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Taiwanese 原住民 Singers,& Hotpot

Hey dears!!! I know I haven't really been updating much the past 1 month. Been really all over the place doing the travelogue. Was in Taiwan mid last month for 2 weeks, then Laos last week, and now I am in Indonesia. Up and out by 8am, and back to hotel only after dinner. Hotel was really pretty though, and I promise I will show you guys pictures at a later date. I was looking through my Taiwan pictures and came across some depicting the Amis culture.

Thanks to Taiwanese shows we hear of  阿美族 quite a lot. The Amis (阿美族) are indigenous people, belonging to one of 14 recognized groups of Taiwanese aborigines(原住民). 


Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native: "the indigenous peoples of Siberia".

There are a total of 25 groups of Taiwanese aborigines. That's quite a huge number, and I am quite ashamed to say that I only knew of the Amis before my trip to Taiwan. 

I'm sure you know that the 原住民s are famous for being really good at singing. Here are a few whom I know are Amis:

 A-Lin!!! One of my favourtite singers!

 Van 范逸臣

Zhang Zhen Yue 张震岳

Jam Hsiao!!!!! I didn't know!!!

Bet many of you don't know this too. He is also Amis:

Yup yup! Show Lup is an Amis too! That explains his non-Chinese looks. 

The Taiwanese aborigines are Austronesian people, with linguistic and genetic ties to other Austronesian ethnic groups, such as peoples of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Madagascar, Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia. That's why most 原住民s don't look very Chinese. =)

Other notable aborigines include:

 A MEI! Yes we all know she is a 原住民, but I always thought she was Amis! NOOO!!! 
She's from the Puyuma tribe! (卑南族)

Tank is also Puyuma~

Vic Zhou is Atayal.

 超漂亮的!!! 徐若璇这张好清秀!!! Can you even tell she's 36???

Oh sorry sorry! *hides my fox tail* Lol~ Her figure is nice~ Slim with boobs that are of a good size, not too big, not too small. Ngam ngam ho.
She's Atayal (泰雅族)~

 Landy!!! Gosh her figure is damn good! 
*looks at my own sad chest* 
*puts on a brave front and faces the world, pretending all is right*

温岚 is an Atayal (泰雅族) too!

And another one which I'm sure you guys don't know. I was surprised myself.

Jolin 也是泰雅族?!?!?!?!
Why are all the Atayal ladies so chio with good bodies huh? 
(We all know the answer for some of them, but humour me la~)

I was in Taiwan's Guang Fu, and was at this place called Ma Tai An Wetlands, and we were shown how the Amis cooked a traditional meal of Hot Stone Fish Head.

Hot sunny day. One of the few days when we had sun in Taiwan. Most of the time it was gloomy or raining. Not that I would complain of course. My favourite kinda weather lies in London. So I wasn't exactly the most thrilled to be in the sun and getting shades darker (Jogjakarta where I am at now is MAD HOT!!!!! Sunny and humid and hot!!! Gimme back my clouds!!!)

 This is how they catch fish. As the fish swims upstream, they get tired after a distance and would duck into one of these blocked up "sanctuaries" to rest.

So when they go collect the "Seafood", they will close the opening of the "pool" so that the fishes can't escape.

  Spotted: Bird footprints, as well as earthworm wriggle marks in the mud. ^.^

 The top layer would be some leaves for shade so as to create a dark environment for the fishes to hide. The second layer is made up of twigs tied together for shrimps and prawns to hide in. And the last layer is made up of huge bamboo poles, and the centre of the bamboo is where eels and other fishes may try to hide. Genius!

 I was taught a super genius and exo-friendly way to make crockery and cutlery. 

 Leaf! Fallen on the ground huge leaf!!!

They would dry them, cut them out, and prior to using, soak to soften so that it's easier to fold.
As these leaves have a layer of natural waterproof membrane on its surface, it won't leak. Plus, the leaves are quite thick and hardy, so they're not prone to breakage~

And with a bit of origami work and toothpicks...

 GOSH! I made my own bowl and spoon made out of dead leaves!!!!
Even the string used to tie the spoon was the stem of some plant! 


If you think these ingredients are on Nasi Lemak plates, you are wrong. These green "plates" are REAL leaves!

 And so we begin cooking.
No joke, even the pot we were going to cook in was made of the leaf!!!!!

 This is the pot. This is not the most amazing part yet...

So we were taught to fill the "pot" up halfway with water, and put all the fish in.

 This super ancient fireplace was just behind us, and the lady who taught us how to cook picked one of the stones up, rinsed it in the bucket of water beside, and....

 Put it into the pot!!!!!
 What the hell???? She just put a hot stone into our food!!!! And immediately you can hear the sizzling!

She added a few more to add heat, and when a stone was seemingly no longer hot enough (it doesn't exude steam upon contact with water), she took it out and threw it back into the fireplace! Within minutes the pot of fish head soup was ready! We added the watercress and it was ready for consumption! 


 This tasted really good, and the fish were all cooked thoroughly. No oil was added! Just a pinch of salt was all it took! And hot stones!!!

 And all along I thought Hot Stone Fishhead 石头火锅 meant that we would use a claypot kinda pot made of stone to cook the dish! What a pleasant surprise! It's a very healthy and yummy dish too!

And I have 2 originally-super anti-social dogs to vouch for that.  These 2 dogs belong to the Amis people, and no matter how I tried to go near them, they would run away. I tried feeding them bits of the fish, and I then got to stroke both of them. 用食物骗小狗,真烂。Lol. 

They kept coming back to ask for more!



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