Saturday, 4 February 2012

SSparkle Glam: Skin Care

Hello guys!!!First and foremost I want to say THANK YOU for supporting Hankook Cosmetics the last 2 weeks! I heard from the client that the Ossion Detox Bubble Mask is selling very very very very well!!!

One thing I've noticed from using this: You know sometimes you wake up and you get severe water retention and it's most obvious on your face? (I do because I always drink a glass of Fit Solution Cell Minerals before I go to sleep.) Using it after waking up on a 水肿 morning helped me to shrink my face! HA! Take that, water retention! I don't have to worry about pong pong face when I go for shoots anymore! YAY!

 Frankly speaking, this is by far the best non-advertised brand(s) of products I have ever tried, and I am seriously contemplating switching to using their products for good. =)

Yup this week I am going in hardcore on skincare. Here we go~



I was given the Ossion Merdel Line (Toner, Emulsion, Cream) to try last month, and over the course of the month, can I say that I like this stuff more and more?

Number 1: Because I have sensitive skin.

I never knew I had sensitive skin because I was always very anal about my skincare. Must cleanse properly, must apply moisturizer, must use only good things on my face. Not very long ago I found some old skincare products which weren't finished, but have been left in my cupboard for the longest time because other products kind of replaced them. I tried using them and the next thing I know (just a few hours later), I found like tiny milia seeds on my face. FML. Old skincare? Save them as moisturizer for your arms/legs/heels/elbows/anywhere non-sensitive. I had to use a scrub (I used the Ossion Peeling Gel) plus 2 days of the Merdel Toner and Emulsion before the bumps were cleared.

Yes they cleared!

Number 2: Because no matter what your skin issue is, it will heal it.

Whether or not you have skin that is so dry it hurts/so oily you can cook with it/combination skin, or whatever skin issues, it will re-balance your skin. I have a pimple breakout on my chin, and using the Merdel Line OVER the pimple wound (yeah my itchy hands picked at it) didn't make it worse, but helped to heal it! YES IT HELPED TO HEAL MY PIMPLE!!! I don't usually dare use any kind of moisturizer over pimple breakouts because they usually cause the volcano to grow bigger. But this one didn't!!!

Initially when I first tried the Merdel products I wasn't too excited. Maybe because I already have skin that is quite well-taken care of (I always make sure I use only trusted skincare), another good product on my face won't show too huge a difference. I have been told of its skin-healing benefits.

The Merdel Complex is extracted from 10 different carefully selected deep Sea minerals +  deep sea water, and is the magic ingredient in the Merdel Line which has the ability to detect and heal any skin problems that you might be facing. Cool stuff!

I know you must have heard of Deep Sea Water, even from other brands, but do you know what is so good about it that brands like Ossion, Shu Uemura, amongst many others, use it?

Deep Sea Water is natural water full of minerals and nutrients, and because of its low temperature, it is very difficult for microorganisms to reproduce. It is absorbed 2-3 times more rapidly than ordinary mineral water and its evaporation rate is slow. As a result, it is effectively retained by the skin.

 Ah~ This is why~ 

One month of trying this out, and I am a convert. =)

How does my skin look? =)

For your information, many Korean products don't tell you which one is the moisturizer. It is labelled "Emulsion" on their products. You use the Toner after cleansing, and the Emulsion as a moisturizer. =)

What happens after your usual moisturizing?



Sunscreen, of course! Don't think that by sitting in your room/office all day, you're safe from UV. Room lights emit them too, and are capable of darkening your skin and creating spots too. 

Also, I feel that on days when I don't have makeup on, after my moisturizing/sunblock routine, my face looks shiny. Because of all the fluids applied on my face. Then I discovered the Ossion Sun Pact.

 It's in powder form so you can use it as the last step of your skincare regime to mattify your face!

If you're wondering why there are Chinese words all over it's because Hankook Cosmetics are available in Taiwan as a TV Media Product, and the Ossion Line is doing exceptionally well!

Amanda from had concerns about whether dark-skinned people can use this (she felt that she is slightly tanned), as it is peach-coloured powder. The thing about this is that because it is very lightweight and translucent, it will blend into your skin without leaving a whitish powdery after-effect. To test it, because I have become considerably tanner than I was after I finished the kids' travelogue shoot, I'm DEFINITELY getting this so I will do a video to show you once I get mine! 

Oh yes, you can use this all over your body as a sunblock. According to my friend who works in Hankook, she said it is very frustrating to try to finish a bottle because it just seemed to last forever. So apart from the face, she applied it all over her arms and shoulders and neck and decolletage. And it still lasted 4-6 months. O.O Worth the buy!

P.S. Original Price of this was $70! But after 30% members' discount and the storewide 20%, it's now only $39.20!!!!! Tell all your friends!!!

 If you're using it with liquid foundation, use it in your loose-powder step, AS the loose powder to set your makeup, instead of the usual before foundation step. Because it is in powder form, if you use it before your liquid foundation, your foundation will not blend properly. Those using liquid foundation will know what I'm talking about.

If you're looking for something of a slightly heavier coverage, they have the sunpact with the same  SPF50+/PA+++ in compact powder form.



Both are suitable for acne-prone / eczematic skin, do not clog pores, lighten spots, reduce sebum production, help fight inflammation, bacteria and pigmentation and protects against UV Rays AND radiation!

Main difference between this one and the previous sunpact? This one comes with a mirror. I actually ordered both so I will show you guys when the stuffs come!

This Sun Pact Alpha is also in translucent powder form so whilst it has a slightly heavier coverage, it is suitable for most skin tones.



Guys who are not too keen on the powder sunscreen can opt for their Improved Sunstick:
Just 2 strokes across your T-zone (draw a T on your face), then blend. It's in gel-form and applies like deodorant. And I heard that this is very very popular with the guys! Doesn't clog pores, and is SPF50+/PA+++ as well.



 I'm getting excited as I share with you more and more stuff. This last thing I'm sharing is by far the most amazing wrinkle-erasing self-applying product I have ever used. I have serious frown lines, smile lines (acquired in my flying days from smiling too much in the dry cabin air...), and fine lines under my eyes. Okay, I HAD fine lines under my eyes. 

They are almost gone.

I am not kidding you. They. Are. Almost. Gone!!!!
And I have only used 2 packs of the samples! 
My makeup used to crack under my eyes really easily because the skin there is very dry. And dry skin is very prone to getting fine lines and wrinkles. But I noticed a difference after using the Time Curator Line samples.

The fine lines are now very very fine lines. I'm out of the samples for myself. So I suppose the eye cream is going to be a must-buy. Oh gosh this is their sorcery magic of marketing. No wonder they don't really do much TV/magazine advertisements - THEY DON'T HAVE TO! The products speak for themselves!

Okay I haven't got to the point. This Time Curator Line contains an ingredient that many of you are going to be excited to hear.

It contains this ingredient which works just like Botox.

You know? That stuff that doctors inject into our faces for a smaller jawline, to erase your wrinkles, to make you look younger, better.

Side effects? Nope! To begin with, there is no known side effects caused by Botox, even though it has been in the market for over 20 years.

That the very first use of Botox was to treat an eye condition called Strabismus. AKA cross-eyes, or cock-eyed as some of you might call it. Yeap, Botox was initially used as a MEDICAL treatment. It is also used to treat several muscle disorders, as well as excessive underarm sweating (woohoo! Botox for your armpits!!! No more sweat stains! Lol~) 

This ingredient is called Argirilene. And though it isn't exactly Botox (sorry if I said it was earlier), it works the same way in that it relaxes your wrinkles. 

Plus, with the Time Curator Line you don't inject this stuff into your skin, you apply it. 
I found that after using it all over my face, my face felt really really tight. Like there was some extreme firming effect going on in the skin. Not complaining though. I'm going to start using it on my neglected-starting-to-get-lines neck. Botox-effect at a fraction of the price of visiting aesthetics doctors? Sounds reasonable to me. For those of you terrified of needles, this is your saviour.

If you have done a Botox treatment, the Time Curator prolongs the effect of it, so you don't have to go for half-yearly jabs. ;)

The Time Curator Line of products also contain the Merdel Complex, Deep Sea Water, and this ingredient known as Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, which help to stimulate the production and helps prevent the breakdown of collagen! Toing-toing~ skin~ You're coming back to mama~

This is the Time Curator Sample Set. 

You lucky readers. Yes, I am giving away 10 sets of this Time Curator Sample Sets to the very first 10 readers who respond!

Tell me why you (or your loved one whom you're trying to win this for) need to try this Time Curator set, and 10 first best answers win! 

Send your entries with the following to

Contact Number:

Closing date: 6th Feb, 2012, 9pm.
(I will be mailing them out on Tuesday!)

Are you ready to look younger? ;)

P.S. Each full-sized bottle of the Time Curator Line can last you 8-9 months. Just like the other skincare range of products (e.g Merdel Line).


 In my previous SSparkle Glam, there have been some confusion regarding the discounts. Some of you aren't sure how it works, and whether you are getting my 30% members' discount or not.

For all my readers and friends, by logging into my account, all prices listed will already be 30% discounted. Any promotion that the site is having will be ON TOP OF my 30% discount.

All you have to do, is to log in.

 To give you a better picture, here I have 2 screenshots. This first one is of the Merdel Toner and Emulsion without logging in to my account:

This second one is what you will see AFTER logging in:
See the difference? What is originally $94 will be shown as $65.80 as the original price (after 30% member discount).  This 30% discount will always be there as long as you log in using my username and password. Whatever promotion Hankook Cosmetics has will be ON TOP of the prevailing 30%! From now till 16 February, there is a 20% storewide discount. So that means it's a 30%, then a 20% off the discounted price! That's almost half price!!!!

Note: Once you have logged into the account, you will remain logged in. Unless you click on the "Sign Up" on the top of the page, where it will prompt you to log out. So all you have to do is to log into the Hankook Cosmetics Homepage for the first time, key in the following on the right side of the page:
Username: HankookC
Password: HankookC

and you are free to click on any brand and their products as a logged-in member. 

Clear on that now?

You think I only let you have the good deal? 
I also want in on the deals~! 
(Even though I own some of their stuff already!)

Show you what's in my shopping cart:

$298.48 for all these. I think I'm getting a good deal.
Without the 30% discount I will be paying:

I saved close to $150! Can use them for other things. ;)

What are you waiting for??!! Go to Hankook Cosmetics site now! That's After all, you just got quite a bit of angpow money, didn't you? Use them to pamper your skin. It'll thank you, I promise. ;)

Waiting eagerly for my order to arrive...


  1. Hi Silver

    I am interested on the Time Curator Eye Cream but when logged in it is showing 20% not 30%, is it correct?

    Price: SGD$142.10
    Our Price: SGD$113.68 (SGD$113.68 incl. TAX)
    You Save: SGD$28.42 (20%)

    Let me know if there is any error ya.

    Thanks for your recommendation!

    1. The Original Price of the Eye Cream is $203 (without logging into my account). By logging in, you will see the original price as the price already 30%-discounted, which is $142.10. The 20% is the storewide promotion which everyone is entitled to, member or not. The 30% member's discount is an exclusive discount given to us which other people without my log-in and pw won't get.

      To get a better picture, you may click on the "Sign Up" button at the top of the Hankook Page (where Home, Contest, Sales etc are found). Log out and you will be able to see the Original Prices of the items.

      Hope this clarifies!

  2. Hey, i bought the mild detox bubble mask on 25th Jan (CNY period) using the username and password that u provided. Payment has been made through paypal but until now they didn't sent me any confirmation or order number. =(
    I emailed them several time and they only replied once saying that they cannot find my order under my email. Until now, they are not replying my emails totally =( do u know why is that and do u know anyone that i can email this to? I feel so cheated! Would appreciate your help.. thanks!

    1. Hello Yirong,

      Do check your bank account/credit card bill to see if the transaction actually went through. If it did do a printscreen and email it to them. If not perhaps there was an error on the page. Do try the transaction again. You should receive a confirmation email once the order goes through. I did. =) Good luck!

  3. Hi when will you post the results of the contest?

  4. Hi,

    Is it save for a sensitive skin like me?
    And I trying to get rid of my pimples too

    1. Hello Senna
      Use the Merdel Line if you have sensitive skin. This line is used by many people who have sensitive skin, and quite a few have been referred by doctors and dermatologists. The Time Curator line is also safe as it contains the Merdel complex as well. :)

  5. hi silver, may I check what do u usually use to remove sunscreen alone? (without makeup) I'm interested in getting the ossion sun pact but as I do not normally put make up on, I am not sure how to remove the sunscreen without getting outbreaks... can normal daily cleanser do the job or? thanks! ;)

    1. Hello! Yes you can just wash off with a normal cleanser! No need for any special cleansers. =)

    2. ooo.. thanks silver! cos I seen from some article that one should use make up remover to remove sunscreen instead of normal cleanser.. now I know. hehe!

  6. Hi Silver

    When i click on your link for Hankook Cosmetics, the pop up windown prompted error. What happen?

    1. Hi Damien,

      I just contact the person in charge. They are shifting the site to a new server and are also doing a new site altogether. This site should be available by February!