Saturday, 7 January 2012

A New Year, New Beginnings

The year started out very interesting, with me being in Guangzhou promoting healthcare and then coming back only to find my luggage missing from the conveyor belt. Good thing that came out of it is that I made some friends with the staff at SATS Lost and Found. Lol~

It's always good to remain positive, no matter what happens. Not once did I really mope about my luggage being missing. I even went to the zoo the next day to celebrate Godsis Mint's birthday, and to help her bf with his wedding proposal.



Yeah you heard me right!

Mint is now officially someone's fiancee!!! Congratulations my dearest!!!! Jackie is someone you can keep, I can vouch for that. ;) And oh, Jackie! If you are reading this, know that we are watching you, so don't even think about hurting Mint alright? Also, Mint gets really annoyed when you curse at other drivers, so try to curse less, okay? Or use less crude swear words, like "你香蕉长在脸上啊!" or "红毛丹啦你!" or something totally random, or funny. At least the person hearing you swear can laugh. Lol~

And as for Mint, be nicer to Jackie yo? 他真的很疼你哟~ You know it. ^.^

I will post pictures and the proposal video as soon as I have them consolidated and edited, so that you guys can share in the joy!

That aside, how did I spend my New Year's Eve?

I bought these the moment I reached Guangzhou, because they were so pretty in the dark!

I just left them on and they'll automatically change colours. This would symbolise that my 2012 will be filled with colours~!!! 多姿多彩!!!

I bought 3. 1 for myself, the other 2 were for my sisters Mint and Huixian. May all 3 of us have a 七彩缤纷 year(s) ahead! Despite all changing seasons, situations, whatever, we will still shine beautifully. \^.^/

I'm excited just thinking about it. Heehee~~ 2012, I'm sure you have many exciting things coming my way!!!

 And I swear this is totally accidental and unplanned. But at Pink Parlour's Grand Opening at Santa Grand 2 days ago, apart from starting my year right with an all-off Brazilian waxing session (thank you Pink Parlour!), I had my nails painted with, yes, VIBRANT COLOURS!!!

They asked me what colour I wanted and I was kinda bored with the usual pinks and reds, so I was like, "Can I do multi-colour?" Lol~ So yeah, thinking back, it seems I really started the year colourful!

And just to sidetrack a bit, the morning of the Pink Parlour invite, Jetstar called to say they found my luggage and had it delivered to my residence! Weee~~~ Turned out there was an SQ flight coming back to Singapore from Guangzhou with similar timing, and my luggage decided to take Singapore Airlines back to Singapore. Wah 老娘 take Jetstar only, my luggage took SQ back? Smart... Lol~ At least I'm sure the luggage was better handled. ^.^

And because my colourful heart lights were in that luggage, I was super thrilled!!!

Well, first sign of good things happening in 2012!

Dear Colourful Heart (aka 花心? *giggles*), thank you in advance for the wonderful and vibrant year I will be having ahead! Muuuuuaccks!



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