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What does every girl want when it comes to her body?

Yes health. That of course. What else? To be slim? Nah~ That's not what EVERY girl wants, I think. It would be flattering if your guy takes one look at you and goes "WOWZA~~~~"

Don't be shy, I know you secretly like that, even if that makes you embarrassed. ;)

And, okay I'm not going to sound trashy here, but if he (provided it's a he that you are interested in, or one that you love) can't take his eyes off your décolletage, you'd feel super sexy for the rest of the night.

Volupza = Volume where we want it, and a "Wowza" reaction. Heh heh~ *humsup smile*

Volupza is an all-in-one online lingerie boutique offering various styles of intimates for every type of girl. And the best part? They are really affordable. 

This is going to be my virgin indecent exposure. Previous pictures, if any, only "suggest" that I might be wearing nothing but a bra, or very little, but there has been no pictures of me showing my bare torso (with the essential parts covered, of course)

As this is my virgin experience, pardon my inadequacy at proper posing for lingerie.

 Can pass? Not bad right? Except for the part where I can't fill the bra up. =P
How do people lose weight and yet keep their (natural) boobies intact????

I've never been a printed bra person, but the florals for this one is so pretty I HAVE to show you! 

Get what I mean? Soft vintage frenchy floral prints. Oooo~~~

I don't have a very nice ass so I won't show you me wearing this. ^.^ But just look at it will you? The florals! *melts*

 A more accurate color. 
(My room light's a warm light so pictures tend to turn out orangey unless I set my camera White Balance to Tungsten~)

The bra side strap.


Wearing Rodney - Floral Prints & Baby Pink

Kaminsky in Nude.
 Every girl's staple: a nude T-shirt bra. Worn under anything, it is almost invisible, and the seamless design means that it's also super comfortable to the touch~ 

Note: Sizing might be a tad small for this design, so order a size up to be safe, unless you're really skinny! I'm slightly wide, so I would have to order B80 instead of my usual B75.

 Even the padding is seamless. No need to insert extra pads! 
But of course, for your own enhancement, you may if you desire!

Speaking of cleavage enhancements, they have those things too!

See my usual almost non-existent cleavage line when I'm just wearing my normal unpadded bra....

(You have to pardon the black stuff that keeps showing up behind me in the pictures. It's my phone charging in the background. Lol~)

And these are what I was talking about - 

I'm sure you wonder if they help. These days these "leaves" are available cheap. I remember many years ago, a pair like these would cost at least S$20-30 a pair. 

These are only $11.90. 

But can they really help? With the right way of wearing your bra, plus these, I'll let you be the judge.


No surgery required~! ;)
I feel so weird & paiseh suddenly having the long gang (meaning drain, a term we use for cleavage here in Singapore). Like so sexy OMG~~~

女人的胸嘛~ 跟时间一样,挤一挤就有了~

Apart from lingerie, they also have pretty dresses and bikinis for girls. Here are a few of my favourites:

Julia in Turqoise. 

Love the sexy low back.
You'll need a stick-on bra for this. =)

I like how the blue just pops. ^.^

Another of my new current favourite. 

Moline in Nude & Black. Belt my own.
I love the flowy layered chiffon look of the skirt. Very summery.

Slightly clearer picture.

Volupza carries a wide variety of products, from bras to bra sets to kinkywear to body shapers, sleepwear, accessories, swimwear (I love their swimwear too!) and dresses. 

Join their mailing list and Facebook page, and enjoy 5% off first immediate purchase!

Pssst~~ They do free one time exchange if the sizes don't fit, free delivery island-wide, and free registered postage for every $100 spent in a single receipt!

Have fun shopping at Volupza! ^.^


  1. I want to buy the jelly!!! Loving how u look silver, sexzy~

  2. u can so be a japanese lingerie model! i like the natural and sweet vibes u give to the bra. great entry! :D

  3. Whoa, you turned me on, gal! Very sexy - in a gal-next-door kind of way.

    Nice move on not parading them in full body length. I'm sure you were trying to downplay your flaws. But I thought it left readers like me with something imagine about. :P

    Anyways, does that floral bottom come in a thong version?


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