Starworld to Cartoon Network to goodness-knows-what. I hardly ever watch tv at home so I take it as compensation for lost tv-time. Nua~ That's what resort holidays are for right?! *so many excuses* Lol~

We finish the trip with lunch. And a feeling of yi yi bu she~

So soon. Too soon...

Adrian, our hardworking photographer for the trip. ^.^

Amazing company (the rest are downstairs snoozing away in their seats) for this trip. 
Thank you for making the 2 days wonderful. <3<3<3
(I can't believe I didn't take any pictures with Nadnut!!!!! Wth???)

Will I be coming back? Not eliminating the chances considering there are activities I haven't done~ Melody told me she went snorkelling, and it was absolutely beautiful. I want to do that when I come back. ;)

Deluxe rooms (what I had) start at S$140++.
Book your own Bintan Lagoon Resorts holiday at 

Ferry services start at $62, and you can book them at 

Promotional Package: 
From now till 31st March 2013, you can book a 3D2N stay in a Deluxe room with complimentary breakfast, return ferry tickets, a 30-minute massage, S$20 worth of F&B credits per room, as well as a complimentary sky lantern launch session. Starting at S$239++ per person. Go check it out! 

I love beach holidays~ *^.^*

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