Wednesday, 28 March 2012 Shoot & Strip

I have my own online show now! And to be brutally honest I wasn't confident about it at all at first (not that I am super good now of course), but it turned out to be a great learning experience!

It's an online show which talks about technology and ANYTHING gadget-y - product reviews, interviews on people in the industry (cool ones of course) and yeah, you get the idea. I use gadgets, yes, I have my S95 (yeah I know it's not THE latest but I'm not loaded you know?) and my iPhone and my iPad2, but to be honest, I'm just good on the internet-entertainment side. I don't even remember how to write my Visual C++ code or javascript HTML codes.....

So imagine me having to spurt off words like ISO6400, CMOS Sensor, OEV +/-2.0 (what do these words even MEAN???) while sticking to a time limit at the expense of my modesty. Yah, I got to strip and remove one item of clothing should I not complete the product reviews in 1 minute. I have points which I HAVE to include. Production crew, or rather, executive producer of the show, says so. Lan lan *sucks thumb*

So it comes as no surprise that I took about a full hour (or was it 2?) to successfully finish my first product review. Which includes ALL the points I have to say.

(I was hesitant about taking the show on at first also because of this - I was worried it's going to be a sleazy kinda programme. It turned out more funny than sexy. Lol. FAIL!!! LOLOL!!!)

Then again, I get to learn new tech terms which I otherwise would know nothing about. If there's one thing about myself that I really like, it's this positivity towards learning about new things. (Which explains all the cross-cultural dramas and children's programmes! ^.^)

And here we have my virgin strip review. Oh gawd I can't believe I actually agreed to this....

We filmed 2 product reviews in one session. I more or less got the hang of doing a review, but this one had like 18? 19? points I have to say. Plus a conclusion. See me die. Lol~

All these videos can be found on Sync-UP.TV, and there will be new episodes on every Tuesday (which, shit, means I might run out of clothing items. God save me. -.-")

It's a channel which has been around for a while, but which I'm newly introduced to. Do help spread the word okay! I'd be really grateful if you can show your support by visiting the site often. ^.^ 

Need help on deciding if a camera, tablet, or some funny gadget is good enough for you to spend your hard-earned money on, go visit =) 


  1. couldnt understand what you are talking about half the time,you never 换气。。 and at then end, the stripping part was kinda.... my heart rate increase not due to the stripping but to the rush of your voice. the whole 1 minute concept is not good at all; and i guess you will be stripping every episode.

    so sorry, but i think you are a very pretty girl with 气质 and stripping is beneath you. perhaps you can review two similar products or have a game or sth.. but not the one minute concept. not good for you; or for the audience. lol.

    p/s: i am a girl.

    1. Hi! Understand your concerns and where you're coming from. I agree with you on the part where you couldn't understand what I was talking about. I didn't even understand it when I watched the video. Lol.

      As for the stripping. It is meant to be a fun(ny) challenge and not a sleazy element. I don't know how to do sleazy striptease. Lol~ Think it'll just look super comical.

      Anyhow, I'll forward the feedback to the producers for their consideration in making the show better! =)