Saturday, 29 September 2012

Explore Shanghai: Before Party Bites

Shanghai nightlife is essentially all about partying. And other self-created activities of whichever nature you choose of course. Eh hem. But if you want to head out somewhere that is still open after 10pm, clubs, bars, and pubs are the places to go. And the Bund, of course. More on that another time. 

Before you rush into a club for some hardcore partying and hunting for that perfect prey to bring home (eeeewww...I never understood how anyone can just hook up with someone random at a club and do the dirty a few hours later...), to prevent you from getting too drunk and ending up waking up scaring the shit out of yourself to a fugly freak who has B.O, eat something first. Preferably something oily to coat your stomach so it doesn't soak up alcohol too quickly. Else just eat something. Drinks on an empty stomach is the surest way to get you sitting beside a (wet) public toilet bowl, puking all over yourself. And getting laid with someone you will regret and then despise yourself for the rest of your life. (I officially proclaim I don't know how to get that sentence structure accurate. Never mind. Moving on...)

Yongfu Lu/Fuxing Xi Lu is one of the many party streets in Shanghai, and is one flooded with this species we call expats, mainly whites. And a scary LOT of beggars who will grab your arm (I swear they are the most annoying kind. I'm not trying to be mean here, but nowhere else in the world do beggars touch you like that. Okay, except maybe India.) That aside, there is this cosy little food place called the Bikini Bar (which the bf likes, I wonder if it's for the cheekiness of the name or for the food >.< )

 The body I think I want. Not that outfit. Though I think some of you wouldn't be opposed....

 Phone camera plus front camera plus low light = grainy quality
But I still want to post cos I think I still look pretty *bu yao lian*

Remember when we were little and had glow-in-the-dark stickers for the ceiling? 

There's just something oh-so-suggestive about bikinis and hot dogs...mmmmm~

Best picture I could do after colour-correction. But trust me. The sandwiches and hot dogs will leave you either wanting more, or very satisfied. *licks*

The Bikini Bar is located at
47 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu
Open daily till 2am
+86 21 64336511

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