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Celebrating Oasia Hotel's 1st Birthday

Was honoured to be invited by the kind souls at Dice Studios & Far East Hospitality Group for a night's stay at Oasia Hotel in celebration of their 1st year anniversary.

Am I loved or what? =)

 Getting all psyched for my stay!

Me and my orange Lipault bag, we're going places together~ ^.^

Driving along Thomson road, I see it!!!

I never knew there was a hotel here, despite having gone to Sinaran Drive almost every 2 months for my Soprano Hair Removal sessions.

Maybe because the sign is right above. I mean, who walks/drives looking up right?

Looking deceptively like an office building.

I think it's a cool place for a city hotel, with Tan Tock Seng hospital, the new Parkway Hospital and Novena Medical Centre, Novena Specialist Centre etc all round. You can stay at the hotel close to your loved ones if they ever need to be warded (for whatever reasons). Choi la~ But hey, it's useful especially if you stay on the other side of Singapore. You can also go for plastic surgery and then check-in so you don't bump into people during your recovery. #justsaying

Advice: Park upstairs. And if you stay there, remember to claim your parking coupon. Else you risk paying a hefty parking fee if you park a full day for a 3D-2N stay. (Click on the picture for a bigger view. You can see the parking charges clearer.)

Thank you for the love! I'm given the Club room on the top floor!!!

Level 22 onwards are all exclusive to Club Floor Guests only. Meaning unless you book a Club room, you will not be able to get to those floors, nor be able to use the Executive Club Lounge - The Living Room, on the 22nd floor. How's that for exclusive? =)

My room was 2505. Nice number too!

Of course, the first thing you do when you get to a hotel room is to knock on the door before you open it. It's a superstitious habit I acquired from even before my days as an air stewardess. (Think Mummy taught me that.) It's to be polite and let whatever is inside the room know that someone is coming in. Think how you would feel if the housekeeping lady just decided to open your room door without knocking, when you have perhaps forgotten to put the "Do Not Disturb" sign up, and you're like naked in the room or something. Yeah you get the idea. Courtesy.

After that of course, comes the room tour...

Very executive hotel bathroom. Spacious, with a sleek-looking bathtub, rainshower...

And this is the first hotel I've come across that provides the laundry basket! Usually they just ask u to throw the towels on the floor or into the bathtub if you wish to have them changed. This feels much more hygienic~ I mean, although we know all the linen is just washed together...towels...floor mats...yada yada...but it's just so much neater like that~


Oh gosh~ Glass walls! 
So kinky~ Your partner can watch you while you shower~~~


I was there alone la, so I had to remember to bring the blinds down, or else my neighbours would be watching me shower. *thinks of pervertic decent-looking executives who might be one of the 44 men involved in the recent case binoculars-ing at me....**gulps*

I can actually do the same. Lol.

The view from my room is quite amazing, and a little interesting, since I can watch the residents in the opposite condominium going about their daily activities.

And I have a full pool view. Of the hotel pool AND the condo's pool. 

That's not all the view. I can see this too:

Whoa~~~ *feeling all important cos only important people have offices and suites with such view* Lol~ #lidatalsoshiok


Loving the seamless design of the closets. It just looks so...clean~

This is going to impress you. Well, it impressed me. 
Hey, bear in mind I've stayed in a LOT of hotels during my flying career. Not trying to boast, but I've not seen this in any of my hotel rooms back then.

A Nespresso machine!!!!!

Even the TV remote control comes in a leather casing.

The safebox is housed neatly in one of the drawers. 
I usually keep my valuables in the safebox when I get to the hotel. Good habit to have, cos you won't want anything missing after the housekeeping cleans your room. Doesn't really happen, but just in case, you know? Esp with overseas hotels.

I love the fact that Oasia helps customise each room to make you feel at home. They have an iPod dock so you can play your favourite music while in the room.

For all Club Floor guests, you are given complimentary wifi access, access to The Living Room 24 hours a day with complimentary breakfast, cocktail and all-day coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks at The Living Room, and complimentary one piece of suit pressing per stay. Useful for business travellers. ;)

That's not all. When you enter the room, you are given a choice of 3 scents to choose from for your room, and housekeeping will set the aroma for you when they do housekeeping the next day. Ah~ The little touches~

Every evening from 6-8pm, club floor guests can enjoy complimentary cocktail and canapes at The Living Room on the 22nd floor. I missed that, but I couldn't possibly miss the main event - The 1st Anniversary celebration!

Every event deserves a dress-up~ In fact, depending on whether I feel like dressing up, that would determine whether or not I would attend any event. Haven't dressed up in a while? RSVP to an invite! Lol~ 

 Get-up of the night~

 Love the cape. Makes me feel very flowy, at the same time very superpower womanish.

Ready for Level 22?

The club pool was breathtakingly amazing~!!!! I mean, look at the view! 
I brought my bikini, but hey, first anniversary party...a lot of people...shy la~~~ 
(But I SOOOOO wanted to go swim in the pool~!!!!!!!!*sob*)

I would come every night to just sit here and read...

There is also a jacuzzi pool. Ah~ the view...the view~

Decided not to take a club room? No worries. The infinity pool at The Oasis located on the 8th floor was just as wow~

Have I already mentioned about the view?

Back in The Living Room...
So many important people and media! 
At this point, I feel so very special to be invited. Mint Mint was supposed to go as well, but she had other commitments and couldn't make it. Oh bummer~

Interesting tea by Naturalis.

And guess who I bumped into?
Daren Tan 陈世维!If you find him familiar, he was the champion for Project Superstar 2. 

He's not really singing now, but listen to this: He's now Sales & Marketing Director of Germania-Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, the company which gave birth to Naturalis! Nice~ 

Naturalis focuses on making tea different from the usual traditional English feel, and they make pretty interesting tea! I was served this majorly fragrant floral-smelling concoction called the Summer's Bouquet. 

Picture credit:

What's in there? 

The guys from Naturalis have kindly shared their recipe!

40 ML Smirnoff Vodka
15 ML Elderflower Syrup
30 ML Singapore Sling Tea
2 Slices of Lemon
Lemon Twist
Ice Cubes

Muddle the slices of lemon and mix rest of the ingredients in a mixing glass.
Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass. To serve, garnish with a lemon
 I'm so going to try this at home~ 
*prepares for upcoming birthday party which I have yet to plan, or yet to even know I have. Lol~*

Concocted by Mr Geoffroy Maubon, the First Barista of Oasia's Chocolate partner, Monbana Chocolatier, I especially love the blue one. Yums~~~

This drink, aptly named L22, was spectacular as well. That night I think I had like at least 5-7 drinks, yes, all alcoholic, and I could just go on because they tasted so good! I'm not exactly a fan of alcohol (except maybe Muscato & Bailey's), but I was in heaven that night.

 That's Mr Geoffroy Maubon working his magic!

 How could chocolate taste so good in so many forms?

 Check out the crowd! Once again, honoured to be a part of this. Thank you Dice Studios, Far East Hospitality Group, and Oasia Hotel!

 Sometimes when you're in the midst of all your busy schedule (they don't call it busi-ness for nothing), it's great when you take time to smell the flowers. And do staycations in sweet hotels. ^.^

I wished I had more time to stay there and really immerse myself in the Oasia experience, but I had to work the next day and got to check out early. Bummer~ Maybe I'll come back. For that pool....awww~~~

Happy Birthday Oasia Hotel! 
Many more amazing years to come!
(I know there will be, because this is the first Oasia hotel from the Far East Hospitality Group, with more to come!!!)

Exclusively for my readers: Enjoy 10% off your stay at Oasia Hotel!
Make your reservation below~ ^.^

Oasia Hotel is at:

8 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307470
Tel: +65 6664 0333
Fax: +65 6664 0300

Check them out at


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