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Invite: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery

We all need a little help looking more radiant in the mornings, especially on those you have trouble waking up to. Sleeping is your best bet, as skin regeneration happens only during your snooze hours. And for most of us, when we're not able to get enough of that, what can we do?

Ensure skin regeneration occurs in its optimum state. 

Before you start asking me how, I have to help you guys dispel a myth which may take some time for u to accept:

Myth:  Skincare products that contain any type of oil will make oily skin oilier—leading to acne and congested pores.

You think all oils are bad for the skin? Skin needs oil. Without it fine lines appear, too soon. I have dry skin, and I remember on days when I don't moisturize (and before I started using my current line of skincare), fine lines appear like magic around my mouth and under my eyes. It's scary witchery. Also for some reason when I don't/forget to moisturize, I get pimples. 

No shit. Yeah you heard me. I get pimples/acne when I don't moisturize my skin. I gather it's due to my skin to overcompensating for the lack of oils with excessive amounts of it. And thus the overstimulation of oil glands. 

Of course, TOO MUCH oils is bad too. You start to look, what's that word, oily? Shiny. Like you haven't washed your face in days. And you also get acne. So hoooowww???

Fact: Using a skincare treatment with purely derived essential and botanical oils, which mimic the same oils that occur naturally in the skin, can be extremely beneficial to every skin type—from extremely dry, combination, and excessively oily.

You heard that right. Even excessively oily skin, when treated properly with adequate skincare containing the proper oils, can achieve a smooth, hydrated, and clear complexion. 

So what are good oils? And what are bad oils? 

We've heard a lot about essential oils being used in treatments, facials, spas, massage, aromatherapy, yada yada, and we've also heard about botanical oils being used for holistic care. So are they really any good? I used to be paranoid about masseuse touching my face after massaging my body (like when they complete the routine with a head massage). 

If they're using essential/botanical oils, you don't have to worry. These are rich in healthy skin essentials such as moisturizing fatty acids, including Omegas 3, 6 and 9, which strengthen the intercellular lipid layer (which is the layer responsible for the toing-toing effect), as well as help to stabilize skin’s natural oil production.

I found an article by Dr Sherry Hsiung, M.D on the topic of Good Oils vs Bad Oils. You may want to read it to have a better understanding: 

1. Essential oils are highly concentrated substances extracted from aromatic plants or herbs. These oils are derived from the steam distillation of the leaves, petals, bark or roots of a plant in order to maintain its natural integrity; many of the oil-busting essential oils are pressed from the peels of citrus fruits. They also often hold the scent of the herb or plant that it’s extracted from as well as the powerful compounds that the beneficial botanical contains.

2. Botanical oils are derived from plants that are rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. They are typically taken from non-volatile plants, therefore a cold-press or heat extraction is used from the root, stem or bark, leaves, flowers, seed or fruits of a plant, tree or shrub. These types of oils often contain many proteins, minerals and vitamins.

3. Essential and botanical oils are aesthetically pleasing and have a small molecular structure. It’s this unique combination that make them able to easily penetrate the skin to the dermal layer, unlike synthetic, petroleum-based oils which sit on the surface of the skin and can cause pores to become blocked, leading to breakouts.

4. Products containing mineral oil can actually lead to skin dehydration. Because this non-breathable ingredient can lie on the surface of the skin, skin is unable to absorb other key ingredients. It can also lead to clogged pores and prevent the skin from regulating its natural oil production. Some common derivatives of mineral oil include petroleum, paraffin, and propylene glycol.

5. Some essential oils can treat various skin conditions, including acne. For example, lavender essential oil is one of the few essential oils that can be applied directly to skin. It’s ideal for acne prone skin, as it’s been shown to have disinfecting properties that help to unclog pores and balance the production of sebum within oil glands.

Dr Sherry Hsiunga is a board certified dermatologist and Kiehl’s Consulting Dermatological Expert, and International Brand Ambassador.  She is the Director of Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Surgery at the Skin Institute of New York.

So! Where can you get such oils? I mean, like, that are actually SAFE to apply on your skin. Namely, the face.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

It's a blend of active botanical and essential oils that work all night during your sleep so you get a radiant appearance by morning. 99% naturally-derived and paraben-free, this formulation boosts the repair and regeneration of skin when it is naturally programmed to best absorb active ingredients, typically between Midnight to 4 a.m. Of course, if your body has a different sleep pattern from the typical person, it follows your natural sleep pattern for regeneration. I know because it works for me even when I sleep from 6am to 2pm. 

So air crew as well as people who work late nights (bartenders, bloggers, taxi drivers etc), fret not about the midnight to 4am thing and your time zones. It will work during your 6-8 hours of sleep, whether morning, noon, or night. ;)

And these are the consumer test results after 4 weeks:

Restores skin’s natural appearance by morning: 85%
Improves the appearance of facial contours by morning: 85%

Nurtures and replenishes skin: 85%

Skin feels more hydrated: 85%
Skin feels softer: 85%

Skin appears less tired and well rested: 80% 

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So how do you apply this? 
Cleanse your face.  Use your regular toner. Drop 2-3 drops onto the back of your clean hand, tap fingertips into oil, and press fingertips gently all over the face to evenly distribute the oil. Follow with your regular moisturizer. 

Keen to try? I sure was when I learnt about it. Hey I sleep at weird hours, and I needed to know if "Midnight Recovery" only works when you are asleep at midnight. 

As mentioned in my birthday post, I was invited to Kiehl's Dream Team Bloggers' Event at SocialHaus on the eve of my birthday.

Theme of the event: Sleepwear of course!

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Me in my shirt bought years ago from Primark London. (I miss Londooonnnn~~~). Holding a bag of tea bags I da-pao-ed from the event. 

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Chamomile, Lavender & Rose tea all promote a restful sleep and relieves fatigue. Plus, they are good for our skin too. The whole idea of sleep and beauty to go with the theme of the event~ Nice!

 Not just that, they gave out pillows for us to do our own artwork on.

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Kiehl's boy cum resident artist Martin did an amazing job of drawing me onto my pillow:


Me & Yuhao imprinted onto our pillows. ^.^

There were complimentary massage sessions using the Midnight Recovery Concentrate:

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I personally love the lavender scent of the oil. And tried it not just on my face, but on my body as well. There was one particular testimonial from one of their clients which said this:

“I experienced a remarkable result applying it on a blistered burn on my thumb.  I am an avid cook, and experience burns on my hands from time to time.  I have never seen such an impressive result in healing, even with products specifically for burns. Thank you for this product, it has great value.”

So needless to say, all the little scars that I have gotten over the years eg. accident scars, fall-down-knee scars, pimple scars I specially applied on. I coupled it with the Midnight Recovery Eye.
And I went to sleep that night on my lavender pillow I bought in Hokkaido earlier in the year. 

I slept very well that night. 

Retail Price:
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate(1.0 fl. oz/30mL) - S$90
Midnight Recovery Eye (0.5 fl. oz./15mL)  - S$72

I still love you guys. And because I'm still in my birthday good mood thanks to all the lovely people in my love, I'm doing a little giveaway. 


Send an email to with your 

1. Name; 
2. Contact Number; & 
3. Address; as well as 
4. Why you want the Midnight Recovery Eye. 

The best answer wins! 

Closing Date: Sunday 17 June 2012.

Good luck! ;)

Congratulations to Eva Ewe from Tasmania Australia! 
 You have won the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye! 

I will be sending you an email very soon! 

For the rest of you who have also participated, thank you for your entries! I promise I will be holding more giveaways so keep a lookout for them! ;) 


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    1. I don't think it should be an issue since you've already gotten your Diploma. =) Try using a whitening toothpaste like Gloss Pearly White to help brighten your teeth. If it's not too bad, it's really okay. As long as your personality shines through, there shouldn't be any reason for them to reject you. After all, teeth whitening is always possible. =) Let your personality shine through!

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  5. I picked up a sample vial of this when I got the body cream and I agree 100% that even though its a 'oil' its not oily. I love it, and want to get the full size now. Great review lovely x

    Heroine in Heels