Sunday, 2 September 2012

SSparkle Glam: Les Affaires & Z.A

Put ZA with Les Affaires together and what do you get? 

A sexy understated chic vibe created with Frenchy nightwear and sweet makeup. 

 I simply love ZA's new line of PURE SHINE lip colors. All very sweet and girly. So they don't look like the Femme Fatale which we sometimes don't want to be, especially in the mornings. 

 So sheer! Sweet kissable girly lips?

Their colors sound so good too!

Lenses from, LIP DROPS "Hey Cutie" from ZA.
 The lip gloss LIP DROPS feels lusciously moisturizing on the lips too, just like the lipstick. I always look at girls with glossy lips and I think "Oh man that's so sexy..." 


& I mentioned sweet girly nightwear to go with the makeup... not that I actually wear makeup to bed of course, which would be bad for your skin, but it would be nice to look pretty at home in makeup and loungewear. Who says makeup is only for heading out and the workplace? 

The series of nightwear is inspired by ballet and French elegance. So it was no wonder that a ballet-themed showcase was in place for their media preview. =)

The amazing choices of oh-so-comfortable-against-your-skin sleepwear...

A very Couture-ish jacket! I like~~~

My pick? This: 

Ignore the fashion faux pas of leaving the hanger thread hanging. They say they've designed this series in a way that you can wear it out. I think I would attract many stares if I wear this out, don't you think?

Oh, remember the silicone nipple cover. Else 后果自负。

 Come to bed?

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