Thursday, 2 February 2012

SSParkle Sights: Hokkaido Day 2

Good day!!!!There are SOOO many pictures from the Japan trip that just resizing and cropping a day's worth of pictures took me nearly 3 hours. *faints*

All worth it though. Quite a lot of funny/interesting/beautiful shots there. And here I am with my Day 2 in Hokkaido!!!

Note: I fail at taking modelly pictures. I'm more suited for this kind:

Lol~ 这样的我比较真。LOL~~~ 

Back to Day 2...

It was really really chilly so we actually had to cover our nose and mouth or it'd be really uncomfortable. It would feel like your mucus and saliva were going to freeze anytime...

The highlights of Huixian's days were always the same: getting to play with snow. She played with snow every single chance she got. I think because she knows that the next time she'll get to do that will be quite a while must 玩够本~

Heading up to where Sapporo Winter Sports Museum is. 

We're early though. There at 8am and they only open at 9. Lol~
Giving that a miss, but we got to see this:

Will you dare to ski down? I will die trying. With my heart in the air....



Mum and sis trying to kick snow into the air~ Like free spirits~ ^.^

一脚把你踢去Timbaktu啊!!! Lol~

Then Mum had another photo idea....

Child following in her mother's footsteps / Mother paving the way for her child...

Huixian doing the Snow Angel...


This next location some of you are going to be SOOOOO excited about!!! Ah~~~

Because the moment I realized where we were, I started getting ALL EXCITED!!!

This is the White Chocolate Factory. Yeah that was what it was written only itinerary. 
What I did NOT realize was that it was the Shiroi Koibito Factory, which means the  
白色恋人chocolate biscuit factory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like a theme park!

So cute!!!! "Pastry chefs"making a chocolate biscuit pillar!!!

Huixian: Come I help! Don't fall!

See no evil. 
Cover eyes. If not tonight seh bak jiam.

Why so cute one??? Clearly the owner has a sense of humour.

Treehouse! When I was a kid I wanted one of these! Maybe it was due to reading too much Enid Blyton, but have you also had this wish?


It looks nice and pretty and all, but it's actually still very very cold...

I like my hair that day. ;)

白色恋人is one of her favourite Japanese biscuits. And I remember the very first time I tasted them a few years back...a steward batchboy gave it to me, and I was like...OMG WHAT MAGIC DID YOU JUST FEED ME?????

Lol~ Yeah it was THAT good.

Those pink-wrapped stuff were trees and flowers. 
Wrapped so that they don't freeze and die in the snow.

Is this just for winter? They had snowmen on the windowsills!!! They really made the effort to beautify and get the place ready for the season! So nice!

Another wide-smiled picture. Really very happy lah!

I love my mum in this outfit! The red stands out in the snow! Especially in pictures! And the rabbit-fur wrap goes very nicely with the hat!

Psst: My mum used to dress me up very hip-ly when I was younger. Like, she'd encourage boots and stuff, and even said had I been thinner she'd have dressed me in sexier stuff! Cool mum? Yeah I think so too!

Sis was like: Why Mummy smile until lidat...?

Mummy: Come take a kiss picture!
Sis thinking: Help no~~~~~

This is so Europe-ish~
Old houses/churches in Europe love to have paintings like this on their ceilings~ 
Of angels and fairies and the like.

The making of 白色恋人 chocolate...

Explained in detail... For those who can't read Japanese, the pictures do a pretty decent explanation too!

Those senget cookies, chocolate not in the middle cookies, cracked ones, or those with any defect whatsoever, get picked out.

And the rest get sent for packing!

As I go up another level...I was taken to a world of pretty cakes~

Soooooo nice!!! 

Will I get such a pretty one for my wedding? 
I don't really eat cake, and to be honest I might not bear to cut it. Lol~

AIYO baby shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And am I seeing things? They made pianos!?

*faint* This one costs 5250yen!!!! FYI: 100yen ~ S$1.65
S$90 for this cake?!!?? And it's not very big...

You have to admit that the workmanship is pretty elaborate though.

And these are the small ones! Each dome is about the size of a lady's palm.

At this level you can enjoy a cup of coffee and dessert! From Shiroi Koibito Factory...should be quite nice~ 
I overheard an auntie saying that the coffee was too sweet though. Only if you've got a sweet tooth!

Moving on...

They're dressed like that to prevent hair from falling into the manufacturing processes. And they really do make sure that every biscuit is of the same quality. To do that, everything has to be checked and double/triple-checked. Even the moisture levels in the dough.

There is a level full of toys. The owner of the factory loves collecting toys, and when he opened this place up for public viewing, he decided to display his toy collection here as well.

Charlie's Angels! Though it looks more like Charlie and 2 Angels. 
Huixian can don't so shuai or not!!! Lol~

Never knew they had a drink. Never tried it. 
Anyone did? Nice?

For those of you who wants to take their train, you may. It's a very very short ride though.
 For fun only.

You can get the train tickets here.


Come! Do one kiss Mummy from both sides picture!!!
Huixian super 敷衍... FAIL!!!!! LOL~ 
Cannot lidat la!!!! Must remember who brought you here!!!!!

One more picture with the factory park before we leave!!

They gave us a free biscuit! 


  1. hahaha. the comparison between the first and second photos, and the remarks on being a '白痴恋人' so funny la!

    Were you trying hard not to laugh in your first photo? haha. cuz I think so xD

    Continue to enjoy your Hokaiddo trip ;)

  2. nice idea..thanks for sharing...