Friday, 6 July 2012

Sponsored Post: Do the Murdoch Double

I remember when I got my O’Level results. It was pretty good, I would say. Not fantastic 6-points, but I did well. I had pretty much set my sights on what I wanted to do, and though academic results didn’t really matter that much, a part of me still had that “What If” dancing at the back of my head. 

I knew from a very young age I wanted to be an actress (and I am thankful and blessed that I have been given the opportunity and now do what I love). I also knew then, that whether or not you actually get to be an actress does not depend on your paper qualifications. If you can act, then you can. If you can’t, even if you got a PhD in Theatre Studies & Performing (and the like), you still can’t. And just by having that paper does not necessarily mean opportunities are going to drop from the ceiling and hit your cloudy head. You have to GO FIND THEM. Then maybe you stand a chance. 

But if you’re someone who can act and somehow just keep knocking into walls and not getting there, you will need a Plan B. To fall back on, so said my mother, and the many adults I talked to when I was just a 16-year-old. “At least if you cannot make it ah, you got a paper. Can go and find a proper job.” (Hey since when is acting not a “proper” job????)

I went around looking at courses and options. And I found the Diploma in Optometry, and that Optometrists earn an average of close to S$3000 in starting pay with just that paper. Hey, it was a lot, and more than what some university graduates’ start with! It helped that only one school offered it then, and they limited the intake to 40 students a year so as not to oversupply the market with optoms. Plus, cut-off point was L1R4 9? 10? I can’t remember. But it was about that low.

And then I chanced upon Diploma in Mass Communication from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. That could really help me with the know-how of the mechanics of the industry I yearned to get into. Cut off point was low too, plus you had to pass a written audition of sorts... 

Thus when the time came for me to choose between junior college and polytechnic, I hesitated, maybe a little while longer than I expected, before opting for my Diploma in Optometry at Singapore Polytechnic. Then changed my option back to Hwa Chong Junior College (it was, and still is, one of the top junior colleges in Singapore, and going there meant that you would have a higher chance of being well-prepped for A’ Levels, thus opening doors and windows and roofs of opportunities when it came for time to choose your degree.) 

Then after a few days of struggling, when the very last day for confirmation of options came, I paid a fee (there was an extra you had to pay if you change your mind more than once), and confirmed my final decision. Diploma in Optometry, Singapore Polytechnic. 

I know. Why not Hwa Chong? Hwa Chong was tempting, because all my friends were there. But I didn’t know what I wanted to study in university, and I didn’t want to be one of those kids who chose the “best course their aggregate could allow them to”, instead of studying for “something they always wanted”. 

Why not Mass Comm then? It was a tough struggle. As much as I wanted to study it, my head kept telling me that I should go do Optometry. So at least I have a decent paper if the media and entertainment industry failed me. (I must repeat that I am so very very very very grateful for how things worked out for me, and I know it will just get better.)

It would’ve been great if there was such a thing as a Double Degree back then. 2 papers, half the time. (I don’t want to get started into entertainment when I’m like, what, 26? 27? Youth is almost everything for a girl in entertainment!) I wouldn’t have to forgo the chance to study something I really loved, versus something I wanted as a “backup plan”. Now, those of you who are young and confused yet raring to brave the world, you lucky ones, I introduce to you....

Murdoch University Double Major Degrees!!!!

Murdoch University is an Australian university famous and recognised for its teaching quality, and Kaplan Singapore has partnered with them to bring in the most extensive range of Murdoch courses, including a really wide range of Double Major Degree programmes. And take this: You will find never-before-seen courses such as Cyber forensics and Information Security-related Majors! How’s that for being first and on top of everyone else?

I went through their courses and under the discipline I was interested in (arts, media, communication), I found these gems:

  • Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations and Management (Double Major)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Public Relations (Double Major)
  • Bachelor of Communication in Communication & Media Studies and Marketing (Double Major)
  • Bachelor of Communication in Communication & Media Studies and Public Relations (Double Major)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communication & Media Studies (Double Major)

The last 3 had my eyes nearly pop out. Communication & Media Studies AND Marketing? Public Relations? Psychology??? Yeah~ Marketing is required in every industry! So is PR! That would be a great back-up plan too! Plus I could still study Comm & Media Studies! And studying Psychology would be useful too! 

Why oh why weren’t you in my life back then Kaplan??? *wails*



Excuse me, Silver Ang, you’re here to help inform the younger generation, & those considering returning to school, about the choices they can now make, not feel sorry for yourself.

Right. Of course. Hey that means if I want to, I can just register myself for their programmes too, anytime! 

Have a passion you really really really really want to pursue? But at the same time you have all those “Buts” in your head? And of course, the parents, family, ah gong, ah ma, er shu (2nd uncle), san yi (3rd aunt) all...telling you that doing this got no future, doing that cannot earn you much, yada yada yada... Prove to them that you will have it all.

Study for a passion, and a subject that is related, without having to go through the usual time needed to get 2 degrees? (Yes I know how much can happen in 1 year, much less 3.) Learn twice the knowledge, at just half the duration! Mai tu liao! Go check out your sea of options at the Kaplan website
(...and let the future swing you off your feet. *winks*)

P.S. Caution. A too-bright future awaits. ;) 

Oh! Before you go! Think about why having 2 is good, and then, I want you guys to win something. Uh huh. I know right~ I’m such a darling. =D

Take a picture of yourself, or anything that expresses “Double”. Double Chin? (Uh oh, Clara please don’t come after for copyright!) Twins? (Yes you know who I am thinking about! Hayley & Jayley the lovely duo!) Anything you can think of okay! It could be the double cheeseburger, being a half in a couple, the mother with the father. Anything goes! As long as you link it to double/twice/2/something along that line. Here’s an idea...

Remember to caption your picture with the word “double” or a double-related word!Then log on to the Take Double Photo Contest page, complete the form, click Submit, and you’re done!5 winning entries will each get a Canon camera worth $499! Tip: Get creative with your captions! Now till Friday, 27 July 2012. I wish you twice the luck!!! *Muah~*

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  1. The ideas great and funny too. Everyone makes a choice, u either live or regret. Second chances are harder to find. Once a second chance is given, treat it precious.

  2. Hey babe, the link which you have provided can't be open!hMM...

  3. I love ur video, is very well done!!!! Awesome 2 better than one but please not my double chin LOL