Saturday, 18 August 2012

Ezyforum 2012

 For the health conscious, semi-conscious, and bo-chup-so-actually-you-should-be-the-most-health-conscious ones: 

This afternoon (Saturday 18th August) you might want to pop over to EzyForum organized by EzyHealth, held at Sheraton Towers today from 12:30pm to 5:30pm. 

It will cover the A-Zs, Dos & Don'ts, Truths & Consequences on Nutrition & Health Supplements. Those of you not knowing what to do on a Saturday, or have concerns about your health, and want to learn more about nutrition, weight loss, and everything in between (like whether or not supplements are good for you in the long run, what problems you have and what you might be lacking in etc), please come on down to join me! 

I will be there to share some tips and answer any of your questions (so you can ask me in person and not just on Formspring!) at 3pm. 

Click for enlarged view.

Pre-registration is closed, however, register on-site and you will still get a $100-value goodie bag & a chance to win a night's stay at Sheraton Towers, Spa Treatments, and a whole load of ho liao. No questions about health and nutrition but want in on the goodies, come too. ;)

Pop over to for more information.

Take care of your health, and the work never stops coming.
Overwork at the expense of your fallible health, and the work still doesn't stop coming. 

Can you see where I'm coming from?

*no response* *awkward turtles* (self-direct)

Alright fine that was bad. (Really meh?) How about this one:

Take care of your health, and you will have what it takes to go the extra mile for work.
Ruin your health, and you will never get to enjoy that extra million you earned.

I'll let you prioritize which is more important. =)

Live well,

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