Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mental Sex

You know that feeling you get when you talk to somebody and you get all excited and your brain goes into machine-gun mode and churns out all kinds of interesting ideas and in that conversation you spurt all kinds of interesting and clever things that make yourself go "Oh wow, I'm so impressed with myself!"?

I haven't that in a long while.

I wonder if it's the people that I've been meeting, or not meeting, or the books that I haven't been reading, or just the way life is for me at this point in my life - fucking boring. But nope, my life hasn't exactly been boring - I've done a really cool travelogue and going to do yet another one in April, I acted in a show that's quite cool (Rescue 995), and I've been involved in school outreach projects that challenge me to churn out possible ideas. So what is it???

I need to socialize more often with more people. I think? Or get a really smart boyfriend. Or read more. I need something that can engage me mentally, stimulate my having-become-mundane mind, and satisfy my soul.

I need to laugh, think, feel, dance with my heart again...

 I need mental sex, you know, something that makes you feel oh-so-good up there.


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