Monday, 19 December 2011

Sponsored Post: Final Xmas Sale @ Jipaban!!!

Done shopping for Christmas yet?

NOT YET??????!!!!!!!!!!! But there's less than a week left!!!!!
You heng. Because Jipaban knows there are people like you, and has very kindly prepared an extensive gift guide so it is so much easier to shop for the different people in your life (yes, including random colleagues for that Annual Office Secret Santa gift exchange).

That's not all. They have decided to do a 24-hours flash sale!


There are plenty of items to choose from, and here are my Top 3 picks for him, and for her. ;)

My Top Picks for HIM:

No guy will never have not (pardon the double negative) played with this in his early arcade-going, Nintendo-cartridge-blowing days. Multiplayer mode ensures you get some bonding time with the guy. ;)

Especially handy for bottled beer drinkers, I love how it disguises itself as an easy-to-carry-around key.

For the Globe Trotter (or the Steward/Pilot guy in your life). I wish I had one of these in my flying days. At least I could have distinguished between where Mumbai and New Delhi was. Or London and Paris. (I never memorized my World Map. *guilty*)

My Top Picks for Her:

 Remember that girl who said she loved ANIMAL PREEENS"?
I dared not wear these prints for fear of being ridiculed and associated with her. 
Yes, thank god that's over. Animal Prints are back on trend, and we can now safely wear these prints to the street, with style. ;)

Perfect for those beverages you want more chilled quickly, yet don't want diluted with melted ice.
Wine not chilled enough? No problem. ;)

For all those days when we do food experiements and cook up a storm in the kitchen. (And that sumptious Xmas dinner we have to prepare on Xmas Eve.) Except that we don't want the food to get on our clothes. So we can dress up, Stepford Wives style, and don't have to worry about getting oil stains on my outfit. Comes with cooking instructions and tips for the chefs who are not. 

Missed the 24-hour Sale? Don't like the items in the Gift Guide? Don't fret. You can STILL get special discounts! Get 5% off when you purchase from any 2 categories, and 10% off when you purchase from 3 or more categories!
Tis the Season to Give. Consider buying gifts, not just for those special people close at heart, but also for the people you never thought you would buy anything for. You'll be surprised. The act of giving generates happiness from within in a very special way. Plus, seeing an unexpected smile because of an unexpected gift from you? That's priceless. ^.^

Last minute shoppers, you guys are a lucky bunch. Nope you don't have to fret about items not being able to be delivered on time. Use Jipaban's Express Delivery to get your items the next day!

Start shopping at Jipaban now!!!!

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  1. The reusable icecube bottles are environmental friendly and innovative! As for the key bottle opener, its definitely will do a great gift for anyone with a beer belly. hehe.

    Very useful suggestions. thanks! :)