Thursday, 9 February 2012

1st School Outreach: PRCS!

I had the opportunity to be the invited guest for FDP Coaching's School Outreach Programme.

Has been a long time since I've found wonderful people to work with, and I'm really glad that I have Angeline, Hagen, Edwin and Mint in my life now. When it comes to work, these people are amazing. And we're a crazy bunch when it comes to play~ ;)

First school I'm involved in - Pasir Ris Crest Secondary. It's my first ever school talk, and I was psyched, nervous, excited, scared, happy...all at the same time.

 Mint interacting with all the students backstage. She was the host that day. These students were going to present their China Exchange Programme speeches before us, and every single one, including Mint and myself, were nervous!!! Yup! In case you think we are all experienced and don't ever get nervous, you're wrong~ 

 Me looking....I don't know what expression this is.

 The upper secs. Can you spot yourself? ;)

Faiz, I remember you! ;)

 And here is my wonderful team!!!

Message to the students - We Love, We Hope, In Unity.
United, many amazing things can happen.
I know because I feel it myself, especially in this team. Love you all so much <3!!!

Be positive, stay positive, and don't ever be afraid to go for your dreams, even if everything looks bleak now. After all, when you get to school from home, you get there step by step, traffic light by traffic light, bus stop by bus stop, right? Ok that sounded a bit retarded. Lol. But what I meant was, if your goal seems too far fetched, know that you CAN get there, step by step. Just like how Hagen (or any truly successful person) got to where he is now. ;)

Crestians, if any of you are reading this, thank you for your warm welcome. You may find out more about us at:

The video you watched on Day 2 of the talk can be found here, here and my favourite - here

We're coming to more schools! Ping Yi Secondary, you're next. ;)

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