Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dove Share the Secret at Rendezvous Gallery

It's been a couple of months since I tried the Dove Anti Hair Fall Series, and as a finale to the Share the Secret Campaign, Dove had an event specially for those of you who have contributed with winning stories and won for yourselves a free Leave-On Intensive Hair Tonic Starter Kit. 

Event venue: Fullhouse Cafe at Rendezvous Gallery, just by Grand Hotel Rendezvous.

So cute! They made Dove-themed cupcakes especially for the event!!!

Doves (fake ones of course), cupcakes, girls in white, champagne roses everywhere...I felt like I was attending a wedding. The nuffies really dressed up the place amazingly!!!


The Dove Bloggers

I mentioned I felt I was at a wedding right? 

We had one thing missing...the man. 


 Dunno why Boss Ming looks like some hum sup teekopeh. Lol~!!! 
He's not okay! Remember this face. Cos he's the co-founder of Nuffnang. You can earn a living today as a blogger/tweeter/churper because he made it so. ;)

 More "bridesmaids". ^.^

What's a girly event without spa treatments? We were treated to heavenly shoulder & head massages...
Shioooookkkkk I tell you~~~~~~ 

I need to emphasize this...the red velvet cupcakes were...ohmyorgasmic~

 This had to be very first time I really spoke to these girls so much, despite knowing who they are for the last 2 years as a blogger. new blogger friends~~~

Peggy from 

Pssst: She's now an accomplished Tiramisu expert. You can try her Tiramisu cakes here
(I chopped my Tiramisu review already. Once I've tried it I will let you know if it's good~ But then I'm sure it is. *wink*)

 OMG I HAVE A teenee-tainee CLEAVAGE HERE!!!! 
(& I wasn't using the silicone pads as mentioned in this post, though I suspect the cleavage is formed by bones...)
Still.... I love your camera Peggy! *自high*

 Jayne from

I think she's so pleasantly soft pretty with a presence! One other person I feel with that same presence is Taylor Swift. 

 With Beatrice from

Am I the only one without my own domain? 
Slow. I shall do something about it soon. Promise. (I hope?) 

Till then, ttyl~

P.S. Thanks to all who came to the event that day! I look forward to seeing more of you soon. ;)


  1. Yes I also chope you as review blogger!!!! <3 Thanks for the link dear!! And we have met like 3 times over the last two weeks I realised! Hahhaha.