Wednesday, 13 June 2012

SSparkle Glam:

I'm supposed to be studying but sitting in front of the desktop the whole day has seen me fighting the urge to just blog at least once an hour. (I've already made so many notes on Evernote on the things to blog about and tell you guys!) Then I'm off to the kitchen to look for chocolates, instant noodles, pineapple tarts, and what have you's in the fridge. Though I'd always fail to find stuff in the fridge, I would just open it up when I'm feeling peckish. Happens to you too?

I give up. I'm reminded of why I didn't do law when my mum said she pictured me as a lawyer more than a healthcare practitioner (I studied Optometry) 10 years ago. Maybe I was quite an arguer. Lol. But man~ Studying Land Law is sooooo dryyyy I'm so glad I'm doing what I love doing. But then again, it's a prerequisite to doing what I've always secretly wanted to do but never jumped into - Real Estate. I'll leave that for another time as I started this post wanting to write about something else. (See how much I actually have to share with you? There's still the remainders of the dENiZEN China's posts!)

Back to what I wanted to say.

If you've been online, unless you're really oblivious that you only concentrate on your friends' status feeds on Facebook, or read blog content with such intense concentration, or have been viewing stuff online with ad-free Apps, you'd have noticed this somewhere along pages:

I mentioned that Zalora was sending me a little gift (Thanks for the chocolates Zalora!) today and my friend was like "Eh what is it ah? The items look not bad leh."

Very true. I got invited to their Blogger Indulgence party some time ago and was very pleased that I went.
I got to meet top fashion buyers Lauren Fristcher & Roslyn Johnson!

If you don't know who they are you will by the end of this post. It's never too late to know another name. ;)

Lauren Fristcher has worked with names like Christian Louboutin (shoes!!!!), Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Fustenberg, Anna Sui, and Vogue, GQ, Harpers' Bazaar etc. Uh huh. Definitely not a simple resume.

As for Roslyn Johnson, she's a former Saks Fifth Avenue buyer, and has worked with international brands like Burberry, G-Star and Diesel. Being a New Yorker having travelled to the UK, Africa & the Mediterranean, she lands now on our shores as Zalora Singapore's very own buyer.

You can be sure that is going to be an exciting online shopping arena. I felt like I was shopping in New York when I was browsing through and was like "Whoa they have this! OH WOW THEY HAVE THIS BRAND TOO!!!".

They carry brands like Betsey Johnson and Nicole Richie's House of Harlow & one of my fave body lotion brands MOR! (I still have one last bottle bought 2 years ago in Australia~!)

They even carry Purpur, OPI, m)phosis, NIKE so what the heck! Who needs to pay parking and dress up and head to a mall these days???

 My Plus-One for the evening. Loving the evening light. Wished my picture was a teeny bit clearer. Darn the shaky hand!

I do have many other clothes, but in case you're wondering why I recently seem to ALWAYS be seen in this floral dress, it's because it's my current favourite. I can't seem to stop wanting to wear it after I rediscovered it in my wardrobe after just hanging it there since the initial purchase. Just because it's soooo pruuteeeeee~~~

 Their Bloody Mary concoction had a massive plant in the glass. I never knew Bloody Mary paired so well with a stick of celery! Now I know how to get rid of the saltiness!

Zalora is having their Great Singapore Sale! And discounts go up to 70% off!
Of course I couldn't resist. Who are we kidding?

My loot:

A summery pair of Audrey Sandals from Vrinz, to go with my summery floral dresses (yes, including that pink off-shoulder maxi one).

Audrey Wedges from Vrinz. Every girl needs a basic pair of black/nude pumps. I'm still looking for my nude pair.

And stylish comfy Round Toe Flats for those lazy afternoons when I don't feel like tiptoe-ing.

Orders came super fast. I ordered my items at about midnight or close to 1am I think, and I woke up at about 12ish in the afternoon that same day to a call from the delivery man asking if I'm home. Less than 24 hours! 

And in the package I found this...

Inside which contains introductions to some of the international brands on which you might not have heard before because they weren't brands previously available in Singapore.

You'll also find some exclusive discount codes in the little booklet, and possibly land on this little feature:


Exclusive to my readers: an ADDITIONAL 10% discount for all orders, valid for the whole GSS period!

Have fun shopping at Zalora~!

Pictures taken with: Canon S95


  1. swee! thanks for the discount code! I need shoes badly!

  2. Hi,

    Not to sound a nit picker here but I would like to assume that its just typo error. When you say "Every girl needs a basic pair of black/nude pumps", but the photo shows and the name of the shoes clearly states "WEDGES" i think something is wrong with that. Pumps and Wedges are two different kinds of shoes. Hope you can correct this. Thanks!

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Basically pumps refer to any type of low-cut women's shoes of any raised height, either with heels or wedges. The closed-back, low-front design is what defines pumps.

      Hope that clarifies! ^.^

    2. Here is a style guide for shoe names. =)

    3. Ok lets agree to disagree. To categorize it properly I think it's wedge pump :)

    4. Okok wedge pumps then. Lol~

  3. hi may i know where u bought the floral dress from?(:

    1. It's from a pushcart at Argyle Centre, Hong kong. :)

  4. Hi silver!
    Do you know why the coupon code doesnt work anymore? Has it expired o.O Thanks!

    1. Hey I think it may be expired already. But no worries! From what I understand they have loads of discount coupons lying around. Signing up as a member entitles u to some discounts on the spot too. =D