Saturday, 18 August 2012

Don't Stop Believin‘

Caught me on the Channel 8 9pm show "Don't Stop Believin'" tonight? (You can watch my clip here.)

Current students should be able to relate to the show very well. Helps that there is eye candy in the show like Ian, Kimberly, Felicia, and this pretty chef here. 

Was a hired chef in the show. I think I look kinda hot as a chef. 
Okay lah, I think only lor. Never force you to agree what. 

But seriously, not hot meh? 

I mean wear until like that very 热 you know. Singapore leh! Lol~
Okay permission granted to slam me for being bo liao. 

(For those of you not from this part of the world, pardon my spurt of Singlish. It's me as a Singaporeany Singaporean, and is what makes for more expressive language here in my little island. Which I'm, pardon me again, ganninafarking proud of. ^.^)

 Hair lovingly styled by the stylist on set. 
I HAVE to show you guys because there wasn't much footage on the hair. =)

Was thinking about the title of show. I know the English title has got nothing to do with its Chinese counterpart 《我们等你》. Then again if the titles are linked then it should be 不要停止相信 or We Wait for You. And both sound kinda cheesy somehow. Lol.

I started this post wanting to write about how powerful the English title is, then I realized the Chinese title is actually quite meaningful too. 

It's nice to have friends or family or that someone, who will, when you are lagging behind, let you know that they will wait for you, don't you think? 

It's something so simple, so basic. Yet it's often a gesture taken for granted. You know how it feels when you're the last one and you're done packing or done eating and you stand up, turn around and pick up your bag, then turn back in 3 seconds to find that the whole group has gone, or at least is already halfway out the food court. Or you get out of the car and close the door and you see that your partner is already 50 metres away. Though yes, we find them later on (and they know we will), it's still such a tsk feeling, if you get what I mean.

Cherish these little gestures. They may not seem like much when they're extended to you, especially by people we call friends, family, & loved ones, but when no one does, oh how cold that would feel.

As for the English title, 3 words. 1 mindset. It can change who you are.

Don't Stop Believing...

That you can achieve more...
That you can find your one true love...
That you will be with him/her for life...
That you deserve to be happy...
That you deserve more...
That you are / can be everything you have always wanted to be as a kid.

If you have lost faith along the way, start re-believing, and keep that faith strong. 

For it will happen. 

Because you're worth it. \^.^/

Believe it, & it shall be yours. 

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