Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Soar Up To The Skies! Or Bounce...

Depression. Hallucination. Moodiness. Endless nights of crying. Irritability. No drive to do anything...

Sounds like me the past few months...

And I haven't even been on drugs. 

Well, for me, those are the effects of a badly managed relationship.


 I'm still learning, I'm still learning...I'm not exactly a faultless angel either, but I'm willing to learn how to make things work, and willingness to change for the better is a virtue always, no?

But what if you've nothing to do with one? You should be looking to the future and reaching for the stars just like when you were freshly graduated, yes? I remember wanting to be so much, and I still do. I'm finding my directions (god knows what happened to make me decide if my priorities should be revisited, maybe my biological clock is ticking), but I know I want to do things the right way.

If you've been reading me enough, you'll know that I don't like smokers. Okay rephrase that. I don't really dislike them, but I will not be with one. I just can't. I used to smoke when I was in a really really bad phase of a past relationship, and that was my stupid idea of "if I smoke I can't cry at the same time, and I'd rather smoke". Yah I know, it was a ridiculous thought. I'm glad I never got addicted. 

I could never be with a smoker because I read before that each cigarette decreases your lifespan by a good 7 minutes. If I love someone so much, every minute I have with him is precious, and it'd work me up if he didn't treasure this relationship enough to want to treasure every single minute he has with me, up till we're a ripe old 90 years old and beyond. I would go the extreme to smoke 10 cigarettes for every single one he does, just to get him to quit. It wasn't just for those 7 minutes potentially lost, but also for his health and his own good. Life, like time, once lost, can never be taken back. I hope you take a moment to digest that line.

The things your loved ones would do for you. Not to say you should do what I did. It wasn't the best way, and if your loved one didn't give a damn about you, you would be wasting those many 7 minutes of your own precious life for that special someone who would be The One. 

Thinking back, I wished I hadn't done that, but I still hope those 7 minutes I spent made a difference.

Anyway, where am I going? Lol~ Come back Silver~~~You were supposed to go to Woodlands, you went to Boon Lay already. Lol~

I was going to talk about drugs. Nicotine IS a form of drug, so don't dismiss cigarette smoking as not taking drugs, because it is the same, just that smoking one whole pack at a go doesn't kill you as quickly as a heroin overdose, but it kills you the same. I am proud to say that even though I have been to the land of sin - Amsterdam (Amsterdam is famous for being able to easily acquire Marijuana), I have never touched that thing before, despite my ex-colleagues telling me I should (see what kinda people my ex-colleagues are? *Tsk Tsk* ). *Applause for my abstinence please!* Nor have I taken any drug other than those prescribed by the doctors. *happy*

3 students from ITE College West (I love the foodcourt there!!! Ok sorry sidetracked...lol~) has teamed up with Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) as well as the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) to come up with this:

 Lol~ It's cute okay~ I played with it like, for the past 5 nights to beat my own high score. 
Plus, it's super informative.

On the main page, you will see the button "Drug Info". 

I'm sure many of you will be like me, having heard so much about Marijuana, Heroin, Coke, Ecstasy, and god-knows-what drugs, but know very little about what they can potentially do to you specifically. I've always only know Ecstasy to be one which causes you to shake your head on the dance floor (because of the term  摇头丸), but that was it. And that anyone caught importing Heroin has to face a death penalty.

 Whoa, Heroin comes in Numbers??? 


You’re my reader, so you must be smart. (>.<)
This is as informative as it can get, I’m sure you don’t need me to analyze too much yo?

Heroin is just one of the drugs in the info list. Have a read through the list and you'll be amazed at what some of them can do to you. I never knew about Methamphethamine (heard of it? Me neither.), and that it can cause problems to your heart, nerves, liver and kidneys, or even death. O.O


  Back to the game.

This is Larry:

Basically, you have to keep jumping up up up up high into the sky. You score by going higher up into the skies. And along the way, you have to avoid annoying drugs like Marijuana and drugs in pill or injection form or your ability to manouvre your way up gets hindered, and you may just fall off and die. 

How reflective this game is of drugs and their effects on our real lives. They steal us from our ability to achieve more and going higher up. And one wrong move, you mey drop dead from so many possibilities. 

If you think that you can only die by overdosing, you are wrong. When you are disoriented, and you drive, or cross the road, for example. Your judgement skill gets deluded, and you cross the road anyhow. Imagine what will happen. Or you take a drug and go to the beach. Or some pretty place to watch the seas and the stars. And because you're sedated you drop into the water and can't save yourself. The possibilities are endless. I'm sure you don't need me to nag my way into your understanding. =P
I only managed to reach outer space like less than 30% of the time, because I kept hitting on the stupid needle (accidentally, of course) and that sent me haywire at high speeds and then falling to my death. (CHOI!!!!)
 Larry's, I mean.

Hitting any drug will cause Larry to be "tao gong gong" - giddy and disoriented somehow. In this case, I hit a Marijuana and kept going in the reverse direction of where I was intending to go! ARGH SO ANNOYING!!!!!

Hit a pill. -.-"

 Yes outer space!!!! I hit a needle!!! That was the worst thing I kept hitting. *bawls* I managed to continue steering him safely upwards though, thank heavens.

Not for long. I crashed soon after. *grumbles*

The thing about this game is that there is no "back" or undo button, you can't go back to the previous step and redo, or continue from a "Last Saved Point". You can only advance upwards. Kena means kena, and if you (Larry) fall off, the screen does not go downwards to allow you to bounce off balloons once you've missed them. There is no rewinding.

Much like life, isn't it? Some things you've done, you can't undo them. You can try to salvage the situation and become a better person and fly higher once you've learnt your mistake, but it just takes a single wrong move - you may not be able to salvage every wrong move you make, and then you're gone.

I hope this doesn't happen to us in real life. Made a mistake? Stop it, learn from it, and be better next time. The sky and the stars are yours to reach. ;)

You know, I'm very proud of the students who designed this game:

That's Jia Hao, Brandon and Eric! Well done guys! The game is simple, but insightful, educational, and deep. Plus it's really exciting when I hit a drug and I have to save Larry from falling. 

I Like! ;)

YES!!!!!!!! My HIGH SCORE!!!!!!

I think I scored a higher one on my very first attempt but I can't remember plus I didn't take a screenshot. So this is my official high score.

Like the "Life Does Not Rewind" (SO TRUE) Facebook Fanpage and play the game. See if you can beat my high score. Challenge you la~ ;) Not difficult to beat I think. Lol~

Beating my score not good enough an incentive? How about a weekly $150 Resorts World Voucher to be won from now till 01 January 2012? You can use it to purchase Universal Studio Singapore entry passes!!!

Submit your scores and you also stand to win an iPad 2! 

Learning, playing game, and getting to be rewarded for it. Not a bad deal heh?
Plus, I know exams are over, so have fun trying to win that iPad and those RWS vouchers!

Go play the game now now now now now!!!!!

Friends, family, and loved ones. Life has much to offer. ;)

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