Monday, 23 January 2012

SSparkle Glam: 2nd Issue

The second SSparkle Glam is finally here! This past week has been nothing less than exciting, I must say. Learn and be better. And then...和气生财~ In this new year, I wish for everyone to




It HAS got to be Jane Aldridge!!!

I was walking around Jakarta airport during transit to Jogjakarta for my "See the World" shoot, and, call it fate or whatever, but this book caught my eye, and I was drawn to it immediately:

 I'm guessing it's Jane Aldridge herself who caught my eye. 
I mean, look at her! She's should I put it...pretty is not a good enough adjective...eye-catching? Yah she's so eye-catching! 

So I bought the book, and when I got to the hotel, I started googling her, reading her blog, and have been a fan ever since. 

I love the fact that she can have so many looks - girly, cool, chic, and elegant. And she is only 19!
In some ways she reminds me of Emma Watson. Not the looks per se, but her style, and that aura. 
I really like this girl. She inspires me to dress up. =)

Go check her out at Amazing~

I also love the fact that she's super close to her mum Judy. Judy is also a blogger who teaches how to D-I-Y fashion and home decor stuff. Hers is at



For all of you familiar with this Korean cosmetics and skincare giant, Hankook Cosmetics is having a MAJOR sale on their website!!! The laboratory which helped big brands such as L'oreal and Lancome with their Research and Development of products in their early start-up days, Hankook is now the TO-GO-TO for Korean companies looking to OEM their products. (Hundreds of Korean brands have their products manufactured by Hankook today!)

Their star products today?
Sansim Cheon Ga Sun

This is a $1000-product!!! I've been told that many Indonesian Taitais swear by this, and they buy it by the cartons. O.O It's said that using this product has the following benefits:

1) Eternal Beauty, a Gift from the Heavens

Skin is made beautiful by using ingredients of oriental medicine that have been selected under strict criteria. 

2) Anti-Aging

Capsulaton of key ingredients using nano technology allows deep absorption of their effects by the skin, supplying nutrients and revilatizing the weakened skin, thus improving signs of aging. 

3) Skin Elasticity

The specially selected ingredients of oriental medicine promote cell division, allowing regeneration of new skin cells thus assisting in improvement of elasticity.

4) Bright Clear Skin (Brightening)

Helps improve skin blemishes and imperfections that result from aging and brings back a healthy glow to the skin.

5) Hydration

The biggest concern of aging is wrinkles and they often result from humid conditions. The natural hydrating ingredients supply and maintain skin's moisture to improve the skin's ability to retain moisture.

6) Skin Calming

Improves skin troubles caused by external stimulation.

7) Smooth and Tight Skin

 Exfoliates the skin and maintains toing-toing-ness of the skin.   

This is a much raved-about product (you can google it! Especially if you know Korean, you can find A LOT of Korean info about it! I can't understand it for nuts though. Lol~), though this is not something all of us can afford. I'd KIV it for when my skin gets older. =)

They have other products in the Sansim line too, and you can view them here.


Their other Star Product?


Ossion Mild Touch Detox Bubble Mask.
This is actually the BEST-SELLING product in their entire Ossion series (which is suitable even for very sensitive skin).

It's a Bubble Mask that you apply onto your face after cleansing. You then wash it off after 2 minutes, followed by an exfoliating soft scrub (like the Ossion Peeling Gel), or your usual skincare routine, or another leave-on mask.

Like the name suggests, this one detoxifies your skin. What happens is you apply a clear layer on your face, and wait. Bubbles will appear, and what these bubbles do is to push out the dirt from your pores, thus helping to remove black/white heads and impurities, and reduce/prevent the occurence of acne/pimples. 

They suggest 2-3 times a week, but I follow what the Sales Manager did for herself - every single day! Lol! Normal usage will last about 9 months (Wah soooooooooooooo long!), and every day usage will last u about 4. Still considered very long isn't it?

So other than pore-cleansing, what else does this do?

Get ready for this - 

It helps to slim your face (because it contains caffeine), enhancing the V-line that so many of us yearn for!
It also firms and smoothens your skin, control facial oil, hydrate, as well as brighten the skin. It also works to create an invisible protection layer against external skin-damaging factors, especially air pollution.  The oxygen delivered to your skin will also aid in cell-renewal, thus preventing dull and aging skin.

You can read more about the Bubble Mask on their website.

I tried it, and I liked it. Unlike other bubble masks I have tried, this one is really bubbley, and the bubbles are very very small, which means it should work better at pushing out impurities from your clogged pores.

Want to try it for yourself?

 Psssst!!! In line with CNY, I will be giving away 8 sample sets consisting of the Ossion Mild Touch Cleansing Foam + Bubble Mask + Peeling Gel (Soft Exfoliating Scrub), the Merdel Cream (which I will talk about next week), and the Ossion Sunblock Cream.

Send your Name, Contact Number, and Address to

The first 10 emails will get the sample sets! Good luck! Heng heng!!!



By the way, Hankook Cosmetics is offering me and my readers a 30% discount on ALL THEIR PRODUCTS!!! ON TOP OF THAT they are having a STOREWIDE 20% SALE!!!  That's almost half price!!! 

(If you have Indon Tai tai friends who are already using Sansim, or friends who are already using or are thinking of trying some of Hankook Cosmetics' products, let them know! They deliver WORLDWIDE!)

The offer is STOREWIDE. Which means Sansim, Ossion, and all the brands that you see on the Hankook Cosmetics site are on offer!

To get the discount, visit Hankook Cosmetics Website, then on the right side of the page, key in the following:

Username: HankookC
Password: HankookC

And you can begin shopping by clicking on the brands/product names shown on the left! 

Original Prices displayed will be the after-30% member price. Meaning usually, without log-in, this is what you will see on a $100 product:

Usual Price: $100
After storewide 20%: $80
You save: $20


Usual Price: $70 (the 30% discount will already be included)
After storewide 20%: $56
You save: $14
(But actually you saved $44 already!!!!)

Have fun shopping at!


  1. Hi, the discount is still showing as only 20% upon checkout ..

    1. Many apologies! The Original Price you see on upon log-in is already the -30% price! Those without my account username and password will see the actual price before any discount is given. So the "Original Price" is already the -30% price! Apologies on behalf on Hankook!

  2. awww she's sooo cute!! I definetly love the 1st and the 2nd picture of her *.* amazing =D

  3. hi silver! do announce the winners of your giveaway soon!!! :):)

    1. Hello! I've sent out emails to those who won! If you didn't get an email from me, don't fret! There are more giveaways coming your way this week!!! Look out for them!