Wednesday, 12 September 2012

SSparkle Glam: Snail Secretions For the Face???

I'm not kidding. The first time I heard it I went "Eeeewwwww~~~~". But if the Japanese and Koreans are doing it, and knowing how crazy they are about beauty and youth-maintenance and all the kinds of strange sorcery they do for the sake of achieving immortal beauty, I had to try it for myself.

No, I was not about to place a snail on my face and direct it to creep and slide in wave-like peristaltic fashion across my face (gawd~~~eeewww a second time).

Thank god for pre packed masks. I wouldn't want to try DIY-ing this mask. Goodness knows what's in those secretions if I ever keep snails in a tank just to collect the slime... Alright alright...too graphic already, I know. =P

Apparently there are many benefit associated with snail secretions, namely from the Chilean Earth Snail, the most famous one being that it treats scars. Acne scars. Burn marks. Cuts. Holes in the face caused by acne in your teenage years. Sounds good? I think so!

Found a picture of a girl who used Elicina Snail Cream to improve her complexion:
 And other pictures for various scars.

It all started with the Bascunan family, who reared snails for export for consumption in France. Escargot anyone?

It's always strange how they look so good like this but not when they are sliming across the floor. 
The family, due to usage of many tools and nails while making snail cages, suffered many cuts and abrasions in the process. They found these cuts healed very quickly without infection, and that their hands were unusually soft. As in tender like a baby kinda soft. Not the dystrophic kind. Like tender goot goot kind. (Pardon my Singlish.) And the best part, they healed scar-free.

The wife of the family was curious what was in the secretions so she asked her son, a then medical undergraduate, Dr Fernando Bascunan Ygualt, to conduct an investigation. What he found changed their family's lives (and yours too if you have used it before) - that the secretions contained Allantoin, a natural cellular regenerator.

The family then got a lab in Chile to conduct a wide investigation on what else was in the secretion that made their hands so soft and scar-free. Collagen, Glycolic Acid, Elastin. These, for the beauty junkies, you know they are gooooood stuff for returning youth and tenacity to your skin.

So after 9 years of research, patenting, packaging, yada yada, Elicina Snail Cream was born. 

Whoever knew snail slime was good for your skin eh?

Featured in already quite a few Singaporean magazines, namely Teenage (Feb 2012), Alexis (Jan 2012), Female (Nov 2011), Her World (Nov 2011), Simply Her, Cleo, Shape... This kid is definitely no stranger to our media. I'm slow...

Elicina V-Lift Hydrogel Snail Secretion Mask is available on now!
Retailing at $7.42/pcfor 1-9 pcs and $5.30/pc for 10-50 pcs.

Specially for my readers!

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I tried it. And ooooo it was soooo moisturizing and comfortable on my skin~~~ And it has face-slimming benefits too! Woots!

Go go, check it out now. Worth a go especially if you have problem skin. ;)

P.S. I would recommend using it twice a week or more for optimum results.


  1. omg.. i did not know snails can be used for treatment

  2. I thought that this blog is just a joke because of the pictures of those nails in the girl's face! Really amazing and somehow "extraordinary" treatment for other girls!

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