Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Clarification on Hankook

Hi guys! Just an update! Some of you have made purchases for Hankook products and there appears to not be a further 30% discount reflected.

Just to clarify, if u view items on the page without using the log-in n password I gave you, the "Original Price" reflected (and struck off) will be THE actual original price. If, however, you log in with my account and password "HankookC", the "Original Price" reflected will be the price AFTER 30% discount. Then the price listed after 20% will be the final discounted price. So the 30% discount is already in the listed price (disguising as the "Original Price").

So sorry for the confusion! I apologize to you on behalf of HANKOOK COSMETICS!

Whenever you log-in with my account, you will (always) see the original price as the price after 30%. Whatever special promotions Hankook Cosmetics has during that time will be on top of the 30% discount! And now, ONLY between 16 January - 16 February, you will get an additional 20% discount on top of the members' 30%!

Username - HankookC
Password - HankookC

Happy Shopping! ;)

Hankook Website:

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