Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ad: Bouncy Buttons

I am back~ Been making myself busy here in Shanghai, but I promise an update really soon! For now, some shopping therapy for you~ 

Bouncy buttons has really nice stuff especially for the working ladies.... Thanks for the following pieces from Collection Bounce Five.

Playing around with black & white. Always liked black and white pictures but I feel that they don't do colors justice. 

Actual colors:

Signature Peplum Blouse

I never thought I'd be able to carry off this top, but I think with a belt (my own) it kinda brings out a waist. Lol. Not to say I don't have one, but it's always nice to accentuate. ;)

Duo-toned Work Dress 

Comes with its own belt, but I'm wearing my own here. ACCENTUATE~ Lol! 

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Hop over to Bouncy Buttons now! ^.^

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