Sunday, 12 August 2012

I Am A Brother!!!

I've been a *sister to many girlfriend's weddings, and we all know the drill - arrive early to prepare to make life difficult for the boy when they come to fetch the bride. 

*A sister in a Singaporean wedding is a chosen female friend/relative who forms a sisterhood at the wedding, kind of like a sorority. In a way this kind of replaces the bridesmaid in modern times. These girls back the bride up and are usually the bride's close friends whom she wants included as part of her wedding.

The aim is not to make it so easy for the groom to get the bride, and to make the guy put in effort, symbolizing how the marriage will be from then on. It also symbolizes the courtship, you know, when the guy puts in a lot of effort and tries all means and ways to ask for your number, to ask you out on the first date, to attempt to hold your hand, to pluck up the courage for that first kiss, and so on... 

What also happens on that very morning will also be to make the groom and his brothers eat the 5 flavors - sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, in Chinese this also synonymously means to go through all ups and downs in life together as a couple. 

Don't ask me why the girls never have to eat those and why should the guys be the only ones putting in the effort and if it's a one-way relationship. Trust me, when my buddy Azmi asked me this I was dumbfounded for a minute, thinking "He's right. Why is it a one-way thing huh?" Traditions have set in so deeply that we have started taking them for granted (until questioned, of course). 

The sisters' jobs are to protect the bride and ensure that she will be in good hands before we hand her over. As for the *brothers,  their job is to be a buddy to the groom and be there to go through thick and thin with him to win over his bride. 

*This obviously is the male version, like a fraternity (very clever explanation, and this group is also a carefully selected group of close friends by the groom himself.

I have never never ever been a brother. Like, duh. I lack the genetic makeup. So imagine my shock when Azmi (my batch boy from my training batch of 889 in Singapore Airlines back in 2006, who has since become one of my closest buddies) asked me to be one of his "brothers" for his wedding. 

I was, at the same time, very honored as well. Each time I get asked to be a sister, or in this case, a brother, it signifies the place I hold in the bride/groom's lives. These days, if you're invited, it means you mean something to them. I won't spend money opening a $1000 (and possibly above) table for someone I don't like, or who doesn't matter, at my wedding, that's for sure. 

I've never gotten a chance to meet his wife Joy, but I'm excited about meeting her already. After all, this is the woman who's going to share her life with my buddy. And this is also the woman who changed him somehow, into a "communication man". (Leave if you don't agree that open 2-way communication is essential in a healthy relationship. Good, you're all still here.) 

I got to be there at the groom's place to get ready in 4 hours, but before that, I do want to share some pictures of my first ever Bachelor's Party. I went to my first Hen Night earlier this year (Clara Dblchin's), and I'm curious what they do at Bachelor Parties.  (And no, I'm not the stripper. No strippers that night, sorry! My friends are a little too classy. *wink*)

I take back the classy statement. Wahahahah!!!!

I thought tiaras, veils and tutu skirts were only found at hen parties. Guess the guys do the same. Haa~~~ So sweeeeeet~

1-Altitude - The rooftop bar/club at One Raffles Place. 
Heard so much about it. Now I'm finally here!

What a view~~~~

Their Bachelor Party consisted only of asking the groom to wear a tiara and skirt and parade around the bar. Excuse me, why so boring one??? So thanks to Clara's Hen Night, I suggested that Azmi should perform tasks.

1. Get a random girl to kiss him.
2. Lick a guy's (a brother, with the exception of, eh hem, me) nipples.
3. Go around the club asking a girl for a condom.

For privacy and modesty's sakes, I shall not post pictures of the first 2 tasks (especially number 2). The 3rd task was a toughie, and was pretty amusing...

"Noooo~ Sorry I don't have~"

 "I'm asked to perform this task. So ah.....*licks lips* er.... does any lady here have a condom?"

 "Please please please help. Does any of you girls have a condom with you right now?"

Result: Mission failed. Okay la for ladies is a bit hard. Thanks to some friends who told me they have female friends who bring condoms out in their purses when they go clubbing, I came out with this ingenious mission.

But hor, seriously, if you're a girl, even if you really DO have one, do you think you will dare to admit that you do? Fear of judgment, yes? 

Okay la we forgive you for not completing the task. He did try asking almost every girl in 1Altitude though, save for the waitresses. (Damn! Should've asked him to try!)

Sequin Round Neck Top by 
 Guess the song that was playing. 
(Ignore the Frankenstein photo bomb.)

"DA!!!!" I don't usually drink, so "DA" (meaning bottoms up) is a feat that I was surprised I could achieve. For quite a few rounds. No I wasn't drunk. I was just too happy for I-can't-remember-whatever-reason.

Out of the 6 brothers, 3 were his SQ batch mates. Somehow we have kept in constant contact, sharing innocent gossip, happiness and troubles, despite me and Denzel (the lobster on the left) having left the airline. There were a few more in the group, but we're honored to be the chosen ones to go through 酸甜苦辣咸 with Azmi. Batch 889 FTW! 

And yes, Victory for having successfully found The One & struck himself off the Singles list!

May you have a wonderful marriage darling! Bring on the cafes, cats, dogs, and babies soon!

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