Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Explore Shanghai: Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

I love museums. Always have. You must be thinking I'm some geek yeah? 

In a way, I kinda am. I love reading, love staying at home, love playing video games (I've tried curbing myself from starting one and have weaned off Sims Social. Thank god or I'll NEVER get anything done! Lol~), love learning. And uh huh, I enjoy farm-visiting and going to museums. 

August was the month of our nation's birthday, but I wasn't around enough to enjoy the free museum-admissions at home. I did, however, visit Shanghai's Science and Technology Museum, to well, try to make up for it. ^=^

 My sister came back from Shanghai from a school trip and told me so much about this place that I HAD to come to see it for myself. *fingers crossed*

 Admission goes for 60RMB per adult and 45RMB for students.
There are special rates for the elderly and "Soldiers on Activity Duty" and other categories of people I don't understand. Read more here.

 Giraffes!!!! They always have that huge doe-eyed innocent look that we girls try to hard to imitate with make-up...


 Who would have known? If I'd seen it, I'll call it a wild pig. If one runs onto the highway and gets knocked down by a car, the papers would report it as a "wild boar". It's a peccary yo! Pig-like mammals but not pigs. Just like platypuses and ducks. Not. The Same.

I was browsing through pictures and was horrified to see this fat picture. OMG what happened in August!!! I think I've since lost the weight. I think? Lol.

Be prepared for the next amazing thing. Which I can't remember was what.

Reminds us of something?

 I'm sure it was a DNA or something area. Nothing to do with human body genitalia. Though our minds just amazingly went there. Without need for direction. Oh the wonders of the human brain. 

As good as this place may have been designed or built, I still prefer going to the zoo and seeing real life animals. Or maybe the London National Museum had me in awe more than this one. (That one was just AWESOME! If you ever go to London, pay that a visit. Admission is free.)

The day when robots take over. I hope it never comes.

Another phallic picture. The rocket supposedly has to go through that hole. Even though really, I don't see the purpose of the hole in the ceiling. Okay I don't know cos I've never seen rockets launch. Lalala~~`

I didn't think Chang E went to the moon because she was into space exploration. Nor did the people who wrote the mythology. 

There were a lot of things to see, though should you really want information, I'd suggest google/wikipedia as a better source. Most information in the SSTM are brief, and when translated, might make you leave feeling very disturbed. I didn't really take pictures of the information scattered around the museum, but here's a sign:

I think a better translation might have been "Body And Health", and erm...."Exploration of Light"?

Worth a visit for the students. It is after all, a big museum, with many things to see. For the more sophisticated traveller looking for deeper knowledge and impressive presentation, this might slightly disappoint, especially if you've been to many museums worldwide. The iMax movies might be worth a visit though. =)

Shanghai Science & Technology Museum is located at:
No.2000 Shiji Avenue, Pudong DistrictShanghai 200000China

Opening Hours:
9:00 am - 5:15 pm, Tuesday–Sunday
Closed on Monday except for National Holidays
Ticket Box Office available:9:00 am–4:30 pm.

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