Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Dblchin's Hen's Night!!!

My first ever hen's night!!! I can't tell you how honoured I am to have been invited by Clara ('s Bachelorette Party~ Shows that I have a special place in her heart, right? Yay~~~

I honestly have no idea what to expect, this being my virgin hen's night and all. I know we'd have to sabotage the bride-to-be and make her do all kinds of things which she wouldn't otherwise have anymore chances to do after she's officially married to her beau (lucky guy!!!).

My worries were unfounded though, as her good friend Jacelyn (plus all the other girls!) had it all planned out. Here are some of the babelicious saboteurs for the night!

Picture credit: Nadnut
Left to right: Jacelyn (Clara's nanny for the night), Esther, Nadia(nadnut), and Sara.
Not in picture, but partners in crime anyway: Smith, June, Mint, and me.

 Location: St. James Boiler Room.

 Me and Mint arrived slightly late (just as Esther was leaving! *sob*) as I had work earlier on, and gosh, I missed out quite a bit! News flash from Esther before I headed in: they had already made her:
  1. Ask for a condom from a random stranger (guy, of course)
  2. Go up to a guy and ask for his number.
  3. Kissed a random stranger~ (guy also, duh!)
Whoa! Sounded like the night would be exciting, no? 

Picture credit: Nadnut
 Here's our star for the night - Clara Dblchin!
She has to fill this board up with pictures. Memories to keep!
And she is not supposed to lose the board at any one time, or she will have to bottoms-up something. And we're not talking about water. Heh heh~

Whole night we were trying to steal the board from her....

 She's got this board that says "I'm Single". I am fully eligible to hold this. So I did. Lol~

 Yeah Mint, before you OFFICIALLY get married, you're still Single, in the eyes of the law. (Jackie's gonna kill me...)

Any guys if you want to snatch, do so before she's gone for good okay?

Us taking pictures with the board could only mean one thing - someone lost it. Muahahahaha~~!!!

We saboh-ed her to go up onstage when the host asked if there was a virgin around. Lol~ 
And the host further sabotaged her by getting her to do random things, like lick a random stranger on the belly. #OMG

The other girl was also doing her hen's night. So cool right! Both weddings 2 days apart! Both of them got veil! Is it an in-thing for hen's nights to have veils these days? #noob

 This babe's off the list already. Damn one more hot & pretty one struck off. She's smart and hardworking to boot. I need to hurry find a good, chio and smart girl before they're all gone. *panics*

Pictures might be blur as she was so thoroughly enjoying herself and dancing silly that night.

 This was after we made her drink some awful stuff, I think. Lol~

 This lady has grown so pretty over the last 2 years. (Really, your hubby is a lucky guy to have you!!!)

Not a beauty blogger for nothing! ^.^
When is a girl ever "pretty enough"? 

Mint has also grown prettier over the last few months! 
She's made a pact to do a total image transformation this year~ 有变漂亮哦~!

Picture credit: Nadnut
 Smith, I suggest you give up the idea. You're never gonna be a bride.

We found this guy and made her do a dirty dance with him~

 She's such a cool sport! 
P.S.Check out the guy's classic expressions...

 You go girl!!!

Silly girl. 
But it's this kinda girls I like - capable and smart, yet not afraid to look stupid and have fun. ^.^

Mission accomplished! Thanks for the wonderfully fun and spontaneous night everyone! 

Bye to singlehood? No loss babe! You're going somewhere better with a man who loves you as much as yours does.
I hope my hen's night will be as fun. If I can even find a suitable man.

Oh well. Whatever will be, will be.
*looks at manicured nails, flicks hair, sashays away*


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