Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hokkaido for CNY!!!

Greetings from Hokkaido!!!

Flew off the first night of CNY. And gosh it was SNOWING like crazy today!!!! Mum & Sis' virgin snow experience so we were all really excited. Will show you guys pictures as SOON as I can okay? Hardly any free wifi areas here, and foreigners are not allowed to buy any Data Sim Cards in Japan. Can only borrow. I know! It's strange right? So at the end of the trip you still gotta return. Troublesome like mad. So no internet for me unless I'm lucky with the hotels.

BUT BUT BUT I promise I'll try to put up some pictures by tomorrow before I check out (changing hotels! Following package tours~ and we're changing like 4 different hotels in 6 days! *faints*).

Hope everyone is enjoying Chinese New Year and the looooong weekend back home! ;)
Talk to you soon!

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