Thursday, 29 December 2011

T'is the Season to be Jolly~

My favourite time of the year. Yeah it's always been Christmas, the season of giving. Every year during Christmas I feel particularly generous, and I will buy gifts for the people around me, especially those I come into close contact with. This year is no exception. Other than the family, some close friends have benefitted from the generosity the season has rubbed off on me. And mind you, I give pretty decent gifts. From TWG Tea Sets to (expensive) Staedtler pencils to Aeropostale shirts, I like putting effort into my gifts, and making sure they are things the receiver will actually appreciate getting. =)

The worst gift I've ever received is this: 


Thanks leh. Well, it wasn't exactly meant for me - it was a Christmas Exchange gift I got from last year's Xmas at Kelvin's. (Wonder who this person was.) $20 leh. Sure can get something better lor! *mumbles*

This year there is also another Xmas Gift Exchange, this time at my aunt's place. Same budget, and I got this:

Me and my affinity with containers.*laughs*
Except this one is a cotton holder.

I have some other pretty weird things as well, like bra-strap holders:


My favourite gift this year so far? (I can only say so far, because Cheryl said she bought me something but we have yet to meet up for the season.)

Shades from Eighty Two Tales, of which I'm now a fan. Thank you Mint & Jackie! *MUACKS!!!*

So what did I do for Xmas this year? 
X'mas housewarming at my aunt Chermaine's!  

 Potluck. With BBQ Wings, Satay, Hokkien Mee, Char Kway Teow, and MCDONALD'S CURLY FRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *salivates* 
I brought the fries, btw. Hee~

 Jaime Teo cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes! YUM! Despite Jaime & Dan expanding to having 3 outlets, their cupcakes are still so good. Dan says they visit all outlets and taste test almost everything, DAILY~ Eating cupcakes made with love, to fill me with love on Xmas. Loves~ ^.^

By this time in a soon-to-come year, I want to have my own place decorated for Xmas. =D

Speaking of decorations, have you cleaned up your space for the new year yet? 
Get cracking already!

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  1. merry christmas silver!! and i love curly fries, WONDERFUL choice you made to bring that to a potluck. :) anyway i wanted to thank you for visiting me at my blog!! i was really surprised when i realised it was you! thanks really, i'm very flattered cause i've always been one of your readers. ♥ have a wonderful new year!