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Silver Sparkles: Sparkle Glam

It's 2012, a new year, and I thought I should start a new project. Ready for this?
 Oh gosh I am so excited!

Here goes....

I'll be calling all my themed blogposts Silver Sparkles, with SSparkle Glam being the fashion, beauty and makeup magatorial on ThatSilverGirl! By Magatorial I really mean it. It's the kind of post which you can bookmark and come back then finish another time simply because you may not be able to finish reading everything at one go. It'll feature advice, reviews, ads, thoughts, anything, as long as it's beauty, fashion and makeup related, it's all here. =D

And travelogues will be called SSparkle Sights, interesting hangouts and places to go under SSparkle Rendezvous, and SSparkle Noms about food. There will also be a segment for Home Improvement / household-related posts called SSparkle Home (in singular tense because there is only one home).

I wanted to call it SSparkling Glam, SSparkling Sights, SSparkling Rendezvous, SSparkling Noms,and SSparkling Home but it's a tad more difficult to pronouce. How? You help me decide and leave a comment and then I'll do as you say.

This new change is exciting, yes? It's also to make my blog more organized, so you know which Silver Sparkle mag to click for what reads. I'm a genius! 2012 is starting out very well for me. ^.^

It's more work for me, but it's for the better, and it's all for you readers! My way of thanking you for your support these past 2 years.  *heartfelt smile*


Well, before I continue, let's welcome you to the very first Silver Sparkle Magatorial!!! This is a very joyous and symbolic moment okay, so I must welcome you properly! You're reading SSparkle Glam today, which focusses on beauty, hair, makeup, and fashion. Since beauty should start from inside, I will sometimes cover health, fitness and nutrition-related topics, even more so if it can make you look beautiful on the outside! No matter how you makeup, how fashionable you are, no sickly-looking woman (or man) can look beautiful. We're talking radiance here~ ;)

First things up, let's show you my very last hair appointment with Comb 2 months back. *gasps* Yes it's been forever since I went to do any treatment/cut/colour/anything, and I'm just relying heavily on my hair serums and hair mask to do the caregiving for my hair. 

Let's start with a very pretty picture:

 I love how natural light always makes pictures look amazing~

I'd freshly done my makeup in the car and looked all ready and fresh for the world. Except my hair is slightly messy in the can't-be-bothered-to-do-anything-to-it style. And my hair colour was so bah~ I really really wanted a change.

Makeup in this picture has been mentioned here.

- Hair Colour + Treatment + 3 hours later -

 I have never been a fan of heading to salons for hair colouring, simply because I can't sit still for so long. For years I love colouring my own hair at home. While waiting for the colour to set, you can walk around the house, watch tv, pack the room, study, do whatever, and it usually takes 30 minutes max. Plus mixing the colour and developer, application, then washing off, the whole process would just take like, 1 hour? 1.5hrs MAX. 

Compare that to having to dress up to head out and travel to your stylist (unless you live just upstairs, and in this case the nearest "upstairs" residence would be Ion Residences yo?), then sitting there for 3 hours (on average it takes about there...), then having to endure all kinds of bodily smells on the public transport home...A 5-6 hours' procedure???

The only reason I'll do it? Comb (and sometimes Hagen & Angeline - they do hair too btw).
Why so? Because he is such an angel! I mean he's like this really really nice guy who would go the extra mile for people. He does things with integrity and super know how to 做人. Plus he's tall (abt 186cm?) and cute-looking to boot. Awww~

 That's me and him um-chio-ing to my snapping away. With his assistant at the side happy. She's also very nice and easy to chat with! ^.^
I said it before somewhere, and I'm going to say this again: I feel like Phyllis Quek in that Prominous ad.

Anyway, focus of the picture intended? Him. 

And because he kept saying "不要拍我啦!", I turned to camwhoring:
 My hair's in heavenly bliss.

 *still trying to steal a shot*

 And I managed this very unflattering angle of him. He is NOT fat at all okay. It's just the angle. Lol~ 
See what happens when you refuse to pose for me properly?

Gosh I really feel like I'm doing a shampoo TVC.
Any shampoo brand looking for endorser? =DDD

 Look! 2 tones! I mean, I've done highlights before, but not a 2-tone like this! *swakoo* 

Yeah I know, people are having blonde and pink and purple hair and here I am fussing about 2-tone colours. But hey, I was still filming "See the World" and I couldn't do really loud colours. And I've hardly gotten the chance to really experiment with colours*, so this was great for me! When I tied up half my hair, the part untied would be light brown, and if I let down my hair, it's now-you-see-it-now-you-don't!

*Optometrists had to look "professional", so no bright colours were allowed back in SP days. Then SQ had this thing about looking Asian and elegant - one had to produce a doctor's certification if one had naturally brown hair. After SQ, acting required me to be someone else, so that actually just translates to = I don't have many chances to do REALLY loud colours, though it's on my to-do for 2012. *wink*

 Snap off all the yucky hair ends!
 Okay maybe not all....leave some alone or my hair will be really short. Lol~

And I'm finally done!

 Nice right? I told him I really wanted to keep my length so he didn't really get to chop off all the ends that he wanted to, but this is great already! My hair is NOT rebonded okay. It's just naturally really straight after the treatment and blowdry. And the leave-in hair serum he used on my hair which smelt REALLY nice.

 You will almost never get this result if you D-I-Y-ed at home. I mean, LOOK AT THIS!!!! If I could capture touch I'll make you touch it now because it was SOOOOOOOOO soft and smooth!!! 3 hours? Worth every minute. I'll guai guai sit there even if it's 4-5 hours, if my hair can get this result. 

Note: Do not wash your hair 36-48 hours after your professional hair treatment. The treatment is still working on your hair even after they've washed it off. My hair felt really smooth even after my first shampoo following this treatment.

I couldn't stop touching my hair after I got home that day. Lol~
I seriously cannot resist this...but I'm gonna say it or I will die of internal injury...

And then I realized Comb's name can be interpreted as a noun just like mine. So it sounds like I rely on a comb to make my hair nice. But just so you know, I almost never comb my hair. I just don't have that habit. 
And for the past 1.5 years, I've placed my hair under Comb's care, and he has never let me down. Not as a friend, nor as a stylist, or eyecandy. Lol~ Thumbs up!

You can find Comb at Shunji Matsuo Wisma Atria Basement 1 (inside Isetan). ;)



I received this in the mail last month!

When I opened this parcel the first thing that struck me was the design of the box...
Anyone remembers my ThatBikerChick namecard?

The feel is SO similar!!! I haven't opened the box, but I like it already. ^.^

So what is GlamaBox?

It is much like a subscription magazine where you register and subscribe, but instead of a magazine you will receive beauty products. 

What's the big deal about this? You ready? 

For ONLY $18 per month, and each month, DELIVERED TO EITHER YOUR HOME/OFFICE, is this pretty pink box containing 5 LUXURY ITEMS from HIGH-END BRANDS, some not even available on the market in Singapore, PERSONALLY SELECTED by renowned model and host,  

 Who's Lisa S? That's the very pretty wife of Daniel Wu!!!!!! 

 What a gorgeous couple they make!!!

 She's also THE founder of GlamaBox! Brains and Beauty. Daniel is one lucky guy~

Most of these GlamaBox goodies range from generous-sized samples of the latest products in Beauty, Cosmetics, Skin care to vouchers for Salon and Spa treatments such as facials and massages. Each month, the Glama-Girl (that's what they call their subscribers!), will receive a selection of 5 products. In certain months, GlamaBoxes may have a seasonal theme. Eg. makeup for December/January will include Christmas and New Year's holiday party themes, as well as skincare for the skin to recuperate and to stay moisturized.  
The type of services provided by Glamabox's Spa and Salon Partners will range from hair care, hair treatment, to facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, and much more.

And the high-end brands I mentioned? Some featured brands include Suisse Programme, Clinique, Shiseido, Dermalogica, Benefit Cosmetics, and Perfective Ceuticals. Sounds good so far!

 What about those people with different skin types? 
Are they going to give the same things?

Upon registration, you will be asked to complete your GlamaProfile. This allows them to match as best as possible their products suitable for your skin, and those which match your personal style.

You listening? 5 (sometimes more) products matched to best suit you, $18 per month, and it's like having a surprise every month!!! Bet your guy doesn't give you a surprise every month does he? ^.^

So what's in my GlamaBox?!! *excited*

What greeted me first was this letter:
Oh wow!!! For $18 I got a $258 Collagen Skin Treatment??!!! Money well spent!
That's not all.....

I received the November pack, and the theme for November was "Moisturization", so needless to say, the products were chosen for the purpose of hydrating your lips, eyes, face and hands. 

In addition to the luxury products, GlamaBox also contains product information, application notes and tips and tricks about beauty and style.

The product info, so you know what each product is for.

 VOV Wash Off Pack Collagen for enhanced elasticity.

 A delicious CYBER COLORS Hand Cream in Strawberry. 
For use with my delicious perfectly-matched candy-coloured digits! Yay!!!

For battling the four pillars of aging eyes: fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

All-time favorite Spanish brand AGATHA DE LA PRADA LIP BALM. With all natural ingredients and an intoxicating smell of Raspberry.


Plenty of eye care! That's EXACTLY my concern! I'm starting to be VERY wary of fine lines. When you get to your mid-twenties, you will understand. One can never take care of her skin too much.

You can use the products and be able to provide feedback on GlamaBox's website. This way, it ensures that they are kept aware of how you are doing, and whether they are sending you the right things. By letting them know about any possible problems you may have with the items, they are able to review and send you better things in the future! If you like what they sent you, you are going to be able to purchase those items from the soon-to-be-up GlamaShop!

Not a Singaporean? Doesn't matter, GlamaBox is now available in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, and will soon be expanding in other parts of Asia.

To find out more:
P.S. Because Lisa S is the official host of SuperModelMe Season 3, GlamaBox has collaborated with SMM to produce a limited edition SuperModelMe GlamaBox in March! Want your hands on those? Register now!



Last month had been a month of parties and events, and there were so many days I got to dress up for!
(In case you're wondering, I stay at home, or chill out with friends a lot. And I'm usually in jeans.)

 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011

 What I wore for Xmas 201. Housewarming party at my Aunt's, followed by a wedding dinner.

I just felt like it. Well, it was Wawa Pictures' Annual Company End-of-Year Dinner, and I know I didn't really have to, but it was held at Marina Mandarin, and hey, dinners at hotels are ALWAYS good excuses for dressing up!  This is my favourite get-up of December 2011. Actually, I think it's one of my favourites so far. It's a look I've never tried, and I liked it.

 Create looks you've never seen yourself in, and go out in them. It's kinda fun!



Speaking about recreating looks, I'm putting myself on a challenge to take this health and beauty (generally overall health and nutrition) drink every single day for 2 months, such that at the end of 2 months, my skin can meet everyone without foundation. (The mere thought of it makes me excited already.)

Thanks to my recent intimate relationship with Hagen and Angeline, and in some ways their parents (uh uh~ HEALTHY intimacy yo!), they introduced me to this drink, which is supposed to feed your cells with nutrients such that they perform at their optimum. This is really beauty at the cellular level already!!! I mean it when I say I'm gonna concentrate on Beauty for SSparkle Glam

It is supposed to be nutritionally complete, so I am taking it as a meal replacement at times. You can drink this once a day, or if you want to see results sooner, 3-4 times a day.
Fit Solution

By results I mean I can go out without foundation and still look great. And cure my dark eye rings. And lose weight. 

One of their clients who took this supposedly had her Psoriasis (a type of autoimmune skin disease where your own cells mistake your skin cells as pathogen and attach them) condition totally healed. Okay I'm not sure if she is COMPLETELY healed, but she has been going to the doctor for 30 over years about this condition as her skin was always flaky and she never dared go out without her long-sleeved outfits. From what I know, she now dons short sleeves and sleeveless clothes confidently! And she saw obvious results within her first month of taking Fit Solution!!!

For those who have no idea how Psoriasis is like, here are some pictures....

She now has clear skin can you believe that?

I don't exactly have skin problems, other than fine lines creeping onto my face already without me knowing, and that DREADED PANDA EYE-RINGS!!!

Anyway, I've been taking this every day for the past 2 weeks, and I feel good so far, except when I get insifficient rest. I now wake up readily without having to hit the snooze for 23461572354 times.

Basically it's in powder form, and all you have to do is mix it with room temperature water. Do not use warm or hot water as this will damage the active Probiotics and enzymes within!

You saw 3 bottles in the picture right? Each of them has important functions vital to your body's needs, and we drink all 3 in morning and night routines.

 For day.

 Cell Nutrition.

This is the one that contains the active Probiotics and 32 types of basic vegetable/fruit-based enzymes. It also contains 12 types of soluble & insoluble hard & soft fibre so it's great for those with constipation issues. Also included are 2 types of Swiss herbs to aid in detoxification and prevention of stone formation. In summary, here's what this bottle does:
  • Improves intestinal environment and revitalizes good bacteria activity
  • Helps digestive system to eliminate long-term waste accumulation 
  • Enhances immunity and defense systems
  • Rapid supply and absorption of nutrients 
  • Supply of natural antioxidants, protecting cells against free radical attacks
  • Eliminates body waste, controls appetite and aids in weight loss

 Then there's this bottle of Cell Energy.

This contains all your B-Vitamins, including B12 which is VERY difficult to obtain, and very difficult for your body to retain. It contains as well Vitamins A and C, Niacin, Folic Acid, Natural Guarana.
OMG GUARANA!!!!! This ingredient is found in SOOOOOOOOOO many slimming aids!!!! Slimming tea, pills, gels...I have seen this thing in them!!! Means this is the one that helps in the slimming!!!!! It has an stimulant effect similar to Caffeine, so don't take this at night if you're easily affected by caffeine.

 Cell Energy also helps to increase oxegenation in your blood, including microcirculation. It also keeps you alert, eliminates fatigue, prevents depression and forgetfulness.

I like this super much!!! I am so forgetful it's scary. PLUS PLUS PLUS it can help in my slimming (actually that is the MOST important push factor LOL)!!! And if you notice my beautiful moods of late, you may suspect it's because of this. ;)

Cell Mineral. This is the one to be taken at night.

Like its name suggests, this supplies a rich variety of minerals your cell needs, including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, Copper, Chromium and Iron.

Best taken 10 minutes before sleep, Cell Mineral improves sleep, helps to balance and metabolise acidic substances and maintains healthy bones.

Fit Solution, taken properly, is nutritionally whole, which means it supplies your cells with EVERYTHING it needs. All you need to do is add water. Easy?

Apparently, people with health problems will see something interesting after taking Fit Solution.

I once saw someone drink and within minutes his knuckles turned red. When probed, he said that he has slight Osteoporosis. I have let Mint try it and she immediately got acute gastric pain. She has had gastric issues for years and it reflected upon her first drink. 

(Mint is now taking it everyday, and has since gotten her Mum to do so as well! 一起健康痩瘦美美哦!!!耶!!)

Are those side effects? Nope! This is where it gets amazing, the nutrients in the drink somehow get absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, and then via the blood, detects and flows to where your body is weakest i.e. needs nutrients the most, and feeds it. Your body being not used to getting the nutrients it needs, immediately reacts and shows up as whatever symptoms you may get after drinking. Your reaction will be different from mine, definitely. I didn't feel anything after I first drank it. And I was told either 

1. I am completely healthy \^.^/
2. I am superbly unhealthy (>.<)
3. My inner organs and cells are being fixed, and these sometimes don't show up (eg. liver, kidneys).

Interested? Either for weight loss, or ANY health concerns, or just general well-being?
You can come and try the drink for yourself, or bring your Mum, Dad, Ah Gong, Ah Ma, whoever's health you may care about! Ho Liao Long Zong Gai Xiao!!! (Good things all must share!)

In conjunction with Franz De Paris'  Post-Renovation Re-Launch, I warmly invite you to come down and join me in finding out more about the Fit Solution!!! 

When: This Sunday, 15 January 2012
Time: 4pm - 9pm
Where: Franz de Paris
18 Jalan Masjid Kembangan Plaza (opposite Kembangan MRT),  B1-06 

  Franz de Paris is a spa/salon dedicated to your hair, beauty and health. Hagen Tan (yes 陈孟奇。他不只会写歌哦!)is the Creative Director, and Angeline the Managing Director. Cool pair of siblings eh? ^.^

Pssst...If you find the name Franz de Paris, aka 法国巴黎美容美发, very familiar, it was VERY famous in the 80s and 90s, and known as 法国巴黎美容美发学院. The brainchild and founder behind it is prominent Beautician Mdm Doris Seow, who is Hagen and Angeline's mum!

It's not just the Fit Solution here. You want to do your hair for CNY? want HAGEN TAN to do your hair for CNY (you can SOOO boast about it during the gatherings! lol~)? You can. He's got great hands. And style. Titbit: He's got a Degree in Interior Design, and he undertook the whole designing of the new Franz de Paris. ;)

Also, those interested in the Spa I talked about in my page "My (Effortless) Weight Loss Secret", can come and try the spa on that day as well! 

What are you waiting for? Mai Tu Liao!!! Just come!

SSparkling, Even from the Inside,


  1. silver, u r always gorgeous...
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  2. silver, u r always gorgeous
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  3. Nice and interesting posts! But where can people like us get the 'Fit Solutions' drink?

  4. Hi,

    I am interested to know more about Fit Solutions. Is there a talk I could attend?

  5. Hi Anonymouses,

    There is actually! The health consultant giving the talk is Mr Edwin Taylor (he's NOT angmoh. Lol~) and you can email him at edwintaylor@franzdeparis to ask him about talk schedules and more info about Fit Solution. He's a very nice chap! Alternatively you can drop me an email and I'll see if I can link you guys up! =D