Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Upgrading In Progress

Myself, that is. 

It kinda feels good being away from home. It makes me rethink what I take for granted, what truly matters to me, and I also think a lot about what I would do if I have nothing to lose. 

Here in Shanghai, I truly felt it. That I have nothing to lose. That I have everything to give. That I want to do so much more for myself. 

So it's mid-September. 9 months have passed. I have lived to this ripe young age. It's never too late to sit down and rethink and reaffirm my goals which I might have neglected or, god forbid, forgotten. 

Here are the goals that I will be working on from now. And somehow, I feel really determined to get them. Maybe it's a mid-young-adulthood crisis, but then again, I've been making pretty good lemonade from what life has thrown me, and I'm in a good place with regards to my friendships, family, love life... My relationships are in a perfect state now, and I am thankful for the wonderful people in my life now. I know you guys are going to be with me a long long long long time, so thank you, in advance. ;)

1. Work on my body. 

I'm currently pretty happy with how I look, and I just want to focus on being healthy and beautiful now. I learnt (what took me so long?) that being skinny doesn't necessarily equate to being beautiful. I want to be slim, toned, AND healthy. I want to be glowing from the inside out. Have great dewy skin all over. Poop regularly(sorry!) Work out. Have nice abs. A perky butt. Nice white teeth (sponsors for whitening anyone? Lol~) Sleep well. And have so much energy that I feel great facing what's ahead in each and every day. 

We only have one body. Make it the best you can. I am starting right this moment. 

2. Sing again. 

I stopped for a really long time. I remember I used to sing 4 days a week. Sometimes even 5 if I have the home to myself. I'm a little shy that way even around people at home, much less strangers. I need to work on that - getting rid of those inhibitions, and sing, and make mistakes boldly, so that I can learn from them. My biggest obstacle is was fear. Which prevented me from trying, which then prevented me from getting better. Silly girl. Time to make mistakes like you were 17 again. ;)

3. Develop my career and grab opportunities with both hands. 

I know this sounds kind of vague and abstract. And I think I kind of do that already, taking opportunities as they come. But I mean I want to do more. Like ask for help if I have to. Do my homework for every script I get. I used to tend to take roles for granted. But I realize how much more I can do, and how much better I might deliver, if I just put in more work. Hey, I'm already doing what I enjoy doing, so work doesn't really count as work anyway. What have I got to lose right? 

The last 3 months of 2012, I am so going to own you for all you've got. 

I've never felt so fired up in my life. Silver, go for it! 



  1. jia you... u can do it... give u my moral support thou i also scared to sing everytime... lolx...

  2. Hope to see more of your singing videos again ;-)