Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hot Cold Magic Wand

Some of you have been sending me emails to ask about the usage of the Hot Cold Magic Wand and how to use it, its effects on helping to slim the face down. I did a little video, not perfect but it's a clue. I couldn't really do much as I had to edit it via remote access on a laptop over my iMac in Singapore. Complicated? Just know that it's a slow process, and I have thoughts on getting my own Macbook just so I could work on my blog more when I'm overseas. It's true when they say once you're a Mac user, it's hard to switch back to PC.

Here it is:

Notice how it somehow seemed to melt the fat away on the side of the face I massaged? It enhances blood circulation as well so it really helps with dark eye rings and skin renewal, thus aiding in scar healing too.

It's not really apparent on me, but you can literally "iron" your wrinkles away with this massager wand. I've tried this on some of my older actor friends and their results were amazing, and almost immediate. 


If you wish to give this a try, you can head down to 
Modmarket Flea - First Space Invasion @ Home Club, Clarke Quay, until 8pm today.

Look for the booth with Hankook Cosmetics, Mint will be there. I wish I could be there as well but I'm currently still not back in town. I'm digging fleas now as you can really get good deals sometimes, especially with stuff like nail polishes, clothes, bags, pre-loved items..... Go try out the Magic Wand~ Stuff like the bubble mask will be there too, and you may be lucky enough to be one of the few to bring home trial sachets. ;)

And as the Wand is still in its soft launch stage, so don't say I didn't warn you - actual launch may take a while and if the numbers of soft-launched "magic wands" run low, you will just have to wait...

You can check the wand out at Hankook Cosmetics website here too. 
Use discount code "LJHSilverAng" for an additional 20% off ALL purchases, yes, including sale items! ;)
Psst~~~They deliver worldwide~~~

Look younger as you age, how's that for age reversal? =D

When you're fifteen~~~~~~

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