Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hokkaido Day 2 Part 2!

 More pictures from the winter Wonderland!

We're now at Otaru, a harbour city (much like Singapore!). Otaru looks very different from the rest of Japan, in that there are a lot of charming historic architecture. Seafood is exceptionally fresh (direct from the Sea of Japan~) as the city thrives on fishery. Glasswares are abundant in Otaru as it used to be one of their main industries apart from fishery.

Taken along the Otaru Canal...

 Ice kachang!

 Me and mum acting in awe of the falling snow...

 Huixian acting really calm, made the 2 of us beside look super swakoo. Lol~

Sis trying to act 自壁. 

 This is Otaru Canal.

 This is Otaru Canal on a non-winter's night. Feels very different, yet still beautiful in its own way.

 -3.6 degrees Celsius. Who needs fridges??? 
Which reminds me, once I was overseas and bought some cheesecake, wanting to bring them back to Singapore. The hotel room had no fridge, so I hung my cheesecake in its plastic bag outside my hotel window. Lol~ Guaranteed freshness as it was so cold. My only worry? Birds.

 Huxian and I trying to recreate the "snowing" effect. 
Take 1. Quite nice.

Take 2.

Ok I give up. Disaster. The first take will always be the best. Lol~

And we head on to Otaru Park. It's basically a street of shops

 Look who I spotted outside a shop! 

 I thought that it was quite cool, that shop owners actually bother to come out and make these characters with the snow outside. It was freezing, mind you.

 All these shops look like they belong in Japanese cartoons...

I couldn't tell the difference between the roads, pavements, kerb, and what was supposed to be the grass patch. So you actually have to be aware of where you walk. 

Something you may wanna know:

In Japan, if you jaywalk, there is no such thing as a fine to settle your crime. (Applies to most crimes.) Nope. If they catch you, they will bring you to the traffic light, press the button, wait for the green man, then bring you across the street. Doesn't stop there. They won't let you go yet. They'll press the button again, wait for the green man, then bring you back across the road where you came from. THEN they will press the button, and wait for the green man and bring you across the road again. This can go on for a good 20-30 times, depending on how free the traffic police is. 

This is called brainwash technique. Want to settle with a fine? Hah! You can't!
They really make sure that you get that into your head. Lol~ Effective I would say. =)
Now you know why crime rate is so low, and why everybody is so disciplined in Japan~

Came across this 六花亭, and remembered that the tour guide told us we HAVE to try their cream custards.

This is it! It was heavenly~~~ No "jelat" taste, plus it was quite small, slightly smaller than my palm. Satisfying without being too much. So that you will crave for more. how clever~


This is Cheesecake by Le Patio.
My mum doesn't normally eat cheesecake, because she absolutely cannot stand the taste of dairy products, especially cheese. BUT!!! They let her try a small piece, AND SHE LIKED THIS ENOUGH TO BUY 2 BACK TO SINGAPORE!!!!

 Hokkaido is famous for Lavender. They even have Lavender Ice Cream! It felt weird eating lavender stuff, I felt like I was eating soap or some essential oil. Lol. Lavender's usually used as some holistic aromatherapy treatment right?

And we head off to lunch! You choose your own seafood, and they cut it open for you. The rest, you steamboat yourself.

Humongous scallops~

Huge snow crabs with their shells bigger than my face.

Our picks! We picked the smallest crab already, and that already setus back 14,000yen! Which is about S$200!! For ONE crab!!!!

There were snow crabs going for 33,000yen... O.O

An oyster, snowcrab, sea urchin, and a Spiral Shellfish! You know, the kind you hold by your ear to hear the sounds of the waves in those drama shows? Lol~

It's scary how the shop auntie held up the crab.

That's the Sea Urchin! It tasted so surprisingly GOOD that Mum ordered another one!!!

I'm a fan of crab, be it Chilli, Black Pepper, Snow, Hairy...I was in absolute bliss.

After lunch we were brought to the outlets for some discounted shopping~ Not really that into branded shopping, but window-shopping feeds my trend-knowledge.

 Dinner was lavish (as well).

We were provided with these paper disposable aprons so our clothes wouldn't get stained. How clever!

Move aside Wagyu. KOBE Beef is THE good stuff! 

And oooo~ ABALONE!!!! Supposed to resemble the female genitalia, but if a girl has one this big it would be scary. Lol.

*slurps* Medium rare beef, done perfect.

And here's the abalone!

Let me end off with a video of how the abalones moved when they were being grilled. They somehow remind me of a girl if she urgently needs the toilet... =P

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  1. haiyah...what a way to end the post. now i'm yearning to lick my gf's 'abalone' already!