Friday, 9 March 2012

Rescue 995: Behind the Scenes

Here is the requested post! Had to wait until the show and the scenes have been played before I actually release the post officially. Copyright issues. =) 

How many of you enjoyed the show? *me raises both hands!* 
I really did! 

This show, together with Unriddle, actually caught my attention, and it's not because I was acting in them, though it did play a part. (I say this because I don't really watch much TV, and I know it's ironic since I do TV, but really, I read more than I watch.)

It's not a family drama kinda show, like the super long long long long Taiwanese dramas which revolve around feuds and 小动作s and 心机s, or just a typical this family that family this guy that girl and that guy kind of plot if you get what I mean. If. Lol~

I always end up frowning for half the episode watching those. Maybe because it's something different, exploring a profession that is not as glamorized and glorified as the police (thanks to many Hong Kong movies and dramas), and talks about interesting cases like Vaginismus during consummation of marriage (talk about embarrassing!!!) and breast cancer in men. 

What struck me most was Jeanette's role as Haoran... (I really like Jeanette's acting in this show btw!) It made me see paramedics in a whole new light, that they might be more knowledgable and qualified than we think they are. She could be a doctor, and she knows so much about medicine and what should and should not be done growing up in a family of doctors, yet she chose to be a paramedic. Which, essentially, is also about saving lives. We forget about these things sometimes, and seem to have the narrow mindset that only doctors are capable of saving lives. (There ARE incompetent doctors out there too by the way.)

If I ever cross paths with a paramedic in dire situations, I may not get the opportunity to see your face clearly, or know your name, but thank you, in advance. And on behalf of all those who have required your help, I thank you too for being there when they needed you. =)

Now for some pictures! 

My first day of shoot. This is the crew preparing for the fire scene in which Nana rescues Nimo, which was the cause of Nimo being so lovestruck with Nana throughout the show. =D

Nana Chan on the name tag. 

Yup, actual fire was being used.

You guys know in Rescue 995, when the theme song was playing, there was this scene where Nimo was being hoisted and there was fire above him? Go to (try this link) to review it if you don't know what I'm talking about. 

Here is the making of:

 We had to make sure Ben's shirt was wet so that he could keep his body cool from the fire he's going to be exposed to.

Impressive huh? This is a mock-up inside the SCDF Academy. They have different mock-up scenes, this one is a pub one. They also have a HDB one, amongst many others, so that they can be more or less familiar with the different environments in the event that fire occurs in these places. Cool!

The proposal scene:

This is like the most amazingly intricate sandcastle I have ever seen. 

That sparkle in the middle of the heart? Yup that's the proposal ring. Awww~~~

The guy who built this is a professional sand sculptor from SINGAPORE!!! WOOHOO!!!! *proud*
He gets invited all over the world to build sand sculptors, as well as to help some people propose, just like that (he said he has done a really HUGE scale one before!) 

Apart from sand sculpting, he also does ice, glass and public sculptures. You know that colorful SILOSO on Siloso Beach? That was done by him as well. You can check him out on His name's Jooheng. =)

I wonder if he will propose to his own wife (assuming he's not married) like that.

 Proposal success! ^.^
(Honestly, if a guy spent his time building this to propose, how could anyone refuse?)

The amazing cast for that day's shoot! Love this fun bunch~ <3
They're all really cute in their own ways, and all very nice people! 

No, I didn't take any pictures of the bedroom scene where the mishap happened, but you can go find it on xinmsn. It's Episode 18. ^.^ 

Am really glad to be on this production, and grateful for the opportunity given. May more good shows come my way! Thank you EPs! ^.^

God bless~

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