Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ad: Sg Bag Rental Classifieds

I'm having a bag-itch again. Happens once in a while. If I'm lucky, it's once a year. Else once every 4-6 months or so. 

My latest purchase was a H&M weekend bag, and I'm glad I didn't break the bank for it. Hey, who is ever against saving money? 2nd hand but looks brand new? Give it to me, at less the usual price. That's what Sg Bag Rental is offering. They have new bags too, and of course, bags for rent. =)
If you have a bag that is similar to another bag you see on the site (maybe you bought a color you don't quite like after a while), you might even be able to swap it with someone else! That's something interesting!

Note: All pictures are taken by the individual sellers who are putting their bags up for sale. So that means you can too, and if pictures are well-taken, your bag stands a better chance of being sold. Naturally. 

I scavenged and scoured the site for the best finds (in my opinion). And here they are, for the girls in us. I'm not going to cover the usual brands like LV, Gucci, Prada and the rest of the power-career-women brands, but they DO have it (loads!!!!), just check the site out if you're looking for them. (Or seriously, you can just check out their site and search for what you want.) We have our girly casual days and our power-packed career woman days, don't we? That's all part of the fun of being female. *wink* Here goes...

I can never resist a Juicy Couture item. Even though I only really own a Juicy sweater given to me by my dearest pretty aunt (Thank you!!!!) for my birthday last year...

And the little bags:

Limited Edition COACH Wristlets

I find wristlets very handy for the late night movie outings / suppers / heading downstairs to buy bread / walking the dog. Cos you can just loop them around your wrist and not really worry about them while they keep keys, phone, and money in place. And they hold keys really well. You can unbuckle the the strap and loop them around your handbag strap. So you never have to stand outside your door for 5 minutes searching in your daunting (aren't our bags all like that? Lol~) handbag for those damn keys....

Oh, speaking of going downstairs to run errands/dogwalking, here's another good find:

I've been recently on a VS craze, and have been stalking VS Angel Miranda Kerr like some pervert. Lol. I think she's absolutely gorgeous, plus she has heart throb Orlando Bloom as her husband. Tell me, what more can a girl want? And how else can I not look up to such an amazing goddess? Mirandaaaaaa~~~~ 

And since I'm on VS, I found quite a few VS items I think are pretty. And won't tear too big a hole in our pockets.

For THE girl in us...
Victoria's Secret Make-Up Pouch.

I LOVE THIS! (So gonna get it!) Why oh why isn't our VS store in Singapore bigger?????
Thank god for online shopping~~~

If you have a little more moolah to spare, you can check out Balenciaga too. Their bags have a casual weekend bag vibe which I really like.

Another brand which I dig is Loewe (pronounced Low-eh-weh. Nope. Not Loh-wee). This brand grew on me over time. Classy, yet not owned by too many people like LV or Gucci. It's quietly chic, at the same time with its own signature styles which distinguishes itself from other brands. I wrote about them in my previous SgBagRental advertorial. Not very cheap though, but a worthy investment. I would bring this bag to a meeting. Or a weekend getaway. Or even to the gym (okay maybe not cos my stinky shirts will stink up the bag). But it DOES look good as a work bag, no? =D

Loewe Amazona 28 in Gorgeous Lipstick Pink (the flashlight kinda obscured the color)

Loewe Amazona in purple suede. This really stands out.

They have plenty of classy designs and colours, in case you think they're all girly.
 Loewe Amazona Maxi in Suede Leather
A unisex design so this one's for the boys too.

And the ultimate one I have my eyes on.... which I think is classy yet girly at the same time. This is a limited edition:

The Loewe 3-tone Amazona. 
She is such a beauty...

So many bags, I'm going crazy fighting not to whip out the plastic card.
View more bags for sale, rent & exchange at SgBagRental now! 

P.S. Read my previous SgBagRental advertorial write-up here.

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