Friday, 11 May 2012

Back from China

Hello lovelies! It's been a long 2-3 weeks and I know I haven't been updating much the past month due to my crazy schedule. This madness is gonna run till the end of May, but I know some of you have been coming back ever so regularly to check on me and if I've any updates going on. So I've decided to get my ass back into writing. Just for you. And maybe for me, lest I start forgetting the wonderful details of this trip.

Yes I'm finally back from my China trip. Many of you have been asking me why I was in China, and I haven't gotten the chance to really answer you guys properly. Here is an idea:

Click on the picture to read the full article.

I was chosen as the dENiZEN explorer for their "We Are Explorers" campaign. 6 explorers from around the world, (and I'm one of them OMG!!! I still can't believe the honor!) 3 countries, and there I was.

S1 saw Lorena Garal from Mexico & Nawed Khan from India in India.
S2 had Nosheen Abbas from Pakistan & Peter Xu from China in Mexico (AHH!!! So envious of them!!!!)
And of course, there's me Silver Ang from Singapore and Anish Sood from India (don't ask me why they had 2 Indians, they just did), in China.

I'm gonna write about this trip backwards so this entry is really about how I feel towards this whole journey the past 2.5 weeks.

The trip has been nothing short of amazing. And it really reinforced the notion that it's not where you go, but who you travel with, that makes all the difference. The crew from JWT and Fly Films were great. Great is an understatement. I don't even know what word to use to describe the team. But they were one of the best crew I've worked with. Ever. Really professional, and despite running 12-hour schedules (or more), they managed to find time for play/chill.

And welfare? Woot~! We were brought to the a few of the best restaurants in the areas we shot, with great food, and the occasional alcohol. Work, play, weariness, fun...they had them all rolled into a nice package.

I would specially like to thank Dana, Elaine, Sandra, Xi Ning for taking care of me so well, and the morning calls that came every morning to get my non-morning ass off the bed and outta my room. Dana has been such a great mother-hen to me and Anish and I'm thankful for the massage and the great makan places. Elaine for bringing me so much laughter in our conversations. I love hearing your laughter. It's somehow contagious. ^.^ Sandra~~~ 3zhua 姐姐~我回上海一定!会找你!And Xining, the very first point of contact who began my journey in China. She helped me ease into the flow of things very quickly. Thanks darling~

And Cain, you're such a bundle of fun I wish you didn't have to go back to Shanghai earlier! I've heard so much about how much fun you are to have around!

Kit for the a-may-zeeeeng pictures which I will be showing you guys later. This guy is great. He's worked with all the big names like Tony Leung, Subcrew, Lin Chi name it. The pictures he took are simply breathtaking. I wish I could take pictures like that. Here is his page: You'll understand what I mean.

Raymond for bringing us to the coolest artistic quaint places in Shanghai (Tianzifang) and Beijing (798 & Nanluogu Road). And oh yes, for helping me satisfy that KTV urge I had back in Kunming.

Eric for being just great and oh-so-young-at-heart that there was no pressure working with you at all. Who would have guessed you're the guy who's been thru war and a plane crash? I love working with you so much!

Andrew for being that cool guy in the group (lol yeah I know I didn't get to interact w u much but I really think you're so cool just being mysterious~).

Dalton, you and your spontaneity - your energy level wows me. With the heavy camera equipment you always still seemed so energetic, and without complaints. (I'd have died, or fainted, or whined a

Henry, hey though this is your first project, you left a very good impression! On me at the very least~ It was a pleasure chatting with you AND working with you! And I can say you're the very first white man I know who speaks Mandarin SO fluently!

Karen. Karen Karen oh pretty Karen. I can't thank you enough for pushing me through. If not for you I might not have had this amazing opportunity to work with all the wonderful people.

And Paul. I didn't get to talk to you much either~ And I wish the trip allowed for more sessions where we could all just have fun. But I remember you as the Scottish guy whose VPN account I used. Thank god for your VPN, I stayed connected with all my followers via Twitter and Facebook. And the occasional (though very slow) connection onto Youtube. Lol~

And ah~ Anish~~~ How could I forget you!? Though you get on my nerves a lot more than necessary, I know you're a kind soul to have around, and a lotta fun to be with (when I'm in the right mood LOL). It was actually kinda cool to be able to get to know someone who is so famous in India~~~ And see him for who he is and how he's like without that halo that the media usually puts on/around celebrities. You're like a kiddish adult. *laughs* My partner in crime, though I have a love/hate relationship with you, there are moments when you make me laugh (wires and flying and boxers, yo?) I will still miss you, la~ Lol~

And to those I didn't mention, whom I've worked with and who I didn't get to work with but who are also working on this dENiZEN project (including Lance whom I met briefly, and Tina! And Lynette! Have you delivered already?!!!), thanks for everything - the behind-the-scenes work that you guys are all involved in to make this dENiZEN project work. Thank you so much.

Thank you JWT Shanghai, thank you Fly Films Shanghai, and thank you dENiZEN. It has been an amazing journey, one I will remember for a loooong time. If there ever comes a chance to work with you guys again, I'll grab it, by the balls. ;)

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