Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hey 2012

Sorry I took so long to say hello, 2012. But I'm here. And I am here to review my 2011, and what I have achieved...

1. Acted in UMMI 2, BFF, Rescue 995, and of course, who could forget Vyjayanthi? That is my biggest role yet in my career as an artiste, and it was a really successful one. Thank you Eagle Vision, as well as all the production people for Suria shows, for all the opportunities bestowed upon me.

2. I had my first solo hosting programme - See the World. An edutainment programme which took 6 months to shoot due to kids' scheduling issues (filming during school holidays only!), I learnt a lot a lot a lot, together with the children. It's airing now, actually. Watch See the World every Sunday (that's today!!!!) at 11am, on Channel 8.

3. That said, it means I've done 5 shows this year!!!! Completed one 2011 Resolution (No. 6)!!!!

4. I also hosted 2 weddings successfully this year. For different friends. And received good feedback from some of the audience and couples! You had no idea how worried I was that I might screw up someone's wedding! Thank god they all went well! I cohosted one with Mint where we also did a live band performance too! Anyone getting married and is keen to engage me and Godsis Mint for your All-Important-Day, drop me an email! I LOVE WEDDINGS & FAIRY TALES!!!  ;)

5. That Biker Chick was officially set up in July, checking off another 2011 Resolution (No. 3)!!!! I know the site looks a bit -bah- now, and there have been no updates for a while with hiccups and long waits from the PSB (Hello? Efficiency ppl!!!! Or was it true when Lillian Too said I shouldn't go into business in 2011?) But rest assured, 2012 is a potentially good year for me, and I have new stuff coming up in a few days, very very soon!!! Yippee!!!!

6. I have been eating with my family a lot more regularly. Didn't really check if it's once a week, but I think it's about there, when everyone has time. So check one more! (No. 9!)

7. I finally became an official Apple user, starting with the iPod Nano, and then the iPhone, and the iPad2 for my birthday last year. Now, next on my wishlist? A 21.5" iMac, thank you very much! ^.^

8. Despite having lesser shows than last year (I had 9), I did quite a number of MTV shoots this year!

 符杰荣 - 桃李

 符杰荣 - 我以为

陈孟奇 - 你是我的天空

陈孟奇 - (没品)可以不可以

陈孟奇 - 快乐就好

5 shows, 5 MTVs, not bad Silver. More good things to come!


All the things I didn't achieve and WILL do so this 2012? Let's recap what my unachieved resolutions are:

  1. Become 43kg. That is, to lose 10kg. And look more like this: 

  and lesser and lesser like this:

Huh? Who is she? Dunno many people say we look alike...where got..this one so fat..face so round...I so chio...

Hur hur hur....

Yucks...where was I?

Oh okok...lose10kg right? And look less like this fat girl on top....yah....

Meaning, maybe lose 13kg of fats, and gain 3kg of muscle. Muscles are heavier right? Okay okay..maybe 45kg? That'll still make me 10kg heavier than Jolin! *流汗*



This one no matter what, must be achieved this year. Wth is wrong with me? This has been NUMBER 1 on my list and it's still here??? Silver, 自动一点哈~


2. Bring Alton to have his health checked, and cataracts removed. This MUST be done this year.

Can you see that the inside of his eyes, especially the right one, is blur? His lens is cloudy already, that's cataract for you, and needs to be removed for Alton to regain clear vision.

 His left eye is slightly better, but is showing signs of it as well..

Any good doctor to recommend? I don't want the super overpriced ones hor. Expensive doesn't mean they're good.


My poor baby...Mummy really owes you. I promise to bring you to get that white stuff removed by March okay? *hugs*


3. Have my business set up. And in full running operations.

Though the Lillian Too hong zui book says I should not do any business venture this year, but HECK! Time is money! Why wait??? I am in control of my life too!!

Hint: It's got a little bit to do with what I'm doing at the moment... ;)

Stay tuned everyone. I'm so EXCITED!!!!


4. Have at least 50k in my bank account

That is, in net profit after the business stabilizes.

That's 5 of many of you have ever seen this note, or even HELD it?

 I am even tempted to pose with one of these pursed between my lips...since while $2 notes are aplenty and goes through so many hands daily, I'm sure not many people have ever handled a $10,000 note... so that makes it that much cleaner... 




It's about time already~ time for dreams to come true.


5. Blog at least once every 3 days twice a week.

And it doesn't include advertorials. It has to have content, and not done just for the sake of having a post up there. This is a great feat to accomplish, considering how my schedule will look like, but I will not let my blog 生草 (grow weeds). Never.

You know I really really want to update almost every day like I used to...being a full-time blogger and not acting/singing No?

 Full-time Blogging Artiste Ladyboss. 

I shall conquer and emerge victorious. ;)

And still look chio at the end of the day.


I know I always slack off especially when I have a filming project. I will try harder this year. Dry also will let you guys know what my day has been like, dry will also post you a picture, no matter how chui I look that day. Deal? You have the right to ditch me if I don't live up to it this year. 


You won't really do that, will you?


*super determined look*


6. Do at least 5 shows.

Drama, movie, telemovie, variety... I hope to to start getting heavier least supporting la...not the cameo-appear-short-while-only kind that takes not more than a week to film... so 5 is a good number to start with? I'm doing a lead role character in 1 that's 4 more to go. 子惠!你可以的!!!


7. Finally learning and actually playing the guitar.

I hope to be able to start performing with a guitar by 2011, so if you see me on stage anywhere doing it, you'll know I'd have put a check next to this goal. ;)


I MUST ACCOMPLISH THIS IN 2012, and 自弹自唱 a song for you guys in a vlog! 做不到的话我是猪!!!



8. Dance 2-3x a week despite my busy schedule.

I will never again feel pain when I do splits or bend down to touch my toes. And I will NOT let my health dwindle ever again, and I will banish all cellulite from the back of my thighs. Watch me.

Oh fack man I so wanna dance-perform again~


After CNY I'm gonna sign up for dance classes again. Anyone wanna join me? Comecomecome the more the merrier!!!


9. Eat with a family member once a week.

Either Mum or Sis la. I eat with Alton almost all the time. Mum works and has her own very busy work and social circle. Same goes for me. Sis is turning 16 and you can only guess how colourful her life is going to be from in the near future. Even being able to eat at home together will be great, considering the fact that my family doesn't have a I-cook-you-all-come-home-eat culture.


This has been accomplished, but I will keep it up for 2012. ^.^


10. I will be drinking 2 litres of water DAILY.

Because I want to have great skin and look like a million bucks even when I'm famous and successful.

This is a big goal okay. Guess how much water I drink a day right now. Guess la~

Usually about 1 glass. Yah I think I'm blessed with good skin too. And you can guess how come I have constipation issues....


I NO LONGER HAVE CONSTIPATION ISSUES!!!!!! I have this shitlog app to keep track of when I shat. And look!!!

 This was my regular pooping routine. Yes, it can sometimes be once a week. Very toxic, carrying a week's waste matter around, to the extent that I sometimes joke with my friends that I am literally "Full of Shit". 

I started taking the drink sometime in mid December, and look at the difference!


I took the drink primarily for health purposes, and the smooth bowel movement was just one of the many benefits that came as a bonus! Wee~~~ No more F.O.S!

Btw, those interested, the app is called Canimals. ^.^

I haven't exactly been drinking 2 litres, though that is still an aim. What I've done differently is I've been drinking this amazing nutritional drink meant to target and repair EVERY SINGLE PART OF YOUR BODY, including skin issues and of course, constipation. Want me to share? 

Okay I super attention-whore. OF COURSE YOU WANT ME TO SHARE LA!!! Good things should always be shared right or not!!!


11. Put everything back after I use them. 


I am working on this, and it is well under way. I am always looking for better ways to organize my room and I've finally gotten a proper clue. Buying some drawers from Muji & Ikea to help me with this. =D Will do a vlog on the whole process!

That is actually a lot to be done! But rest assured I WILL get ALL. Of. THEM. DONE. Just you watch. 2012, I'll be riding you like a pro!



  1. 加油!

  2. Hi, may I know the drink for constipation? Thank you.

    1. Read the next post! =) Fit Solution! It doesn't cause extreme oh-I-need-to-go-to-the-toilet-NOW laosai feeling like some drinks/pills do! Lol~

  3. hi what app is that for the shit log?:)