Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sponsored Post: Dove Hairfall Rescue

Oh save my mane~ 

Not too long ago I had my long dark hair Korean-permed.

It wasn't bad at all. 
Edgy, I would even call it, and doesn't look anuty-ish at all like how terrified I was that it'd turn out. The curls were wavy, and kinda resembles mermaid curls. 

Until I had to bleach it for a shoot with Hagen...

It still looked nice and decent and all, except that it looked dry and frizzy when I wake up, and on days I decide not to blow-dry/style my hair. 

The bleach really kinda killed my hair. It felt cotton-y, and not in a good way. My hair was breaking from the middle, not just dropping from the roots, which had the bathroom drainer covered with MY hair after every wash. It didn't have split ends, surprisingly, but it was breaking each time I run my fingers through. 

It's actually kinda embarrassing when I'm at a public event and I run my fingers through my hair and clumps and broken strands get stuck in my fingers. Sexy.

Then Comb from Shunji saw my hair, said he wanted to tone down a bit of the color and gave me treatment color so that it could help protect my already severely damaged hair. So it went to a slightly darker color, which he promised would lighten after a week or 2's washes. I've had dark hair for so long I really wanted to try lighter hair, you know? 

A few days after he re-toned it.

Seemingly nice, especially if you don't look at the ends. 
I said DON'T look at the ends! Lol~
Okay fine, but this was already better from the initial damage.

A week after. I mean, it still looks nice, yes? Especially since the color was becoming more obvious.

Then came my trip to China. Ultimate. I applied hair masks every other day in my hotel room. Washed and conditioned it every day. Hair serum without fail. And this was it...

I guess it looks fine. If you ignore the hair ends...


My hair has become so brittle that it was breaking from all sections, especially from the ends to the middle lengths. When I first cut my hair, I don't remember it looking like this - hair at the same section would have majorly different lengths! 

So I returned to Singapore, and I resorted to cutting away the hair ends so that my hair would stop breaking. There wouldn't be breakage if I cut it off first right?


My hair was so severely damaged, it was breaking even from the middle of the hair. 

What I would find on my desk top every night due to me touching my hair and unintentionally breaking the hair strands. It's like, look at computer, do work, look down, get shock. Always.

I stopped combing or brushing my hair altogether, because it would always end up in this:

To make matters worse, because I had bleached my hair intensively from the roots, my scalp was not in its best of state anymore. Fallen hair was just clumping, not dropping, each time I run my fingers through my hay hair. After each shampoo, you can just imagine the horrible sight on the drain cover. 

We have about 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair on our heads, and the average woman loses about 100-150 strands of hair a day. That's about 0.1%. Anything more is problem hair loss.

I don't count my hair loss, but I think I've dealt with my enough for the past 20something years to know what is normal and what is not. And this is definitely above my average hair fall rate:

Can you imagine how scary washing my hair has become?

I officially am a sufferer of problem hair loss. =(

There are 2 types of hair fall, 1 of which occurs at the roots, and the other, from breakage which happens further down the hair shaft due to reasons like over-styling, chemical processes, diet, environmental factors, to name a few.

Sadly for me, I'm in the traumatic midst of both situations.

I tried as best as I could to salvage whatever is left of my hair by getting hair treatments done. And these don't usually come cheap... =(

So begins my search for (affordable) anti-hairfall products. There are way too many of these in the market. WAY too many. And most of them tackle hair fall by preventing breakage of hair.

Then I think I found something...

 Dove Hair Fall Rescue System

And what about it?

It is the first product range ever to contain the revolutionary Trichazole actives which helps anchor hair onto the scalp! PLUS it contains ingredients to help prevent breakage of the hair as well!


Some background before I get any further. At any one time, 80% of our hair is actively growing, and up to 20% are not growing, but just...sitting there, (supposedly) firmly anchored onto the scalp. These hair strands are held by "follicle glue" (made of protein links and polysaccharide) which, like its name suggests, sticks the hair to your head.

Over 3 months, the "follicle glue" breaks down, which weakens the hold of hair fibre in the follicles. Eventually hair falls out through brushing/combing/washing.

So what's this Trichazole actives thing present in the Dove Hair Fall Rescue System?


This is not just any new invention. It has actually been endorsed by the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatologists (IACD) so sensitive skin users? Use away!!! ^.^

So the past 2 weeks I have been using the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range, refusing to use anything else and adamant about bringing it along even for my Taipei trip as I want to see results and stop my hair from dropping like I have some terminal illness.

Results paid off, even in the first week of usage. Noticed how my pictures in Taiwan saw me with slightly nicer hair than my China pictures? (Scroll up if you wish to recap. I'm not going to post it again. Yikes!)

I could run my fingers through my hair without a huge clump getting caught in my fingers!!!

That has been a disgusting embarrassment for the last 3 months. And thank goodness I brought Dove along or my date might've been thrown off by my originally brittle frizzy broken hair. No, we girls with long hair want our hair to be irresistible, especially to the ones who catch our fancy, NOT have them have their fingers stuck in our heads and our broken hair in their fingers. Eeeww...

Yeah you get the idea.

For an idea of the improvement, this is what I got after running through my hair a few times after conditioner. Only a few times:

Disturbing? Imagine EVERY SINGLE DAY I'm losing this much hair! I had become slightly paranoid and depressed about my once crowning glory. Doesn't help that my hair belongs to the fine type.

And then this is what I got in my hands after 2 continuous weeks of usage of the Hair Fall Rescue range:

You tell me if this is not a good improvement. 

I did a little vlog entry to document my progress.

Oh such wonder~~~

The real magic is this. The intensive hair tonic. I swear, if you only have money to buy one thing from this range, GET THIS!

Alternatively you may want to share your own little hair fall secret on, and you will be able to get a Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Leave-On Intensive Hair Tonic Starter Kit worth $6.00 (which consists of 2 bottles of this baby!). 

Every week from now till 22 July 2012, Dove will select 2 best stories, and the chosen ones will be given a FULL SET of the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range, like the exact set I have!

You may also get to join me on a Dove event happening sometime soon~ And get featured in some magazines. ;)

Know you're not alone on this. 
Go Share your Secret now. Go on, you already know mine. ;)

 Loving my hair now~
Imagine how it would look if I keep using the Range. Woot~!!!

 Oh my lovely hair~

A confident woman is a beautiful one. 



  1. Colouring/bleaching will often damage hair. I'd recommend a cheaper alternative such as home-made hair masks (honey, extra virgin olive oil, etc). I think you look great with your natural hair colour. Sometimes I don't really understand why people spend so much time and money on products to change their hair colour and then try to repair it. Sounds a little bit like smoking, albeit less severe repercussions.

    1. Hey Joy!

      As much as I love my hair color, sometimes we just want to play with different looks! The hair itself is dead, and although we go through a lot of hassle to repair it after it's been damaged, damaging it has never been our intention! (It's really different from smoking!) And if I had my way, I wouldn't allow my stylists to use harmful hair dyes on my hair! (there are treatment colors!)

      Each time we go for a chemical treatment, be it a dye, or a perm, it's simply to try out a different look. Won't it be boring if we were to stick to one single hairstyle our whole lives?

  2. That's true, as much as I like my hair colour I have often wondered about changing it up. I'm glad there are more and more healthier and safer methods of dying hair! I've tried a semi-permanent dye before, but lately I've been using honey and water to lighten hair as it contains peroxides- it's a slow process, but works nicely.

    Ps. I enjoy reading your blog :)

    1. Honey and water works?!? Wow I'm going to try that! Thanks for sharing!

  3. do you apply the intensive tonic everyday?

    1. Yes I did in the first week! N then once every 2 days after. U'll see results in the first week if u use it daily. :)

  4. Do you use an entire bottle of the tonic each time? I find it too heavy and my scalp feels oily if I use the entire bottle! In fact, I think 1/2 bottle would be good already

    1. Hey Carol!

      Yes I use an entire bottle each time! Initially it felt oily but actually it's just tonic for the scalp (it's meant to be!), so don't have to worry about it being too heavy.

  5. love dove's hair care using dove nourishing oil care shampoo and love it!!

  6. I really like your hair color! Which hair dresser did you go to? I am new to Singapore and looking for a good hair salon. Thanks!

    1. Hi this colour was done by Master stylist Comb from Shunji Matsuo at wisma atria! He always does amazing colours!

    2. It's beautiful, thanks for the reply! :)

  7. I really like your hair color! Which hair dresser did you go to? I am new to Singapore and looking for a good hair salon. Thanks!

  8. Hello, dear...i was scrolling down on internet and i saw your blog regarding hair problems. I am facing a hair fall problems too and it is nearly a month. I have tried dove products and now the hair fall problem seems have to reduced down a bit but my hair has become less and not thick like before. I just want to ask you, when you are facing this hair fall problem, do you stop all things that you usually to do to style your hair??? Such as colouring, straightening, perming etc? Because i want to do a rebonding but maybe not now. Maybe another 2-3 months but can i do it? I'm so scared if it only cause more problem to my hair. I am so jealous of people that have long, thick and straight hair. I wish you would give some opinions here. Thx pretty :)

    1. Hey Zuhaila! I'm glad your hair fall problem has reduced. One reason why ur hair may seem less think could be because the Dove products help to smoothen the hair texture. When it's less frizzy, the overall looks less poofy. Also it coud be due to the hair loss previously. Keep up with the treatment and I'm sure your hair will grow out nice and thick again in a few months!

      As for chemical treatments like perming, rebonding or colouring, I don't recommend doing it but if you have to like I did, inform your stylist that your hair is severely damaged and see if they have anything suitable, like the treatment hair colour that my stylist did for me. Good salons should have rebonding chemicals which are also treatment chemicals. Do note though, that such mild chemicals might not have as good a result so your hair might not remain straight for very long. Talk to your stylist! It's best if you have one u can trust!