Sunday, 12 August 2012

Ad: Alvila

This is going to be a camwhore spamming post. You have been warned. Unless you are here to ogle. 
Okay I take that back. Come back you guys. I got caught up with camwhoring, but the zhujiao is essentially the clothes... 
Thanks to Alvila, I got some pretty interesting clothes!

Nice not nice not??? Check out my right breast....pocket.
(Har har~ what were u thinking?)

Nice right? The pocket detail I mean. =P

Satin cuffs.

The material of the top, apart from the satin-ny detailing, is really thin and chiffony and soft and translucent, so you can choose to wear a tank top inside like I did, or wear a tube top, or a super sexy bra.

Too much weird stuff hanging in the background. I HAD to blur it out. Lol.

太美了~  *自恋*


 Okokok enough. Lol. 

Here's another of their office wearable top:

 I know my picture's not very clear, but I love the detail on the sleeves. You can have a closer look at the item here

All items shown in Alvila can be zoomed in so you can see exactly how the prints/fabric/details look like. 

 Sleeve folded up. You can wear the top without a belt if you prefer. It'd be great for going for buffet lunches/dinners, or on days when you feel bloated. =D

 They have party wear too~~

I apologize for the background. A quick snapshot by sis before I dashed out of the house for the Bachelor Party (see previous post).

Ooooo how it glistens. 

Trivia: I bumped into someone wearing the EXACT same top in the 1-Altitude lift! No I didn't feel awkward. I went "OMG it's so cool we're wearing the same thing!!!!" 

Because it's so bright I didn't think anyone else would dare to wear it. Apparently cool girls do. Heh heh~

Alvila accepts payment via bank transfer, credit card & PayPal, and they take pains to follow fashion trends from Europe, Japan, Korea...all the cool places~!!! AND they have new launches every 1-2 weeks so you will ALWAYS have new things to buy. ;)

Just for you my dears, DISCOUNT CODE!!!!!!!

Quote "ALSIL01" for 10% off all regular items!
Valid from the month of August 2012.

Like their items? 
Sign up for their mailing list & be updated on all their latest collections & promotions!

Have fun shopping at ALVILA~!

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