Wednesday, 7 March 2012

SSparkle Glam: Korean Perm


I have had straight hair since forever, and because the shape of the back of my head is quite flat, straight hair looks very blah on me. I have always envied models/celebrities with huge hair, like this:

Hair I can never achieve, especially at the roots.
 My hair is too fine.

Not that it's a bad thing, of course. But I have had the same hair for a while, and it's nice to be able to see one volume without me having to actually curl it manually.

Though I will never be able to recreate the magazine cover look on my own head, Angeline was nice enough to let me try her salon's new Korean Perm.

So what the hell is a Korean Perm right?

 It is supposed to not look like the structured curls you have seen in my Hokkaido pictures. Depending on how you dry your hair, it can look like loose waves or small waves which add volume to your hair.

Let me take you through my perming process:

P.S. This is not meant to be a paid advert okay? Just thought I'd share since Angeline has kindly done this for me. It pays to have friends. Lol~

Getting ready.

 Bye straight hair~

Actually it won't be for long. I've been told that this kind of perm, especially for my kind of fine hair texture, will only last about 3-4 months. Bad if you want it to last, gotta reperm. But great for those who just want to experiment, or just want a temporary refresh to their boring old look.

Getting ready for my hair wash and hair treatment. For some reason I look like I have no body here...


They treated my hair multiple times before doing the actual perm. This prevents damage to the hair like what perms would normally do. Since you're going to weaken the hair later, best to give it a protective strengthening layer so your hair doesn't fry.

Curlers attached to my head! Luckily for me, this process took less than half an hour. 20 minutes, to be exact. Of course, those with coarser or more hair might take slightly longer.

 Another hair wash and I am done!

 Almost getting to see my permed hair~ Slightly excited, a little smug. Lol.

 Woohoo! See that?

For curls, it's always best to use a diffuser to dry your hair, so your curls can look vava-voom~!
A diffuser is something that looks like a huge megaphone that you attach to your hairdryer so your curls dry in bundles and not all loose and 散散。

Note: I only permed the lower half of my hair. Less auntie. Less 80's I suppose.

I look like I have so much hair!!! Love it!!!!

This is a raw look if you like it that way. You can also twirl your hair in a roll with your fingers instead of scrounging it like they did above, and dry it with a diffuser to get the usual Japanese-style curls.

 The lady who was doing the perm demo was so funny, she kept saying "So you go home you can stir the hair like that, must stir and stir to get the curls." I think she meant TWIRL. Lol~

There! This is a different look as compared to the first big-hair style. =D

Hello. I am Korean. ^.^

If you're interested in getting this, this is called a Korean Perm, and you can get it done at Franz de Paris @ Kembangan Plaza B1-06.

Want to make an appointment with Angeline?
Tel: 68410711

Love love love love my curls now~ Thanks Angeline!
Curls need maintenance, unlike straight rebounded hair, which you can simply wash and let it dry and it'll just be that - straight. With curls, if you didn't dry them properly, they will still be wavy, but you won't get curls like the above. Great if you just want subtle waves though! ^.^

Oh by the way, I could still tong my hair straight, and curl it like how I did with my Hokkaido trip pictures. Show you how in the next issue of SSparkle Glam!


  1. straight or curly you still cute :D

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  2. you look awesome

  3. Watz the $ damage for this perm? The curls still looking gd ?

  4. It's between $228-$368. Depending on the length and thickness of the hair. =)

  5. hey! do you mind how to maintain permed hair and what are the dos and donts after perming. Thanks!

    1. Always always apply hair serum after towel-drying your hair. And to keep curls looking good, always blow dry hair, prefererably with a diffuser if you have one. And use a heat protectant before using any tong/blowdryer on the hair.

      Try as much as you can not to dye your hair anymore after perming, because that might severely damage the hair. If you have to, do your hair treatments diligently. =)

  6. how about japanese perm? what's the diff with jap / korean perm? confuse...

  7. Hi does it take time for your hair to turn out really nice? Let's say if u wanna perm your hair for an actual event, is it better to perm it a few weeks before to get some getting used to or a few days before so the perm will still stay new and fresh?